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Brit's Dad Puts a Stop to Pushy Pap

2/2/2008 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Papa Spears is not only acting as the conservator of Brit's estate, he also doubles as a bodyguard!

Lynne and Jamie Spears dropped by UCLA Medical Center this afternoon, when Brit's dad came to the rescue of Mama Lynne when an aggressive photog bombarded her. Gimme space!


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I thing the camera's should not be there at the Hosptial in the first place
get Britney a break she is sick, If I was head of the Security at UCLA I will
tell then to leave now if they Don't leave they will go to JAIL for good
I hope Britney parents to do something about it, leave Britney rest these

2423 days ago


Way to go Jamie!!! Playing paps is just a legal way to stalk people......and it needs to stop.

2423 days ago


Britney's Old Live Performances on You Tube

2423 days ago

April Fouels    

Mr. Spears is about to open a can of Cajun Whoop-Ass, i bet he has a full case he brought with him.

2423 days ago


Notice since he was served with a restraining order the "leaks" out of UCLA have come to a hault.

I hope they do not let her go tonight. She needs long-term care and treatment,

2423 days ago


I'm game. Where do I sign up?

2423 days ago


Hey Leara i saw that video and its digusting. If a pig did that to a female in my family, he'd be dead, no questions asked.

2423 days ago


alex, it's alright. I'm sure your not prejudice deep down. It's no different than using any other labeling term for the human race. No problem. I hope her family can help her, even if he has or had a drinking problem.

2423 days ago


So what.

2423 days ago


He cares about his daughter and the papps need to back off.

2423 days ago


Well the latest on


Even with her in the hospital, the drama NEVER ends!

The Los Angeles Police Department were called to Britney's house on Friday after her parents discovered several items missing.

Lap top? Sex tapes? Yes! Yes!

After Spears' father Jamie won legal control over Brit Brit at an emergency hearing Friday, he and ex-wife Lynne returned to the house "shocked" to find valuable items of their daughter's "had been stolen."

They called the cops and filed a report.

Spears' folks believe that items were taken after their daughter was taken to the UCLA Medical Center early Thursday morning.

Gesssh, who do you think would have had access to Brit's house that might want to remove a few things???

WHO could it possibly be????

Now that he's been granted conservatorship of his daughter, Jamie Spears can change the locks of her house and remove anyone who is staying there until the next hearing - this Monday.

And, sources close to Brit's "manager" Osama Lutfi tell us he will contest the conservatorship and put up a fight in court.

Will the madness ever stop???

That can't be a good thing for sex tapes to be floating around... Will people never ever learn...

2423 days ago

my idea    

These "paps" are not even true professionals. They are just "joe jerks with a video camera." It's time that the law REALLY steps in and puts some kind of control over them.

2423 days ago


86. Well the latest on


Sam probably thinks he can sell the stuff amd make his own millions. I hope someone throws that slime in jail sooner rather than later.

2423 days ago


Alex, go back to your glass house, mkay?
I'd be proud to have Jamie Spears looking out for me. Britney's been messed up for so long, she has no idea what's best for her. See where her shots-calling has gotten her?
Geaux Jamie!

2423 days ago


68. A Jive exec was notified that Britneys parents and their lawyers have noticed at least $150.000 missing from britneys accounts.Britneys Black am/ex card has a cadaliac escalade charged to it as well as furniture,clothing,and other items that cant be accounted for.All finger at this time are pointing to Osama. A private detective has been hired and all accounts are being audited. Email and text messages are being looked at from Britneys phones and the ones that she is paying the bills on.

This is awesome but it is going to be very bad for Lutfi...I see jail time and a civil suit by one of the Spears family.
They are on a rampage against this guy. Alli has been telling Lynne stuff about him for ages. It will all come out. LOVE IT

Posted at 6:02PM on Feb 2nd 2008 by Daughter of Jive Exec

This REALLY shows that Britney can’t handle her own affairs.
It’s like giving a teenager millions of dollars without any supervision.

2423 days ago
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