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Always Bet on Black! Snipes (Almost) Acquitted

2/1/2008 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida jury has acquitted Wesley Snipes of federal tax fraud and conspiracy charges, but convicted him of three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns.

Snipes, who originally faced up to 16 years in prison, could get up to three years.

His two co-defendants were convicted by the same jury of tax fraud and conspiracy.

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Another Celeb Beats A Case!    

Another celeb beats a case. WHAT'S NEW! They can kill, steal and not pay their taxes all day long because as Lindsay said "I'm rich nothing is going to happen to me". THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! aS WE ALL KNOW, If he didn't have money or celeb status he would be sitting in jail as we type.

2392 days ago


#47 what planet are you living on? omg give it a break! how sad a life you must live.

2392 days ago

who dat    

This just goes to the incompetence of the prosecutors. Snipes didn't even bother to put on a defense. This is laughable. If the judge felt the jury reached the wrong verdict, based on the evidence, the judge could have stepped in. Therefore the prosecutors F'd up. Mark my words, this case isn't over. On a seperate note, the bond company for snipes bail, wanted released from the bond if he was found guilty. They indicated in court, they (the bond company) felt snipes would flee jurisdiction.

2392 days ago


#47: You are a RACIST.

White or Black or Asian,, etc. - Any of the rest of us working-class people would have already had a lien against our property by the IRS. Trust me on this one. I owe $250 a month for the next *30* months for an innocent mistake I made on my 2006 return.

I would say more, but you've already confirmed your ignorance.

Have an nice day :)

2392 days ago


Celebrity justice prevails once again. What a joke.

2392 days ago


I don't know what most of you are complaining about. He was found "not guilty" because he didn't do what you all read
in the TABLOIDS -- sorry to disappoint. Go Wesley, I knew you PAID your taxes. Now, get on track and file those returns.

Too bad Wesley, if only you died or something, the comments would be so, so, so different especially if it was drug induced...the commenters love that. ha ha

2392 days ago


OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LAST WEEK ALL YOU RACIST WROTE MEAN THINGS ABOUT BLADE. HOW YOU LIKE HIM NOW????????????????????????????????????????????????


2392 days ago



2392 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Tax evators get off now... great.
Now everyone..Don't pay your taxes... whats good for the washed up stars is good for us.
I wonder what fine he would have got if he murdered. A $20 dollar fine?

This guy is an ass... how could he know he didn't know he had to pay taxes?

2392 days ago


#56---GoJill-------YOU ARE WRONG !...........IF I MAKE A $100,000,000. AND YOU MAKE $1000.00...............I PAY 36.8% IN FEDERAL TAXES AND YOU PAY ZERO.........DOES MY VOTE COUNT MORE THAN YOURS ? WHY NOT -- I PAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT SERVICES........ YOU DON'T !!!!!!!!!!

2392 days ago


Wesley Snipes is a good man and he shouldn't go to prison.

2392 days ago


Crystal Mangum said that 3 white students at Duke raped her. She was fully supported by the NAACP, Duke University, the black Durham community and Jesse Jackson. The parents of these students were forced to spend millions on their defense. Crystal Mangum was determined to be a lying, black prostitute who was attempting to extort money from innocent white people.. She's not even being prosecuted. Black people can do whatever they want with impunity if they play the race card.

Remember Channon Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom. Victims of black crime and media silence.

2392 days ago


The jury was all white, mostly female. Carefully chosen and agreed to by both sides as always in any trial. THey delilerated for 3 days, MUCH longer than anticipated and did stop to ask a question of the judge at one time. They clearly struggled with the intent of his actions and the intent of the law. They may still sentence him to time in prison, but it is highly unlikely, not because of who he is, nor his race. But precedence. The three remaining charges that he was found guilty of are misdemeanors and the sentence he is going to get will largely be determined whether or not if he will be sentenced by the same jury or by the judge. The race card was brought up by him as a way to draw attention to himself to draw more publicity, or possibly even he actually believed that he couldnt get a fair trlal in our county, he has been proven wrong. THAT may have had more to do with him being aquited more than anything else, none of the jurors wanted to be thought of, or have Ocala thought of as "racist". Racism, horribly, still exists, everywhere in this country and in many others as well. As does Anti- Semitism, sexism, fat people being thought of as lazy, the list goes on, and on....I am a white, morbidly obese female, Messianic Jew and believe me, I also know what prejudice feels like. Life is what it is, one should learn to not judge others, or at least judge them on individual personality merits that are evident after getting to know a person, not making a snap jugdement based on the first 10seconds of meeting them. He has his life to live and answer to Hashem for, and I have mine. I am by no means perfect, not even close, and I certainly am not whining "can't we all just get along?!?!?!", I know that isnt going to happen, but it would be nice if more Adults would act like just exactly that, ADULTS.

2392 days ago



DON'T YOU FRET, TAX PAYERS ... Snipes WILL do some time, and plus, like Vick, he'll be broke when he gets out !!!!

YOU PLAY ---- YOU PAY, SUCKAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2392 days ago


OMG! I am shocked how this has turned into a racial thing! It's sad the color of his skin has nothing to do with this case. How would his race factor in this?

2392 days ago
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