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Jordan Swats Away Crazazy Woman in Suit

2/1/2008 7:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Pennsylvania woman has been bombarding Michael Jordan with hundreds of threatening calls and e-mails over the past couple years, says the NBA legend, and he's playing some of that famous defense against her in a new lawsuit.

Jordan is seeking a special injunction against Lisa Miceli, a Crawford County, Pa. woman who claimed back in 2004 that MJ was the father of her son, as the Meadville Tribune reported. But since Jordan took two DNA tests in 2005, proving he wasn't the dad, Miceli has continued a full-court press of "hundreds" of calls and e-mails, according to the suit -- and now things are getting "violent and threatening."

A lawyer for Miceli wasn't immediately available for comment, but a website titled "Lisa Miceli's Official Blog" appears to document someone's very ardent feelings.

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Your friend is also gross for sleping with a married man.

2455 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Hilarious! GREAT movie reference! She "will NOT be ignored!" LMAO!

2455 days ago


You know what? She sounds whacked but most of those little chicks that the NBA fool around with are a little disturbed. Mostly strippers, cons, hoochies and the ever present flight attendant/air hooker. I think it takes one of those types to fool around with a NBA player anyone and many of these chicks will do all the nasty things...their wives won't.

It would not surprise me if Michael was the father and his handlers are playing power games (believe me it happens). OR that she was with him and with other people too but thought he was the father...it happens. Michael can be difficult but if people were all over me 24/7...I might have a little attitude as well. Come on people...he only put a ball through the hoop. Yes he was great but please...I don't understand the worship mentality.

I think Michael needs to take care of this matter. You swim with sharks so don't be surprised if you get nibbled. You swim in the septic tank, don't be surprised if a little gets on you. It inevitable given to where you placed yourself.

We need to start holding these pro athletes accountable and stop acting like they walk on water. He put a ball through a hoop!

2455 days ago


MJ's a pig, Typical NBA player- it serves him him right- I hope his wife gets most of his assets. Carma baby-it's a bitch.

2455 days ago


Mary you are right...and Juanita received the highest divorce settlement in history! I am no Juanita fan but she deserved every penny. Once we stop celebrating these folks then perhaps they will act like men instead of pigs!

2455 days ago

Lenn K.    

#28 Mary, I guess you didn't know that Michael Jordan ex-wife pocketed 178 million dollar from the their divorce, wow!

2455 days ago


I think that not only is Lisa Miceli schizophrenic, but she is a crack ho as well. Poor MJ. I am not sure he ever was involved with her. Not when he could have any woman he wants.

2455 days ago


If he can have any woman he wants then why was he with all the other moral lacking women? Think about it people. Who is to say which woman fit the bill for the moment? Whenever these guys get caught in something we want to doubt the woman and say he could have any woman he wants. Who is to say that is not what he wanted. None of these chicks have been scholars! LOL

2455 days ago

He's Boring now    

Mj, what a sorry ass excuse for a human being. Oh he's a great basketball player but a terrible human being, father and husband. He's like his daddy was, a wanderer, only his daddy ended up getting murdered for his wandering. MJ needs to be selective where he puts his manhood, but again he's really not much of a human being, I mean he's never taken a stand on anything that could improve society, his race, or frankly his own situation.

Now that the spotlight is off, MJ will probably be doing a lot more of this type of activity, as he has to have some kind of action going on in his life to feel any kind of aliveness. He has proven he cant manage a basketball team, I mean look at the Wizards and Charlotte. Only thing he could do was shoot a ball through a net. Please no more " I want to be like Mikes" for this generation.

The Poor Thing.

2455 days ago


Tim 6:17,how would you know??? We are not referring to your Ma,Granny, or your 1st cousin relations.

2455 days ago


Oh God, just trying to read that mess of a blog gave me a headache! THAT WOMAN IS CRAZAZY. Sounds like she needs to be committed herself---asap.

2455 days ago


I hate people who think that they are perfect and anybody with th smallest flawa is just horrible. MJ is not a saint but he has done alot of good thinks in the name of charity. He recently just gave away $5 million to an all black school yet nobody talks about that.

And to the person calling mj "poor thang" I sugest you read about Jordan's many sucessful businesses.

2455 days ago


In response to NUMBER 10--- NOT all women are crazy Tim. I think you should be careful not to generalize the female poplulation because of one completely insane and psychotic woman. She obviously has major mental health issues and needs help. I am not sure if suing this woman is going to get him anywhere however I do believe this case requires a restraining order asap. MJ should seriously be concerened about his own personal safety because of the degree of instability and lack of judgement this woman exhibits. Her blog illustrates her irrational and unpredicatable thought processes allowing the reader to gain valuable insight to the degree of which one can easily approximate the severity of her illness.

2455 days ago


scotty pipen better watch is back!!! after 2 dna test? youll think she wouldve been ashame after the first one....

2454 days ago


Geez..read her blog..she is in need of serious mental help...

2454 days ago
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