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Britney Spears -- In-N-Out Already?!

2/1/2008 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being locked up in the psych ward won't keep Britney from getting her fast food fix! Her manservant, Sam Lutfi, dropped by with some In-N-Out for the popwreck.

On the long walk to and from his car at UCLA Medical Center, Sam was bombarded with questions by TMZ. He said Britney is doing "good" and that he doesn't speak to Lynne Spears at all -- and denies that he argued with Brit's father, Jamie.

As TMZ first reported, an all-out war over Britney erupted early Thursday morning when she was committed -- with Sam reportedly fighting with Brit's family over who would control her treatment. As of now, her parents are in the driver's seat.


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Most respectable personalities never provide the so-called paparazzi with any form of an interview. This Sam person seems to love the public life more than Britney. He is a devil seed for sure. Sam is a fraud. He wants the beauty and sex that he was never meant to his through Britney. Sam is an hustler!

2459 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

So much BS, I thought the fat ass was gravely disabled. She just needs attention. And her drugs.

2459 days ago


Sam is an enabler. She was never this bad before him. Also, if he doesn't have a deal with X17 (we all know he does) why does he text them, E and Ryan Seacrest? If he was her friend he would remain silent and not talk to anyone for the good of his "client" (we all know she's his meal ticket). He has used her, ruined her and enabled her. I bet he made her put him in charge of her money too. He is so creepy. I hope he is not allowed at the hospital soon. I do NOT like Britney, I think she is trash but she is too sick and stupid to see this guy for what he is.....Ali, isn't much better because she never helped her either and only used her for getting into parties and clubs.

2459 days ago

S from Canada    

Sam is the only one running around for her and doing things she needs done, wether or not she is allowed it in the mentalward or not she is still going to get it, you really think she is being treated like everyone else not a chance she is a celebrity, with that said it is her whole problem she is not being treated like a human being who is going through a rough time in her life people call her bad names and continue to bash her and her friends and family when really all they know is what they read on these sites which half of it is BS, but that is their jobs, I really think Sam is a true friend to her he has been around her for the past 2 years, continuisly for the past year and nothing has surfaced about britney from him, as for adnan nothing has surfaced from him either unless they are twisiting it and more then likly they are he is probably sending stories to the company he worked for and they are covering it up who knows who cares, as long as she gets help and gets better. As for her Mom and Dad I fell they have a lot going on right now in their life and need to figure out how to deal with it, but at the same time step back and really think about what is she needs wether they are fighting with Sam, Adnan or Britney she really does not need that right now so open your eyes and see how it is hurting her. Britney keep your chim up girl it will all work out in the end, get the help you need to get better remeber you are only human, you will have your babies and your career back on track soon enough, and then your babies will look up to you and say that is my Mamma and they will be so proud of you.

2459 days ago


I have heard that Sam Lufti actually as a girlfriend/wife and him "dating" Britney is a conspiracy with his partner for monetary gain. Has anyone heard the same thing?

2459 days ago


Burgers are not what Brit needs. She needs to be left alone. She has to be in a major depression losing her kids. The attention from the media will probably kill her. They already have her obituary made out. This was reported on Fox news. It is so sad and not funny at all. Why won't people leave her alone?

2459 days ago

W T F ?    

Sam and Adnan both need to be investigated to see if they are legally in this country. If not - kick their asses OUT!

2459 days ago

to bad it wasn't sooner!    

This is big scam....Brit's lawyers ask the court for special visit's with the kids and they where going to work on getting it for her. Well here it is....she's going to be out and then back to court and try and get her specail visit. Why do you think that she waited to be taken away....and the lawyers, cops, and family all knew about this! She's not getting help she's playing a game!

2459 days ago


#35. Heath may have tried drugs that night after the awards show in 2006..does that mean he did them all the time? I bet you have never tried any sort of illegal drug before huh? Jealousy will get you nowhere, you will never be as sweet as Heath was.

2459 days ago


Get this guy outta here!!!! Clearly he IS A SLIME!!!! Stupid, Fake wannabe, user, loser....he can't bring her food.....he just likes the idea that you think he can. If he really cared about her he would not say ONE DAMN WORD to ANYONE about her, this joker is like a singing bird. Go eat your in n out Osama, what a joker!

2459 days ago

Lenn K.    

Damn, he's even starting to look like Howard K. Stern. Just look closer!

2459 days ago


Well, shucks.

I'm going to climb a tree and spank my monkey.

2459 days ago

to bad it wasn't sooner!    

yea Sam a good guy alright and wants to help.....NOT! He's just like slitney....they both played the rummors that she was prego a few months back. Then every turn he's "there" for her....he's only in it for himself....what do you think he is.....he sell's info on people and pic's....x-17! She's not getting help it's all a big joke! And all of this was set up by her lawyers....remember court....special visit's she wanted.

2459 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Howard K. Stern in Sam Lufti clothing...............................

2459 days ago


Sam is a friend, he has been a friend of Britney's for years. He is the only one who hasn't sold Britney out yet! If the guy really didn't care about Britney, he would have already given multi-million dollar interviews to Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood, and any other t.v show that would pay him. He would also be giving exclusives to every magazine out there. The guy could be a muti-millionaire by now if he chose to. But he hasn't! he has NOT sold her ot like ever other person who has come into her life has done.
Her own family abandoned her, left her to fend for herself, knowing she was sick, the only person who stuck around to make sure the girl was okay, is Sam. The guy is a loyal friend, one of the only ones Britney has ever had. Everyone else has sold her out for few buck, even her own family members.

2459 days ago
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