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"Lost" Diary: The Beginning of the End

2/1/2008 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

HurleyHey, it's Daniel here with the first edition of "Lost" Diary for 2008 -- man, that felt good to write.

If you're like me -- a crazy TV fan with more season passes on his TiVo than you can keep track of -- 2008 is off to a terrible start. The WGA strike has basically ground TV to a halt. "The Moment of Truth" and "American Gladiators" will never be shown on my TV, ever. So the premiere of "Lost," an event unto itself, takes on extra meaning this year.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Since I've moved into a nice new place, complete with a brand new comfy couch, I am hosting tonight's festivities -- just Ari and Lauren (aka the "Lost" Nazi). I couldn't be any more excited. Let's roll:

9:00 -- Previously on "Lost" features Charlie's death (memories, like the corners of my mind) and Ben uttering the words "Making that call is the beginning of the end." Not only is that the title of tonight's episode, but given what Jack's flash forward showed us, it's also the theme of the season.

9:01 -- Once again, our season begins with an unseen character going about his business -- this time it's Jack, pouring a weak screwdriver and watching an L.A. car chase -- and he seems to know who the driver is. Another flash forward perhaps?

9:03 -- "I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" -- Hurley. Yeah, it's a flash forward. So not only do we know that Jack, Kate and now Hurley get off the island -- three other people do and ONLY three. Interesting. Side note: I've always wanted to be part of something with a number, like the TMZ 12 or something.

9:06 -- The cop interviewing Hurley says he knows Ana Lucia, but Hurley says he never met her. Why'd he lie? And who was Hurley running from?

9:08 -- Nice, Hurley is going crazy again ... and loving it.

9:09 -- Back on the island, everyone is happy to be "rescued" -- but I am loving the feeling of dread that hangs over everything. Play all the sappy music you want, "Lost" producers, it all goes to s**t soon, and I can't wait.

9:10 -- Rose just basically told Claire she better sleep with Charlie when she sees him. Unless Claire is freaky in a way I don't get down with, that isn't happening.

9:11 -- Ben is scared s**tless of what's about to come and I have to say, it's adding to the whole craziness of it all.

9:12 -- Hurley is jumping into the ocean, and all I can think of is this: "Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen. Cannonball!"

9:13 -- "I'm sorry, brutha." -- Desmond telling Hurley that Charlie is dead. Awesome.

9:14 -- Jack lies to the satellite phone people about where Naomi is. I guess he figured "knifed in the back" wasn't the answer they were looking for.

9:18 -- Hurley throws the walkie-talkie into the ocean, ending the "call or don't call argument." Sigh ... had to be a better way to do that, right?

9:19 -- Jack is obsessed with finding Naomi, but yet doesn't seem to stop to ask, "Why would she run away?" Seems like a big red flag to me.

9:20 -- "You don't wait with warnings. You ... warn." -- Hurley

9:21 -- Hurley is back in the mental ward and playing Connect Four -- for my money the best board game ever. Just like "Press Your Luck" is the best game show ever. Discuss.

9:22 -- Hurley has a visitor and its the guy who plays Cedrick Daniels on "The Wire." Unless Vic Mackey and Dexter Morgan show up, this is the greatest TV crossover I can imagine.
9:23 -- "Are they still alive?" -- Matthew Abbadon. Yeah, no way this guy from Oceanic.

9:25 -- Hurley predictably gets lost in the forest ... and finds Jacob's house?

9:28 -- Not only has Jack been following the wrong trail, like Kate told him he would, but she copped the satellite phone from him. He's probably pissed at her, but again -- why is Naomi doing this and why isn't Jack suspicious of that at all? I mean, I know that I know she's evil, but come on -- this is obvious s**t here, Jack.

9:29 -- "But look on the bright side, at least someone around here knows what the hell they're doing." -- Ben

9:30 -- On the plus side, Kate following the right trail will probably lead to one of my favorite "Lost" moments: her being held at gunpoint. It's what she does best.

9:31 -- Ha! So close, this time it's knife point. That was too easy.

9:32 -- Naomi is lying to the people on the sat phone -- and that is telling. Is it possible Naomi doesn't know who she really works for?

9:33 -- Did Hurley just see Jacob (and some other guy) or was it all a figment of his crazy imagination? I say the first shack, and thus Jacob, was real. The second one was not. (Actually, after further review -- check out who was in Jacob's cabin.)

9:34 -- "Hello Hugo." -- Locke. Much like the finale of last season, not enough Locke so far.

9:39 -- Locke and Hurley are going to convince Jack -- aka the most stubborn man alive -- that the people coming to "rescue" them are evil. Now, obviously, Jack learns this at some point, but I think it might take him a bit.

9:41 -- I should warn you now, and I know you're going to think less of me and I don't care -- I am kind of looking forward to the moment Claire finds out Charlie is dead. Two reasons: 1) Emile de Ravin can't act and, 2) I am terrible, terrible person who revels in the death of a fictional character. I am already over it.

9:42 -- Wait for it ...

9:43 -- "He's dead. Charlie's dead." -- Hurley. It was all I thought it would be and more.

9:44 -- Back in the flash forward, Charlie goes to see Hurley in the mental institution. Wait, what?
9:45 -- I've said a million times, there is nothing "Lost" could do to lose me as a viewer. But I swear, if Charlie had been actually alive ... I don't know what I would have done. And it's not because it's Charlie, it just would have been plain stupid.

9:46 -- Oh my God -- what do you say about Jack trying to kill Locke? More importantly, what could Jack ever say to Locke again. Man of science, man of faith ... whatever! He just pointed a gun in his face and pulled the trigger. No coming back from that one.

9:51 -- Since he can't shoot him, Jack goes back to beating Locke.

9:52 -- "Well, technically he didn't kill her yet." -- Ben

9:54 -- Hurley gives an impassioned "Charlie died so we can live" speech and most everyone bails on Jack and follows Locke. Jack has to be feeling pretty unappreciated right about now.

9:55 -- "Jack, with your permission I'd like to go with John." -- Ben. Best line ever, period.

9:56 -- "You know where to find us, when you change your mind. If you aren't all dead." -- Locke. Okay, Locke didn't actually say that last part -- it was just inferred.

9:57 -- Jack goes to visit Hurley at the crazy house, but he really is one there to find out if Hurley "was gonna tell." We're also tipped off, via the beard comment, that this flash forward comes before Jack's flash forward from the finale.

9:58 -- "I think we did the wrong thing Jack. I think it wants us to come back." -- Hurley

10:00 -- Nice to meet you, guy who fell from the sky and is going to ruin everything for everyone.

Perfection, plain and simple.

At the end of last season, I thought (and hoped) the flash forwards were a one-time thing. I didn't like the idea of knowing who made it off the island and what happened to them. Then, this morning actually, I realized something -- the flashbacks were really starting to suck. They served very little purpose anymore. Flash forwards are the new black!

I think, for now, we have to pay more attention to what we know about Jack and Hurley after they get off the island. Obviously, they didn't tell anyone what really went on, that much we know. But what DID they tell people?

The cop asked Hurley if he knew Ana Lucia from before the flight -- not from when they were marooned on an island or anything. Jack said in the finale he was "tired of lying." They both told some kind of story when they got off the island and it didn't involve Others, polar bears or black smoke monsters. What was it? And if everyone knows only six people survived Oceanic Flight 815, then why did that creepy guy ask Hurley, "Are they still alive?"

Anyway, I give this episode an A. The tone of everything was right on and I really loved the way it set things up for this season -- which is the most important function of a premiere episode. No big reveals are necessary, just lay out the plan for the season and I'm fine -- and that's what they did.

So here is my question for you this week: Are you down with flash forwards?

Oh, one last thing: if you're one of those people that got into "Lost" late and missed a few episodes along the way, the good people at AOL have all three seasons online in HD and should even have last night's episode too. Not bad. Corporate synergy -- it's fantastic!

Also, over on, I do a question an answer column every Monday. Click here to send me a question.

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Let me just say that no matter what anyone says - LOST is still the absolute best TV series EVER created. My husband and I were SOOOO excited about last night's season premiere and were not disappointed. But, I have one question for you...why did that black smoke terrorize everyone in the beginning, but now is nowhere to be found?

Where is the black smoke?????!!!!

2419 days ago

Shove first in your peehole....    

After such rotten 'reality' TV shows, the writer's strike, and reruns too many to count it is so great to have Lost back! I agree that the 'flash forwards' as you call them, or time jumps, or 'pulp fictions' or whatever you want to call them are great, and only fuel the speculation on what is going to happen! The season premiere was fantastic, and has already provided more questions than answers in 'Lost' fashion....


All you monkey scrapers who feel like they need to post 'FIRST!', please keep your two brain cells applied to the Britney sections... You are wasting our valuable 'Lost' space... Let the record show that anyone who feels the need to do this is a no good collie raper, who needs a good prison rape to straighten you out when your 350 pound new 'boyfriend/girlfriend yells FIRST! when you are in the shower.... Dumbas sses.... I hope you don't get to vote....And if you do, I hope it is for the 'My sperm in your eye' candidate.... Losers....

2419 days ago


I think the guy in jacob's cabin looked like Jack's dad. I cant wait to see what happens this season (I really wish it were longer than 8 or so episodes though---- end this strike already!!!)

2419 days ago


Yeah for lost! So glad its finally back! I love this show! I like that I have watched it for years and still have no idea what's going on - the plot seems to go in this crazy addictive circle.
I am totally down with the flash-forwards (ffs). I had been sick of the flash-backs (fbs) for a while and the ffs give us great new pieces to this mysterious puzzle. LOVE IT!!

2419 days ago


I LOVE the flash forwards - it's a nice break from three seasons of backstory. Exposition into stuff that hasn't even happened yet is always great.

I loved Charlie (mostly because I'm a BIG Lord of the Rings fan) and I was devestated when he died. I kept my fingers crossed for 8 months and when I finally realized last night that he was really gone I sobbed - hard and long. /cry But, I agree with you that Claire is annoying.

I think Hurley lied to the cop about Ana Lucia for several reasons - one, she brings up painful memories of the other Tailie (whose name I forget) on whom Hurley had a mega-crush. Two, he'd have to tell the cop how Ana Lucia really died which would be a pain in the ass. Three, he'd have to sit through the cop waxing poetic on his old partner and Hurley just can't deal with that right now.

I don't like Jack. I never have - I respect him when he's showing his balls, but I dislike him intensely. I'm amazingly pissed off with Kate for staying with Jack over going with Sawyer (and yes, before you ask - I am a "Skater")

Here's my main question - Hurley went with Locke, Kate stayed with Jack - but we know that Kate, Jack, AND Hurley make it off the island (along with 3 other people yet to be revealed.) So - when are these two sides going to meet up again and when is Hurley going to defect?

2419 days ago

Lost in Texas    

I just wrote a long a-- comment on the LDQA website, but I'm over the moon that your back on TMZ!! YIPPEE I'm sick to death of the play by play of the shaggy popwreck and her entourage and family of hillbilly trash.

That being said, my post was this: the guy in the casket is Hurley. We've only been shown 3 people, and know 2 that it can't be. That being said, last night Hurley also told Bernard that he had won the lotto, it was awful, and that now him going back would be great because no one would know he's alive. To me, this explains why no one but Jack attended his funeral, yet Jack was surprised that he was the only one there.

Someone from the the LDQA site also made mention that when Jack talked on the Naomi's phone and was asked, "who's this?" he said, "I'm one of the survivors of Oceanic 815". He never said him name. Yet when the guy called again, he said, "IS THIS JACK?" Did anyone else catch that?

Glad your back Daniel!

2419 days ago


did anyone notice how he had this full brown beard when he got off the island in the forward sequence but when he was still ON the island his beard was gray...whut up wit dat? major faux pas

2419 days ago


15. THANK YOU TMZ for spoiling the plot of Lost for me. I'm in hasn't aired here yet.

Posted at 11:51AM on Feb 1st 2008 by jen
If you didn't want to know anything about the Season 4 opening episode why on earth did you read a review of the show? Every week there is a review of the previous night's episode and I would suggest you don't read them if the episode has not yet aired where you are.

2419 days ago


I think it was locke who peeked out the window

2419 days ago


I love the flash forwards. It put a new spin on things!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT THURSDAY!!!! LOST IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!

2419 days ago


Uhhh have you seen Hurley? he would have a huge casket !!

2419 days ago


Ok... I was happy about LOST returning... depressed about not having enought... it was a long and awaited nigth.


- Who keeps sending the food to the island? It is Dharma branded, but the Dharma people are dead thanks to Ben... and there was no way of communicating with the island.

- Why is the 4400 dude the rescue guy?

- M

2419 days ago


Is Jacob, Jack's Dad then?

2419 days ago


I agree. The man in the rocking chair is DEFINITELY Jack's father!

2419 days ago


Yay, i love your blog. Glad you are doing it still. Thanks.

2419 days ago
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