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Theft at Britney's House?

2/2/2008 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a crime report has been filed with the LAPD, alleging someone pilfered "valuable possessions" from Britney Spears' house after she was hospitalized at UCLA.

We're told the conservators filed the report, claiming the alleged theft occurred sometime between the time Britney was admitted to UCLA psych ward and the time the conservatorship papers were signed.

Sam Lutfi has not been named as a suspect, however, he had access to the house, and we know Brit's father, Jamie Spears, a co-conservator, strongly believes Sam has been up to no good.

Lutfi had no immediate comment. first broke the story that possessions were allegedly missing.


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I hope Britney gets the help she so obviously needs. She's got all these hangers-on wanting to use her and her parents took their own sweet time bothering to get her any help. I think her parents did a lousy job of raising her and her sister. Everyone wants their 16 year old pregnant and handing over their child to them so they can concentrate on making money (yeah right). Younger sis will probably keep spilling babies out through the rest of her teens.

On a brighter note, at least it's not Dr Phil treating Britney!! Let's hope he loses his pathetic tv show over this.

2454 days ago


oh my this is starting to make alot more sense. If you will recall in the interview....Adan said that Brtt was being controldby outsiders...and and then he would not say anything. He is totally afraid of Lufti. And, all the eratic behavior....that would explain the drugs. He totally took advantage of her post pardum and her youth, naive, etc....
This guy is a skumbag of the worst kind

2454 days ago

Tammy in RI    

I do wonder if britney did ask sam to take the labtop? because im sure there is some personal stuff in it... that kinda does make sense. i'm sure sam has his own laptop.. hopefully if he does have anything.. he doesn't use it against her.

2454 days ago



2454 days ago

That poor court monitor!    

Has anyone checked Ebay yet?!

2454 days ago


She probably never had the stuff in the first place.....How can you believe any of the family, remember, she was raised by wolves....She's been nuts for years, long before her so-called postpartum blues and bipolar stuff........If we were taking as much drugs as she has, all of us could be all that too...Has she been tested for STD's ?.....History tells us, many nut cases had them and went carzy too.....Tired of all the BS, surrounding her, lock er up.though away the key and put her money in trust for her two boys.....

2453 days ago

cnd !!GO TO THIS SITE!! Lynn is NOT LYING! He also takes her cell phones away alot! Brit even said it at a gas station a few days/weeks ago.Then asked for a cell phone from a Paparazzi.Go find it on you tube! Also, in another paparazzi video,she could not find her phone and instantly asked Sam where it is! CREEPY

2453 days ago


This Sam Lufti guy deserves to be in prison for such a long time it's not funny. Imagine someone drugging, manipulating, destroying and then stealing from your friend or your sister. Her being Britney Spears or the neighborhood meter maid, makes no difference, he's a dangerous manipulative criminal and should be treated like his own kind. Maybe they should pump him full of drugs and cut off his communication to the outside world too.

2453 days ago

virginia souder    

Dear Britney, Just hold on to ur self , and things will get better. you have to believe in ur self. in time u will get ur child back. no mom looses there child forever. as for sam bad new's. What ur father's has done is proubly the best thing that could of happend to you.. Everyone makes mistakes but we learn from them, as you will to.

2453 days ago


good for britts dad , i also beleive some others had there hand in the cookie jar , the lawyers ... the paps ... its nice to see there pay day was cut short ,

2453 days ago


Sam seems to have done some underhanded things, but Brit has been a mess for years. He is not the only one to blame in this situation.

2453 days ago


thanks for the interesting news

2428 days ago
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