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Brit's Parents Make Their Move in Court

2/1/2008 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parents are going to court -- the courtroom that establishes conservatorship for people whose personal health and welfare are gravely at risk.

Jamie and Lynne Spears arrived this morning at the County courthouse in downtown L.A. Sources say both parents are extremely concerned about the welfare of their daughter, and upset because Sam Lutfi is trying to call the shots on all matters Britney.

The court has the power to create a conservatorship, which would allow both Jamie and Lynne to make medical decisions on behalf of Britney. The conservatorship would also allow them to control Britney's financial affairs. Both parents have made it clear: they believe Lutfi's influence has placed their daughter and her assets at risk.

We're in court, so stay tuned. The hearing is now scheduled for 1:30 PM PT.


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Once again and again could anyone please tell all of America what these parents have been doing when there daughter is running around with a British accent? Are you kidding me? Oh yeah - go and buy her last CD. Just giving more money in her bank account. STOP giving her money for more homes, ugly clothes she wears, and whatever she is buying now.

2452 days ago

a fan    

Go mom and dad!

wew! about time.

2452 days ago


# 318...jsblue:

There are differences when it comes to the law on what a parent can and cannot do when it comes to "committing" an adult and a child. An adult cannot be placed into care voluntarily by a parent like a child can be, Unless they are deemed a danger to them self or others, they will not hold them. Though with a minor...since they are deemed the parent's responsibility they can be held. I know this from personal and professional experience. I have friend's who wanted to have their son observed for 72 and because he was not deemed a danger and he did not happen. He killed himself. This is pretty standard in all states.

It is obvious that Britney is suffering more than likely from Bipolar DO and needs help. And it has been apparent for a while. But until she got to the point where she could be deemed a danger...there was virtually nothing anyone could do unless she committed herself, which we all know did not happen. And my take is...she threatened to kill herself this time...saying it to someone who could make the decision to have her held judging from the limited info about what lead to this happening including her status of "GD" Grave Danger, that has been reported

2452 days ago


I voted for the parents but I think they have real issues and have a lot of problems. Sam could easily get her high and off gurard and get real control of her assets. I have seen it happen with my mother in law. she passed away in 2005 but was hooked on prescription drugs and her daughters would control her with them. They would hide them and she would beg for them and fall all over it was sad and I think they were stealing her money and got her house before she died. this is Britney's own fault. she let other people get control of her kids and her life. You have to stay on top of things and she can't handle her life or her personal decisions so I am sure someone will and maybe her money too.

2452 days ago


I am glad Britney is getting the help she really needs. I knew this was going to happen for the media and other people just wouldn't leave her and her name out of their mouths. Yes Britney has made some mistakes, WHO DON'T?
Thank God I didn't lose my children for the past mistakes I have made. But I am a better person today and my closets all clean out. Let Britney get the help she needs and let her get her life back on track without all of us watching her every minute.
She has that right to Privacy just like the rest of us.
Have your children pulled away from you no matter what mistakes there are and see if you don't end up in a mental ward.
Where are her true friends at now?
Where are her true Fans at now?
When you are down and out a person finds out the truth on who is there and who isn't, Who is a true friend and who isn't.
Here's wishing you the best Britney and speedy recovery.
God Bless

2452 days ago


I am so glad her family is finally stepping in and doing something. I mean Britt seemed okay when her mom helped run her career but ever since she married Federline and kicked her mom out of her life, she's went CRAZY...I don't care what anyone says Britney's mom has been a big part of her life and there wouldn't be a popstar Britney Spears, if it hadn't been for Lynn. I don't feel as if Lynn pushed Britney to be a star, I mean if Britney didn't want to be a star, she could of stopped years ago. Yet, she hasn't so we can't really say it's Lynn's fault for pushing her into the spotlight. As, for Sam and Adnan, they're just using Britney for her money. That's clearly the problem. I mean years ago, anyone would of been thrilled to of dated Britney and it wouldn't of had anything to do with her money, it would of been because she was Britney Spears. However, since then Britney's went downhill and it seems all the guys she's been hooking up with are in it for the money and not just to be dating Britney, because come one let's face it, it's just embarrassing now.

2451 days ago


Besides, no one knows you or loves you like your family. If I remember correctly Britney was fine until she became legal and her parents stopped managing her career. Then she went NUTS and married Federline and had two kids that she doesn't seem to even want, much less need. Whoever said her parents want her money? Well, like I said before if it wasn't for her mother, Britney wouldn't be anything besides some girl next door. She wouldn't have a career. Also, it seems to me like Britney was a lot saner, dressed better, had more money, and didn't have all these leeches like Sam, Adnan hanging all over her when her parents were in charge of her career. She was dating decent guys like Justin Timberlake. I think it is gonna take her parents to ever get her straightened out, because who else really gives a crap besides them? Everyone else doesn't know her and is just interested in her money.

2451 days ago


I love how people are telling Brit to just "snap out of it". Bipolar Disorder is not something that you "snap out of". It's a chemical imbalance that cannot be controlled without the help of meds and/ or therapy. This disorder is crippling her in every way, shape and form. People like Lufti see this and are taking advantage. And as far as the comments about her parents not loving her, you need to realize that when someone becomes a legal adult, there is NOTHING anyone can do in situations like this (even spouses, in some cases) unless they become a danger to themselves and/ or others. Parents of adult children with these kinds of emotional issues have no control over any type of treatment until the child is deemed unfit or in Brits case, Gravely Disabled. So lay off the parents.

2449 days ago


Thanks for the great info

2423 days ago
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