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Brit's Dad Puts a Stop to Pushy Pap

2/2/2008 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Papa Spears is not only acting as the conservator of Brit's estate, he also doubles as a bodyguard!

Lynne and Jamie Spears dropped by UCLA Medical Center this afternoon, when Brit's dad came to the rescue of Mama Lynne when an aggressive photog bombarded her. Gimme space!


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This certainaly doesn't look good for OsamA at all.. . I hope he get's the book thrown at him...And to think he wants to fight the conservatorship....

Ya - Go ahead Sam --- and see where you end up...hopefully behind bars....

2421 days ago

Harvey Hater    

Just because you have a camera does not give you the right to shove your lense in someone's face.
These vultures should be arrested for trespassing on hosiptal grounds unless they are visiting a known family member or friend. AND NO, Brit does not count.

2421 days ago

Harvey Hater    

I think we should check that punk's immigration staus and deport his ass back from whatever third world country he came from until he learns some manners.

2421 days ago


Good, he has a right to privacy for him and his family. I am glad to see Bitney is getting help, and her family stands besides her in her time of need. God bless them.

2421 days ago

Elvis Presley    

i think papa spears is still donking mama spears

2421 days ago


The buzz around West Hollywood is that Britney authorized her sister Jaime Lynn to be a conservator. The Commissioner couldn't accommodate the celeb's directive because Jaime Lynn is underage. In the Court's wisdom, Britney's dad (Jaime) was approved as a conservator.

LoL ..... it is about time that some strong-willed people stepped in and put Britney in her place!

From the comments on here, most of you are pro-Father-power. Personally, I am real proud that Jaime Spears has finally stepped in to kick some butt. Those vultures are not real papparazzi. Just like another person posted, they are jackasses who are illegally in this country or the kids whose parents snuck into this country 10, 15, or 20 years ago. They do not have a Social Security number thus cannot legally work in the USA. The way they get around that hurdle is that they apply for a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Of course, they don't pay taxes. They pretend that their TIN is a valid Social Security number. As long as no one bothers to check the USA government database to determine if their number is a Social Security number (SSN) or a Taxpayer Identification number (TIN) -- they only have to buy a camera and hold themselves out as paparazzi, legal students, legal workers, or seize any other opportunity such as obtaining free medical, free dental, free food, free job search services, low-cost housing meant for USA senior citizens, and much more. I have been informed that people from the Phipippines, and every country in South America are the worst offenders. Russian jews are close behind them.

2421 days ago

Just what they need    

I am really relieved that a commisioner has finally agreed to get Britney some help. Poor Lynne, that pap is a jerk! HELLO was it not a sign that she wants privacy. Maybe I am dumb but going into a back entrance, holding a box in front of her face not saying anything to the jerk is a sign that she wants to be left alone to work this out. I really am glad that her dad is stepping up and drawing a line to say enough is enough. After losing Anna Nicole Smith from a bunch of enablers it's about time someone stop Britney from self distruction and demise.

2421 days ago

April Fouels    


2421 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Thank God that something is finally being done about the people taking advantage of Britney. There should be a special place in Hell for people who take advantage of someone's mental illness. That includes the paps and yes I do notice that quite a few of them look like illegal immigrants.

2421 days ago

Diane T

Britney can do whatever she wants with her money. She earned it. The cops and Spears family can't do squat if she bought Sam and Adnan crap.

Free Britney

2421 days ago

no way    

something about that video seems weird to me, I think that was Britney haha if it was she snuck out right under your noses

2421 days ago


why don't they make what the paps do illegal? there needs to be a law against this kind of invasion. aren't there personal privacy laws that cover this type of behavior? it's disgusting.

2421 days ago


I'll break you out girlie - are you Samir or Adnan? Also, you are very wrong that the Spears can't do squat. Watch them!!!

2421 days ago


if i were a celebrity being hounded by the photographers like that, i would carry a baseball bat with me 24/7 and i wouldn't be afraid to use it!

2421 days ago

Anna G.    

I"m so glad Mr. Spears & Wife is getting involved. You Papparizzi .... Have you seen yourselves how you hoover over a celeb. You all look like desperate dogs. You should be ashamed of yourselves. How would you like cameras on you 24,7
especially at your most lowest? You know what "what goes around comes around".

And all of you will come to you at one point or another.

2421 days ago
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