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Britney Spears -- In-N-Out Already?!

2/1/2008 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being locked up in the psych ward won't keep Britney from getting her fast food fix! Her manservant, Sam Lutfi, dropped by with some In-N-Out for the popwreck.

On the long walk to and from his car at UCLA Medical Center, Sam was bombarded with questions by TMZ. He said Britney is doing "good" and that he doesn't speak to Lynne Spears at all -- and denies that he argued with Brit's father, Jamie.

As TMZ first reported, an all-out war over Britney erupted early Thursday morning when she was committed -- with Sam reportedly fighting with Brit's family over who would control her treatment. As of now, her parents are in the driver's seat.


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Gee wizzzzz    

According to X17 Sam is the only visitor Britney has accepted so far. You see these 2 have a real codependancy thing going on, she needs him to do whatever she wants and he needs to serve her. It's pretty clear though that there is a bond between them that will be tough to break, he serves a sort of paternal need that she obviously has never had. Now she just needs a Mother figure (maybe her new psychiatrist could fill that role) and she'll be all set. We all know that children do better with 2 parent's then with one.

2453 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

How thoughtful. I hope he stopped and got her a box of her favorite laxatives as well.

2453 days ago

Annie T    

The best thing for Brit would be if she was totally detoxed - no booze, no drugs, no seedy men, no assistants, no fast food. Strand her on an island far, far away, where she would be isolated and forced to finally figure out who she is.

2453 days ago

Aussie Mom    

One name, Howard Stern. This Lufti guy must have done his homework on how to get rich quick... attach yourself to a mentally sick mega bucks star....

2453 days ago

Sams a loser    

According to X17....Wow wonder where they got their info.....let me guess SAM. You have no idea what is going on in there, Sam could be sitting in the lobby alone for all you know. What a loser, he was supposedly texting them from her room. Why would he do that. Someone that really cares about her keeps their mouth shut, like her brother who wants nothing to do with fame, her mom and dad. This guy is a leach. I wonder if he brought the duffel bag with the chloral hydrate and methadone when he picked up her burgers.

2453 days ago


Why is this vulture still around get a restraining order against him.

2453 days ago


imdb is claiming that Britany is going back to Louisiana when she gets out of the hospital. This might be old news, and it might not even be true

2453 days ago


This man is trying to drive a wedge between Britney & her family. This has happened to too many women & they've ended up dead. He's just another Howard K. Stern.

2453 days ago


OMG, TMZ, Britney will be committed for 72 hours; what the hell are you going to do with yourselves for news until then?
In and Out Burger? Who cares? Go report real news on real celebrities.

2453 days ago


this guy has awell rehersed up on him he preys on young hollywood and has thank god been fired but lots,and restraining orders from others....he is protecting his best meal ticket yet.If this is her only visitor than she should have none.....if this shrink is so good why is he allowed to come around

2453 days ago

Reality Check    

It's funny how TMZ can label her "pop-wreck" when she's practically signing their checks...If it wasn't for her their would be no TMZ. Lol....

2453 days ago


Eough already. Let it go. Find something else to report!

2453 days ago

Dennis, OKC    

This poor gal has been sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of this mental cesspool for a god while now. It is going to take her a long time to get back to the surface, and then the recovery and healing can start. One of the very first things she needs to do is to change her playground and playmates, and this is something she is not able to do for herself right now. No one but family should be allowed to see her, and even that should be on a limited business so her Doctor's can do what they need to do to save this poor soul.

2453 days ago


well, sam really doesn't have a say in how her treatment goes. he is not her husband, and her family is still alive. they are the ones in control of treatment. everyone would have to be dead for him to have any say, and even then, it wouldn't work.

whatever, they are all douches anyway.

2453 days ago

J Doe    

he is hellbent on getting britney to sign over control of her fortune and estate to him....thats his motivation !!!

HE WORKS HARD ON GAINING HER TRUST.....i have no doubt he brainwashes her against her family and asked her to sign some papers while in her vulnerable state that will give him CONTROL over her life and fortune and EVERYTHING.

britneys parents and everyone close to her is on to him..and know what a sneaky dangerous manipulative con man he is.

2453 days ago
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