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Conservators Have Broad Powers

2/1/2008 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the hearing did not give the conservators power to make medical decisions on behalf of Britney, but that really is the upshot.

The conservators -- Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet -- can communicate with Brit's doctors and access medical records.

In terms of managing Brit's estate, the function of Wallet -- a respected lawyer who has handled many similar matters -- is to ensure there is an independent voice in the management of her estate, and we're told that's something Jamie and Lynne are down with.

The effect of the order is that Sam Lutfi has, at least temporarily, been shut out of Britney's world. He will not be able to go to her home or the hospital, or have any other contact with her.


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All these "just die" messages are really starting to bug me. Your jealousy and utter lack of humanity proves you to be way worse people then brit has ever showed her self to be. I know it may be hard to believe, but money and fame doesn't give you immunity to mental and/or person issues, you people are the douche bags!!

2455 days ago


If Sam is her "manager", then I really wonder what if any, his credentials are for being a manager? Most managers should be getting you jobs and such, not holding your hand and taking you to court, going shopping and etc. I do think that it is best for her dad and a lawyer to have control of her estate for now. Who knows how many people had keys to her house or access to her bank accounts. I'm sure that Adnan probably had a key to the house along with Sam. I know some seem to be upset by the dad having control of things, but he doesn't come across as someone who is out to take everything from her. He seems like a dad that is devestated with what is happening to his daughter. And if Sam is claiming that she was not getting paid or anything from Britney, then how was he making a living then? Managers do get paid.. Hopefully she will get the help she needs and her parents keep the wrong people away from Britney, so that she can get better for her own sake and the kids.

2455 days ago


If Britney has been Bi polar for the last 5 years, why did her so called loving parents wait until now to get her help? And why do they only see her 3 times a year? Where were they when she needed someone? They wait until she is so bad she needs to be committed then they swoop in like a bunch of Vultures to take control of her life. If anything this is going to make Britney worse knowing how she clearly feels about her family.

2455 days ago


Where is the lawyer, Andrew Wallet from? Is he a California attorney or from somewhere else?
All the events going on with Britney should be dropped from conversation completely! No more talking, reporters stories, pictures, even jokes about Britney from the comedians! It is time to realize that this young lady, is not well and has serious medical and physiological problems going on in her life that should not be aired to the public like the Super Bowl Scores! This human being, like all others, has personal feelings and has some serious and difficult issues to deal with. The so public, day to day following of her and reports of her every move, has to create an unbelievably stressful situation for not only Britney but all of her family as well. She is not the first Mother to have experienced severe problems and issues and she won’t be the last one either.
It is obvious that she hasn’t gotten to work on her own personal and health issues in a good way and her actions are clearly a cry for help. Let's please realize that none of us are perfect and that the type of stress, especially from the over the top media reports on this young lady has been under has been inhumane.
If you are tempted to say anything, read an article, watch a TV report on Britney or give one minute of negative influence to Britney’s situation, think about the possibility that this could be you someday with an overwhelming problem that seems to be destroying you. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Thousands of good, well meaning Mothers have had problems like Britney is now having, and they will continue to keep having problems. The one thing that needs to be stressed is that ---she needs to be left alone with the professionals and her loved ones to provide her with a support system that will be able to nourish and guide her to overcome her problems and become a productive and healthy woman.
Our country has great medical and physiatric health care professionals that have proven before that they can help and change the lives for many troubled people. Keep the strength Britney! Let's please all try to not judge and pray for her to gain strength and insight into putting her life with her children and family back together. The children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and all loved ones involved, can help to change the negative actions that have taken place and this can truly turn into a triumphant life story.

2455 days ago


No one seems to take in consideration that Britney may have been pushing her family away. She appears to be a strong-willed person and I am sure it has been difficult for her parents to communicate with her. It seems like Sam has been involved in keeping her parents out of her life. All she needs is him! Sounds like he has been just as manipulative as he claims her parents have been. I have wondered for sometime where are the people who love Britney? Why wasn't someone getting her the help that she needed? You don't need to have a medical degree to know that the poor girl needed help. I just hope she can overcome all this media attention and go on with her life once she is well. Although I don't know how anyone could live down any of this publicity. It is a shame that the media is making money on someone's personal health problems. Give it a rest.

2455 days ago


Take all her money. She did not earn it! Take her money.

2455 days ago


This looks like Reese Witherspoon not Britney I think half the pictures are not even her she has made A killing acting so damn stupid.keep up the good work Britney.

2453 days ago
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