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Always Bet on Black! Snipes (Almost) Acquitted

2/1/2008 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida jury has acquitted Wesley Snipes of federal tax fraud and conspiracy charges, but convicted him of three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns.

Snipes, who originally faced up to 16 years in prison, could get up to three years.

His two co-defendants were convicted by the same jury of tax fraud and conspiracy.

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Democrats are evil    

Why is it our stupid country refuses to convict celebrities? They just will continue to steal, murder and thumb their noses at the law by saying to themselves, I'm a celebrity and you never convict a celebrity. These people are guilty and belong in jail!

2465 days ago


#8--------dry heave--------The little people don't pay taxes !-------------The so called RICH PEOPLE pay 91+% of all federal taxes collected each year ! I paid 36.9%----federal..........9.6% car tags , property taxes, etc........all in all----------------56 cents out of every $ I make goes to a government agency !!!!! SO DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH UNTIL YOU PAY THE SAME AS ME OR 3% of AMERICAN TAX PAYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2465 days ago


can i try it too???

2465 days ago


It's amazing the justice system for celebs is just as bad in florida as it is in California. If convicted he could have gotten up to 16 years in jail. This is an outrage. He gets a 12 million dollar illegal refund and doesn't file his returns since 2000 and he gets aquitted. All of you who think this is okay remember he makes a hell of alot of money more that all of you and he doesn't have to pay taxes. Double standard indeed.

2465 days ago

Judge Dread    

Yea! For once, a Brutha keepin' The Man down.

2465 days ago


It's a damn shame. The government is greedy! They twist everything. All they want is money!!

2465 days ago


and Martha Steward went to jail for selling off some stock??????

2465 days ago


This reminds me of OJ!
Might as well find a new career Al and Jessie.

2465 days ago


and poor martha stewart went to jail for selling off some stock.......???????????????

2465 days ago


This is crazy, he owed millions of dollars in taxes and there was a man in Maryland who wrote a bad check to install a burglar alarm for his mother's house. He either had to pay the fine or was going to jail for like 20 years. Where is the justice.

2465 days ago


This makes me sick... We little people would be locked up for the whole 16 years..I hard the man made 43 million dollars in one year...he gets off on fraud..Hmmm I guess money talks..

2465 days ago


Well he said he wouldn't get a fair trial because he was black so once again the race card prevails...

2465 days ago


I didn't follow his story (just heard about 'tax evasion') so does anyone know if it was deliberate on his part or was he scammed by his CPA, for instance?

2465 days ago


do yall really think he shouldn't have to have to pay? im having to pay. do you think if this had been you youd be getting the same treatment? everyone i know has to pay. we work at jobs........we do a service. does that mean we should stop paying our taxes now? yall are cheering for him to cheat the government so they wont have his money so theyll need more so they can tax those of us who actually pay. what is your deal? i dont want to pay more than i already do. do you? i feel i pay enough already. i am middle-class and work hard and im proud of that. i just dont want to have to end up having to pay for things ppl like him end up paying his way out of because of who he is. he is a good actor. i like his movies, but he should have to pay his taxes like the rest of us. am i th only one who feels this way?

2465 days ago

And your little dog too...    

This is way the Fair Tax needs to be considered!

2465 days ago
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