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Britney Goes Ballistic in Psych Ward

2/1/2008 10:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes ago, Britney Spears made two calls at the UCLA Psych Ward and went crazy on the phone after learning that her dad is now the conservator of her estate.Britney Spears

In a heavy British accent, a ballistic Brit screamed (about her parents), "I'm so sick of all of this they can have the goddamn house and stick it up their f**king asses. Actually, no they can't."

Brit, who sounded drugged up, was furious that her dad became a conservator of her estate. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, at times impossible to understand. At one point she screamed, "Nobody's taking my house. Who is my family?"

Britney said she did not want her parents near her home and at one point said she would go to court to fight them.

She is under the impression she's getting out of the hospital tonight.


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ya how does your site know all this supposed information that is supposee to be private . show us some prove of your so called stories.
mostly what a person reads not not true !! will know fact learned that in the iraq war.

2394 days ago

And you know this confidential information how TMZ?

2394 days ago


she'll go to court to fight them, but not for her kids?
please give her some meds.
i was watching the old interview with her on dateline, and it was so sad.
watch it on youtube. you can tell she is already struggling with stuff, especially the paps.

2394 days ago

Sick of It All    


2394 days ago

mona lisannt    

I don't believe it.... seriously... how do these papsmears know her every move inside a psych ward.... u believe this crap? do ya??? huh do ya??

2394 days ago


What is really sad is that she will go to court and fight for house and assets but she can't go to court or act interested in getting her kids back.

2394 days ago


It does NOT bode well for Brit's recovery if there are SPIES in the hospital selling private information to TMZ and the like!!


2394 days ago


Stick a fork in her is done.

2394 days ago


Becasue the owner of TMZ is an attorney and thus has access to info most don't. That is why there are so many legal cases. What does Brit dad's do, watch them get a percentage that they weren't getting before. Brit just get better and then you will have choices. We all know what your parents are doing.

2394 days ago


wonder how badly brainwashed she was by that "manager". For someone in her condition it would be quite easy to alienate her from her family, then her other friends, then i would say her finances and friends. He's definitely had enough access to do it and in her condition Id guess itd be easy enough to do. Any person on their fourth restraining order for the things like hes doing now is NOT her friend. The only people who arent saying "britney youre beautiful unshowered and broken" - her family and true friends who were forced out long ago are the ones she needs to listen to.

2394 days ago


First off, how do you know this? Secondly who told her? I'm calling this BS...

2394 days ago


Who is leaking this information to the press? Whoever it is ,he/she is violating federal laws. I can't believe UCLA isn't on top of these leaks. I am beginning to think no laws apply in Hollywood.

2394 days ago


Where the hell is that idiot UTUBE kids now. LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE! What an idiot, HE should be in that hospital instead of running around Los Angeles trying to be seen and get into clubs and TMZ actually thought it was ok to video the guy!

2394 days ago


I'd like to know as well how they get all this inside information... So the answer TMZ would be how???

I don't think it's funny - well maybe to a point - it just goes to show that she really needs help. She thinks that everyone including her family is taking everything away from her..Not true..They want her to get better and when she is on the road to recovery she will realize this... Hopefully

Can't wait to hear what happens when she finds out about Sam...That ought to be interesting...

2394 days ago


It's to be expected for her to flip out. Why is she getting to use the phone anyway?

2394 days ago
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