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Brit's Dad Puts a Stop to Pushy Pap

2/2/2008 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Papa Spears is not only acting as the conservator of Brit's estate, he also doubles as a bodyguard!

Lynne and Jamie Spears dropped by UCLA Medical Center this afternoon, when Brit's dad came to the rescue of Mama Lynne when an aggressive photog bombarded her. Gimme space!


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Dad to the rescue!! :)) Looking out for his little girl.

2424 days ago


Her parents are NOT in control of her money, contrary to what some of you want to believe. An attorney is watching over her finances. Her parents are watching out for her treatment and taking control of who has access to her. That girl is disabled at this point with a combination of drug and mental issues. She has exhibited every text book display of how devastating these diseases are. I lost my own daughter this way and she was also hospitalized at UCLA. I had to become her conservator and still couldn't save her. It is heartbreaking for her parents who have had to stand by until she was declared severely and gravely disabled. There was nothing they could do until that point but watch and wait for that chance. She CANNOT snap out of it and she CANNOT control herself. That is extraordinarily ridiculous of people to say, Until you have been touched by the sadnesss of mental illness compounded by drug addiction, you cannot possibly understand how horrible this is for her family. You can't understand it even then. You listen for the phone to ring while you are half asleep all night long, You are afraid you will hear that your child is dead. It is a helpless situation.

2424 days ago

Proud of Papa Spears

I agree with your post. And it's been said many times over that he and Lynne fought over her pushing Britney so much into show business, even though she wanted it to. Then it happened with his second daughter. He had enough and divorced her ass. He's stepping up his Dad duties and I hope he clobbers a few pap's. Pop's a couple, runs over a few more.

Those paps are nothing but vultures.

2424 days ago


I think it's GREAT that he is taking control of his family. Obviously they have spun completely out of control and need help. He's doing what a good man and father SHOULD do and that is take care of his family.

That Lutfi guy is nothing but an enabler and yes man for BS. He has helped to feed her out of control mental breakdown and the paranoia which is associated. He reminds me SO MUCH of Howard K. Stern, it's frightening.

I am glad BS is getting the help she so desperately needs. I've never really been a fan of hers but I am a mother and hate to see anyone in this type of downward spiral.

I hope Papa Spears kicks butt on the paps. They are completely out of control.

2424 days ago


alex, you are incredibly stupid. Do you think only "hillbillies" have problems drinking and other types of addictions? It's everywhere in every type of class of people. What rock are you living under? I don't care what his story is. He is now putting his child first and taking control.

2424 days ago

Daughter of Jive Exec    

A Jive exec was notified that Britneys parents and their lawyers have noticed at least $150.000 missing from britneys accounts.Britneys Black am/ex card has a cadaliac escalade charged to it as well as furniture,clothing,and other items that cant be accounted for.All finger at this time are pointing to Osama. A private detective has been hired and all accounts are being audited. Email and text messages are being looked at from Britneys phones and the ones that she is paying the bills on. This is awesome but it is going to be very bad for Lufti...I see jail time and a civil suit by one of the Spears family. They are on a rampage against this guy. Alli has been telling Lynne stuff about him for ages. It will all come out. LOVE IT

2424 days ago


Right on Mr. Spears!!! And YES, there needs to be a law against those SHARKS!!! ( Papparazis) Maybe if EVERYONE got together, it can be STOPPED!!!!

2424 days ago


i'd like to hear his opinion about kevin. i have no clue if it would be good or bad.

2424 days ago

tuna marie    

her own mother is speaking to the press, you can't have it both ways. you can't ask the press into your lives and then when you don't want them anymore expect them to leave. it doesn't work that way.

2424 days ago


I think it's a lot better for a third party to be watching over her finances. It takes the pressue off of her parents.

And I certainly do not think men like those idiots she hangs around are after her best interest. They would and do exploit her in a heartbeat.

2424 days ago



2424 days ago


Her mom isn't speaking to the press, unless you call being stalked by paps and giving them 1 word answers speaking to the press

2424 days ago


Her mother sold her younger sister into worldwide humiliation and her father is divorced from her mother and his daughter is rich and sick. I can not think of anyone I would excuse from conservator duties faster than either of them. Also on my list of excused are all the people who have been living off her as she deteriorated.

She should have the mercy of a conservator for her money and possessions that is absolutely neutral. She also should have a second conservator for her health care.

To me the present situation is one more example of the out of control California court system.

2424 days ago


Good for Jamie Spears. The paps treat Lynne like the pap is hunting a scared fox. Enough is enough. Hunting season is over!!

2424 days ago


how about we start stalking the paps, see how they like being followed every second of the day, waiting outside their houses and friends and family. or how about we just follow Harvey and invade his space day in and day out.

2424 days ago
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