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Conservators Have Broad Powers

2/1/2008 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the hearing did not give the conservators power to make medical decisions on behalf of Britney, but that really is the upshot.

The conservators -- Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet -- can communicate with Brit's doctors and access medical records.

In terms of managing Brit's estate, the function of Wallet -- a respected lawyer who has handled many similar matters -- is to ensure there is an independent voice in the management of her estate, and we're told that's something Jamie and Lynne are down with.

The effect of the order is that Sam Lutfi has, at least temporarily, been shut out of Britney's world. He will not be able to go to her home or the hospital, or have any other contact with her.


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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Sam is out, well at least temporarily maybe when she gets out and gets better she will realize what the hell she was thinking!!!!!

2394 days ago

Goerge Bush    

Can you people talk of anything else besides her? WHATA BOUT ME????

2394 days ago


I think that although her family has her best interests in mind....she clearly relies on her manager/friend "Sam" for support....and now that she's going through this...she will feel so alone without him....I hope this does not affect her treatment in any way......

2394 days ago


Thanks god for that. Lets hope she will stay there for more than a few days. The should really get a restraining order against Adnan as well. I hope doctorsand judges will now take controll of the whole situation and help Britney get better. She needs to get a grip for those two beatiful boys.

2394 days ago


what is so special about yelling out "first" when clearly you aren't? losers!

2394 days ago


Thank God Someone finally got thier head out of thier Butt and is doing something Proactive FOR her and not expecting her to be lavishing them with gifts for being around! Be Well Brit.

2394 days ago


THANK GOD SAM LUFTI CAN'T GET NEAR HER!!!! I hope this all means that someday she will be a happy, healthy young woman, who can be a good mother to those beautiful little boys. And I hope when she gets the help she needs, that she can get away from all the photographers who hound her---they are not helping!!!!

2394 days ago


Good, A third party for money sounds the best idea, so anyone close to her cannot "care about her welfare" while draining her dry. Still, she does good on that all on her own.

2394 days ago

Mary Powers    

Super!!!!!! I hope they have time to spend with her this is going to be a long battle before she is well enough to be on her own hopefully they will take her home with them for at least a few months, this is what and why family is so important, Good luck to this whole fmily

2394 days ago


It's about time that they got rid of this loser, This guy along with all of the others are just out to use her. I believe that her family is there to truely help her. I pray that she comes back to the light....

2394 days ago


I wus first dammit.

2394 days ago


Good-bye Sam.

2394 days ago

Gina Marie    

She probably doesn't realize it but her family just made a brave attempt to save her life...despite all the jaded people out there that are going to think this is about know nothing about Southerns and strong family bonds that they have, they may fight and argue but push comes to shove their always a dirt road to go home to... to quote Sweet home Alabama
Brit and her mama were once best friend but her illness and which includes being paranoid is effecting her judgement and now she is clearly on a self destructive path,,,,I for one am so glad the parents got involved despite Britney's lack of understanding as to what's happening to her...and how truly unhealthy she is, when she matures she will see that this was an act of love...but she is maturing slowing due to her illness...God Speed

2394 days ago


Glad to hear it's her DAD and a LAWYER. That's a good sign. Her mom, although I'm sure she loves Britney, seems a little bit gold-diggerish to me. The up side being, Britney is FINALLY getting treatment, her family has FINALLY stepped in to take care of her and has FINALLY gotten those idiots away from her. Of course, we haven't heard anything about Adnan now have we?? Wasn't he just on Entertainment Tonight professing their love and they were getting married and having a baby and all that crap? Where is he now? Begging his wife to take him back!? HA! Good luck Britney, we really are rooting for your recovery!

2394 days ago


This is the best news on behalf of sweet Britney and, hopefully, next week they will all be in a better place. Sending positive thoughts on behalf of Britney's healing process and, hopefully, she and her parents will get much needed rest over the weekend.

2394 days ago
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