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Lutfi Won't Face Off With Brit's Parents in Court

2/1/2008 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi tells TMZ he's not going to show up for the court hearing today.

TMZ broke the story about Britney's parents going to court in an attempt to establish a conservatorship. They believe Lutfi is placing their daughter's health and assets at risk.

Lutfi says he is "appalled and disgusted" that the parents have gone to court, adding that "Britney is in control of her assets and her business manager is in control of her assets." Lutfi says his lawyers are discussing his legal options.

Sources say Britney's medical status right now is "gravely disabled."


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I hope to hell that the courts put Lufti out of the picture. He has no business thinking he should be in control. And I hope that Lynn spears finally gets it. She placed her 2 daughters in show business...took away their childhood all for frtune and fame. Is it worth it? I think not. I hope that Britney gets the medical help she needs and leaves the entertainment business once and for all. She needs to get healthy and make a life for herself and her 2 babies. The hell with Federline and all the other leeches.

2455 days ago


Sam's lawyers are discussing his options ...
Perhaps Sam''s lawyers are criminal defense lawyers?

2455 days ago


Wow, Way to go George, thats quite an epiphany you had there. As for her parents, I think thats the only way that she will let them take over right now in her fragile state. Her age and her backround of telling people what to do are in the way of her well being. I hope this works out for the best. Cause I would like nothing more than to see her happy and not so restless. We should support each other. She may not think the two "vultures" are after anything because she is so sick. Shame on them. I think Hollywood needs more humanitarians and less "Cling-Ons"

2455 days ago


It does seem that a rather large group of people..the same people who days ago were bashing Britney have finally reached a point where it is time to speak out and whether we like her or not, she is mentally ill, needs help and we cannot no longer support the exploitation of people like the paparrazzi, Sam and possibly Adnan (however significant he is) I am not a fan a Britney's but my attitude developed as she seemed to be soliciting negative attention. Now, it is so very clear she is mentally ill and this train wreck is just not worth watching anymore. Go Lynn and Jamie your daughter and god knows she might never be the same but she might even be better because she will have quite a testimony, one that could help millions of people suffering from some form of mental illness

2455 days ago


This Osamah (apparently his real name) Lutfi needs to be taken OUT of the picture immediately. He's a sponge, and is trying to suck her dry, financially and otherwise. He has successfully gotten everyone who matters and/or cares about her OUT of her life so he can get in and take control. I think once he's removed, the wreckage will be obvious. He's probably pilfered her accounts and is responsible for all the paparazzi frenzies thus far. While she's trying to get help, go to court, to the hospital etc., he's texting his cronies for the opps. This guy is a bottom feeder -- he needs to be gone, F A S T!!!

2455 days ago


Wow ,he's good at talking in one big circle .

2455 days ago


I actually look forward to the day we don't have to hear about Sam anymore. He is disgusted now but wasn't disgusted when she was walking around half naked or when he was walking around with her during a time she was clearly OUT OF IT

2455 days ago


to #63 - Bethany - um, please take YOUR meds. get a grip.

2455 days ago


#85, noone knows much about sams past yet. VERY SECRETIVE! and suspicious. TMZ, I told you before, PLEASE dig up info on sam!!!!!!!! DIG DIG DIG DIG & DIG DEEP! Cant wait to find out!!! God I have no life..............

2455 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

Lutfi says his lawyers are discussing his legal options.
What a complete moron!!!!!!!!! legal actions for what?- -control of Britneys money!
I really hope this girl gets the help she needs, before everyone that is close to her robs her blind.
And of course for the sake of he beautiful boys.

2455 days ago


what legal options...does he even have any....lufti is a loser...!!!!!!!!!! If he is really her manager, what a bang up job he has been doing! freak show he is!

2455 days ago


This dirtbag is one of these people that crawls out from under a rock and preys on vunerable or sick people that they can manipultate and take advantage of. Notice how he's now not just her manager but publicist and assistant and is in control of her assests.. What a weasel. He makes Howard K Stern look good by comparison.

2455 days ago


Run for the hills you slimey M-FW#*#&($)& !!!!!!!!!!

2455 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

Seriously? Give Sam his dues. He opened the door to the asylum and hooked up with its only inhabitant. Ms. Spears put herself in this situation with her public displays of idiocy (mental illness or not), making we the public shake our heads and think what'll she do next. If we didn't give s crap about Britney Spears, there'd be no incentive to stalk her - because there's nothing interesting to sell to the TV or rag mags. Sam may have not stopped her from acting like a loon, but he did run her errands, get her In & Out, her tampons, laxatives, etc. He does what every other leech does; who are we to judge? Let him ride the gravy train to the end and maybe Ms. Spears will get the help she needs and get her assinine life in order for good.

2455 days ago


YOU GUY"s i just went back and reviewed a video clip it's called "DAzed and Confused" she's wearing the pink wig. As I watched one of the Paparazzi is trying to so call "HELP her" telling her to get out of the car and come this way, to walk wherever it is that's she's going. He say's he'll help her. As soon as she get's out HE completely stop's talking and all you hear is the camera shot's and she can't even move to walk. At one point she say's can we just calm down and she try's to walk away and they chase her saying Britney STop etc. Why can't there be a law passed, I mean this is insane. NOT TO MENTION SHE IS A VERY SICK GIRL THEY DON'T CARE JUST TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW THE FIRST STEP'S TO TAKE TO SAY HEY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH THIS IS STALKING. This specific clip of video really got to me because of all the one's I've seen this one show's the paparazzi's lies and deceit so well.

2455 days ago
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