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Brit's Parents Make Their Move in Court

2/1/2008 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parents are going to court -- the courtroom that establishes conservatorship for people whose personal health and welfare are gravely at risk.

Jamie and Lynne Spears arrived this morning at the County courthouse in downtown L.A. Sources say both parents are extremely concerned about the welfare of their daughter, and upset because Sam Lutfi is trying to call the shots on all matters Britney.

The court has the power to create a conservatorship, which would allow both Jamie and Lynne to make medical decisions on behalf of Britney. The conservatorship would also allow them to control Britney's financial affairs. Both parents have made it clear: they believe Lutfi's influence has placed their daughter and her assets at risk.

We're in court, so stay tuned. The hearing is now scheduled for 1:30 PM PT.


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I don't think the parents should have control because of Kaplan/K-fed...Conflict of interest. Sam needs to be restrained from seeing her period until they find out if their hunch about him is correct. She needs her lawyers to control her assets/med care.

2455 days ago

Let's see how long this stays up on the site.

My question to Harvey is are you going to sue Rosie O'Donnell for posting on her blog yesterday that..."Harvey is gay".
And she ain't saying you are happy.

Is it true????

You know you ruin people's lives outing them for this and that...I say a taste of your own medicine is a good thing.

2455 days ago


WOW~! AMEN~! GOOD FOR YOU MR. & MS ( Ex) Spears.....I not a fan of Brittany but NOW, after seeing all these fold, I want Brittany back into shape at 100% and forget the singing career and take on women and children causes!

Brittany take your money and uses for various charities and be a spokeperson on depession, ADD and bipolar, single moms, etc....that is where you can help yourself and your two kiddo' strong and get the help you need and stick with it, girl!

2455 days ago

it is about time    

I agree that it should be an independant person looking after her money and her parents looking after her medical. Sam should be kept out of all of it period. The judge should grant their petition.

2455 days ago


#3......I agree with you!!! Next they'll be recording her albums and she'll just be on the sidelines. Bet they take her $$ too.

2455 days ago


Do you people READ Jamie and Lynne want an independent co-conservator appointed -- someone unrelated to the family

2455 days ago


Sorry, but the judge should not give those two freaks any kind of conservatorship over Britney in any fashion. Those two are directly responsible for her condition and the progression on it. They've exploited her enough. Those are two money hungry, fame seekers taht do nothing but egg this crap on. The court should appoint someone not tied to either Lufti or those leeches.

2455 days ago


Okay this makes my post on the other Brit slot ................ Dr. Deborah Nadel is in business with her husband on guess what......
Family Financials .....................look her up on the web..............also read the Gallo's coloum about them..............
The idea that the want someone else so they don't look bad is a crock..................WAKE UP PEOPLE

2455 days ago


I am apalled that a spoiled lil rich girl cost tax payers $25,000 dollars because she can't get enough attention. She didn't need an escort, she needs a good slap in the face of reality take her ass to get committed and that's that. I hope she never gets to see her children again, she doesn't deserve it, or anything else for that matter. So while you all say oh poor thing, and good for Britney, I hope you know you just paid for her services.

2455 days ago


LUTFI is the equivilent to Anna Nicoles HOWARD STERN!!!!
Her parents need to flick that parasite back to the hole it crawled out of.

2455 days ago


Make the other party Drew Pinksy. He's a good man.

2455 days ago


Osama is probably at Brits house right now emptying it out before the locks get changed. After court they need to go straight to the local police station and get a restraining order against him. He's NOT going to go quietly!

2455 days ago


Sam Lufti makes us men look bad

Even Pimping is a more honorable profession

than taking advantage of

the mentally ill

2455 days ago


omg please let it be ok....i just want by girl to get better. SAM is evil. HER PARENTS NEED TO TAKE HER OUT OF LA after they establish control

2455 days ago


And so the saga continues. She has made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with her parents in the past. The court should appoint someone that is unbias to take charge of her assets until she's able. Her mom obviously can't even control her daughters, how is she going to control Brits finances etc....

2455 days ago
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