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Lutfi Won't Face Off With Brit's Parents in Court

2/1/2008 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi tells TMZ he's not going to show up for the court hearing today.

TMZ broke the story about Britney's parents going to court in an attempt to establish a conservatorship. They believe Lutfi is placing their daughter's health and assets at risk.

Lutfi says he is "appalled and disgusted" that the parents have gone to court, adding that "Britney is in control of her assets and her business manager is in control of her assets." Lutfi says his lawyers are discussing his legal options.

Sources say Britney's medical status right now is "gravely disabled."


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Who's her BUSINESS MANAGER, OsamA? you?????????????

2458 days ago

Shawn Covington    

his AKA is Richard Nogan !

2458 days ago


Sam said on E Online .com that Britney's parents only want to be in control of Britney's money. He said he has never received money from Britney or sold pictures. I do find it very strange that her parents are just NOW stepping up to support her. Where were they when she lost her kids? But NOW they want to get involved, by going to court just one day after she was admitted! Fighting over who will have control over her money. So many people have used this girl. It's very disgusting!

2458 days ago


Oh come on Sam, you may be many things but I doubt you are stupid....would you admit that you were just after Britney's money, I can just see the headlines now: Sam Lufti says "I was after Britney's money." I DON'T THINK SO!
I'm just saying.....

2458 days ago


This guy is a loser. He needs to back off before its found out what he is really after. If he thinks Brittany is in control then maybe he should be committed too!

2458 days ago


Maybe Sam could get a job at RiteAid - they were always there in the wee hours of the morning...

I hope he doesn't have a leg to stand on for Brittany's sake..He's a snake and like I have said before...

Slither your slimy self back into the hole you came out of Sam - YOU DON'T BELONG!!!!!!

2458 days ago

pk3palm beach    

I can't believe a court wouldn't place her assetts and medical decisions in the hands of a conservator.
This Lufti character is scary, creepy and apparently a major opportunist. Maybe the court can appoint her parents with a third party court appointed conservator for checks and balances? Let's be thankful this poor young women is getting help.
It will be interesting to see how Kevin reacts to reintroducing the children to her when and if she is responsible with her recovery. He may very well be the responsible parent after all!!!

2458 days ago


34 are you crazy as well maybe you shloud start hanging with Sam and let him have your money, IF yoou have any..

2458 days ago


Maybe KFed should get conservatorship... oh wait.. didn't he start this whole mess?

2458 days ago


Posted at 4:35PM on Feb 1st 2008 by Christine
Just watched that on youtube, it is just heartbreaking to watch.

2458 days ago


thank god

2458 days ago


Of Course he is Disgusted about her parents going to court. He will have his job terminated by her parents once they have control and I say.... GOOD FOR THEM! He needs to be out of the picture! Her parents have EVERY RIGHT to take care of their daughter and whatever assets she has and that DOES NOT make them bad parents! I think it makes them GOOD parents. They are trying to save their daughters money from all the people in her life that are only their for her money! Watch how fast they leave now that they will not be profitting from her. They will be so quick to sell her story in order to make money off of her. It is really sad as they claim to have her best interests at heart, when it is really all about the almighty dollar! I really pray that Jamie & Lynne get Brit the help she needs and gets her away from LA for a LONG Time!!!! I am tired of hearing how bad Britney's parents are, when it is NOT their fault that she is in this position! Maybe if she didn't have Adnan using her and selling her out, and then Lufti constantly telling her that no one cares about her except for him and how awful her parents are, she would be alright. That is why she can't trust anyone, no because her parents don't care! That is enough to send anyone off the deep end! Good Luck Brit! I hope you can finally get healthy!

2458 days ago


#34 - What has Sam done to get half of her money! He hasn't helped her get to court on time! Watched her buy cars every other day - drink red bull like water - call in "the view" to say Brit is "Mental" Call in to X17 - to give them an update on Brits mental state while in the hospital. He has been in trouble with law himself already and that is the kind of person who Brit does not need to be around right now. faithful to the cameras, money off brit and a name for himself. That is all so what her everyone around her seems to want right now. I think the court needs to take over! Let the doctors look after her - lawyers after her money (put a freeze on everything - all but what the kids need) before she ends up like Heath. We all need to back off - why do we get a kick off of her pain?

2458 days ago


This is all about her parents wanting control over HER MONEY!

Brit supports these country bumpkins.

They were losing control of her assets, so they bought off a psychiatrist to emprison her and allow them to take over.

And the psychiatry criminals go right along with it!

The mental health field HELPS peoplewlike Spears' parents control and steal.

Brit needs some good lawyers to get rid of these parents!

2458 days ago


Osama Bin Laden would likely be a better manager of Brit Brit.

2458 days ago
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