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Brit's Parents Make Their Move in Court

2/1/2008 4:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parents are going to court -- the courtroom that establishes conservatorship for people whose personal health and welfare are gravely at risk.

Jamie and Lynne Spears arrived this morning at the County courthouse in downtown L.A. Sources say both parents are extremely concerned about the welfare of their daughter, and upset because Sam Lutfi is trying to call the shots on all matters Britney.

The court has the power to create a conservatorship, which would allow both Jamie and Lynne to make medical decisions on behalf of Britney. The conservatorship would also allow them to control Britney's financial affairs. Both parents have made it clear: they believe Lutfi's influence has placed their daughter and her assets at risk.

We're in court, so stay tuned. The hearing is now scheduled for 1:30 PM PT.


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Dennis, OKC    

Hopefully the Guards are keeping that Sam fella and the other poachers away from Brit's house. And he should be totally banned from seeing her while she is in the hospital. I also hope the hospital has confiscated Brit's cellphones. This just may be her final chance to get it together.

2456 days ago


Make the other party Drew Pinksy. He's a good man.

Posted at 2:10PM on Feb 1st 2008 by Kpolycronopolis

And very handsome I watch the show because of

2456 days ago

Mary Jane    

Good for them. I would hope my family would do the same for me IF I ever warranted it. I don't get all the hatin on her parents. They did the best they could considering their roots.

2456 days ago


Her parents finally have the legal leg they have needed to make this move. She is an adult and until now, no medical dx was strong enough for conservatorship to take place.

And, for the record, being a bad parent does not make children bipolar. Britney's medical condition is due to a physical unbalance of chemicals.

2456 days ago

dallas fans are morons    

All of you people who are bashing Brits mom and dad don't even understand that 90% of the stories about how bad her parents are are all made up...especially by people who want nothing but Britney's money. They bash them and make them look bad to get closer to Brit and her bank. I mean look back years ago when Brit was in her right mind and she did nothing but GUSH about her parents and family. The split between the family started with K-fed. That's when she went down hill and when her career did as well. The media+Kfed+ everyone else hanging with Britney with her hand out is what the problem is....NOT HER FAMILY. SHE GOT TURNED AGAINST THEM BY THE MOOCHES! Her parents have always had a great relationship with Brit. Everyone hates on her mom for Jamie Lynn being pregnant. Now how many times does that happen in life everyday?'s just not put on every channel in the world. Stop believing the media. It's filled with gossip and lies.....THEY SELL BETTER THAN THE BORING TRUTH!

2456 days ago


What, K-Dead's not in court picking over the bones of the wife he
drove to insanity! Oh, that's right, he's with his attorney trying
to figure out what else they can take from her now

2456 days ago


has anyone thought about what kind of EGO-MANIACS these 2 parents are by naming their daughter "jamie-lynn" ?

i look at these awful parents, and i see the root of their daughters' problems.

2456 days ago


About time her parents did something.

This ia about the only positive news heard about Brit-Brit in a long long time.

Screw Lufti - freakin' manipulator.

2456 days ago


A independent person would be wise for all concern. They need to get the pap's all out of her life. Sam, the so-called-boyfriend, and chad. It's easy to pick the pockets of the mentally ill. I hope she gets better, and returns to have contact with her sons.
Get Well- I really don't want you to end up like ANS.

2456 days ago


Britneys parents have my FULL SUPORT!!

I hope the judge sees the obvious namely that Sam Kufty and also Adnan have been taking advantage of a mentally very sick woman. If anyone has the right to take care of Britneys now its her parents not strangers. Both of these men have to be throughn out of her life.

Sam knew how ill mentally Briney is and he deliberately manipulated her to get control over her, her career, her home and her fortune. I pray the judge is wise enought to see that.

I also see Adnan as a man who sexually abusd a woman who he was fully aware of is menatlly ill. For that he should be brought to justice and put into prison. The judge, Britneys lawers and her parents hopefully begin to understand fast that this paparazzi is not "Britneys boyfriend". He is an abuser and a real svine.

It is time to give Britney back to her family and get her far away from he old court and from Hollywood.

2456 days ago


Does anyone remember when Mariah had her breakdown and was in horrible mental condition. She disappeared for a while got help and came back stronger than ever. Maybe with the right docs, medicine and support sans lutfi, adnan, and mom britney will do what Mariah did GET IT TOGETHER

2456 days ago


If this is going to happen at all, it will undoubtably be a T-Con, a temporary conservatorship. There is no way a judge will sign off on a full conservatorship at this time. And with all the animosity, the judge will likely grant the conservatorship to the county, or a "friend of the court" - a professional individual with a lawyer and a bond, who takes these cases for the money.
And there is a difference between "conservatorship of person" and "conservatorship of estate". With all of britney's lawyers and financial dealings, I don't think the court would grant someone control of her estate, aka money. the conservatorship of person will allow someone to make decisions about where she lives, what she does, medical decisions...

2456 days ago



2456 days ago

Go Parents!!!!!    

Thank God her parents have finally had enough and are stepping in to help their daughter. Everyones been watching from afar and seeing this 'trainwreck' in process and just waiting for something worse to happen to Britney. I SO HOPE her parents are given control of everything of Brits. They are NOT going to use their daughter the way these strangers are! They are her parents first and foremost. They are only guilty of not knowing how to say NO to their daughter like most parents in this country are. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Britney started her downward spirel after she stopped listening to her parents. She just needs to get back on track. She needs to surround herself with people that have her best interests at heart, and that would be the parents! (And to Britney...please get well Britney and get the help you need now while you're still young, beautiful and talented. The party will ALWAYS be there waiting if you choose to go back to it, but hopefully you will find meaning in your life and get it together once and for all and never look back!!!!!!!!!!!!).

2456 days ago

19th Nervous Breakdown    

I don't particularly like Britney but I think someone should step in and have her best interests at heart. No one deserves to have their life platstered everywhere. When you lose pieces of yourself a little at a time, you don't have enough to keep yourself alive. I think that is what has happened to her. Too many people/things have taken little bits and pieces of her and left her with just a pile of money and a broken heart.

2456 days ago
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