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Theft at Britney's House?

2/2/2008 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a crime report has been filed with the LAPD, alleging someone pilfered "valuable possessions" from Britney Spears' house after she was hospitalized at UCLA.

We're told the conservators filed the report, claiming the alleged theft occurred sometime between the time Britney was admitted to UCLA psych ward and the time the conservatorship papers were signed.

Sam Lutfi has not been named as a suspect, however, he had access to the house, and we know Brit's father, Jamie Spears, a co-conservator, strongly believes Sam has been up to no good.

Lutfi had no immediate comment. first broke the story that possessions were allegedly missing.


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Tiger Tale    

Add "burglury" to fraud, embezzlement, and acting as a certified financial planner without a license to the charges...

2420 days ago


*** FRISK THE FATHER !!! ***

2420 days ago


Since he can NO longer drive her cars, since he can no longer have her buy his cigs, no longer give him a roof over his head, etc. Sam Lutfi and others like him are detriments to society. That's the reason he had to latch onto someone who is ill, to make a living. His day has come, Power to Jamie Spears. Keep Britney under intense medical care for a good long while. She desperately needs it. K-Fed's atty's and Brit's attys are flippin' out because they are now afraid because of the freezing of her assests and the newfound conservatorship of Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet, ESQ. Perfect, this is as it should be. As it should be I say. No more mooching off this poor girl who is ill. It is a validated medical condition. God bless her and put her on the road to recovery, which will take a long time.

2420 days ago


Her parents already robbed her of her childhood and life by pushing her into the spotlight to make up for their own inadequacies, so what more can be taken from her anyway?

2420 days ago

Team Jon    

Sam Lutfi did it

2420 days ago


I hope it was Sam and hope they nail his ass and he goes to prison for a long time.. He is the virus that infects the wounded..

2420 days ago

April Fouels    


2420 days ago


To: 6:24PM on Feb 2nd 2008 by RoughDaddy

Perez Hilton reported it after US Mag and has a sentence: Who can it be??

Next sentence: They mention Osama Lutfi. Ha Ha

2420 days ago


To Pam.. K-Fed is still entitled child support .. It is a court order..

2420 days ago


Amen #17.
To those who think her Parents are in it for her money. Grow up. Get an education. These people have done well by their children, very well. No one parent on the face of this Earth is perfect. People make mistakes growing up. They have guided their children VERY well.

They have not sqaundered her fortune. If anything, they have done everything to protect her and her estate. They have even protected her from herself. Past, present, and future.

Don't you think it's time to be realistic and not bombastic and off the cuff about her Parents. You are way out of left field putting blame on her Parents. Trust me, this is not one of those situations AT ALL.

2420 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

It'll be interesting to see what Shifty Lufti took from the place. His MO in the past is to take photos and then black mail people with them.

To let Sam Lutfi have any access to Brit or her home is like letting the Fox loose in the hen house.

2420 days ago


For those that questioned what may have been stolen....

Even with her in the hospital, the drama NEVER ends!

The Los Angeles Police Department were called to Britney's house on Friday after her parents discovered several items missing.

Lap top? Sex tapes? Yes! Yes!

After Spears' father Jamie won legal control over Brit Brit at an emergency hearing Friday, he and ex-wife Lynne returned to the house "shocked" to find valuable items of their daughter's "had been stolen."

They called the cops and filed a report.

Spears' folks believe that items were taken after their daughter was taken to the UCLA Medical Center early Thursday morning.

Gesssh, who do you think would have had access to Brit's house that might want to remove a few things???

WHO could it possibly be????

Now that he's been granted conservatorship of his daughter, Jamie Spears can change the locks of her house and remove anyone who is staying there until the next hearing - this Monday.

And, sources close to Brit's "manager" Osama Lutfi tell us he will contest the conservatorship and put up a fight in court.

Will the madness ever stop???

2420 days ago

hey there    

Hey, Sam needs money to live and to fight the family and get lawyers so since ... He has never gotten paid..[Right]..he had to get the cash some where .. sam also known as [howard the enabler].... [only difference howard at least was educated]

2420 days ago


tmz need to catch up then!!!

2420 days ago


To the Informer.. I don't understand this gated community.. All I saw was a guard shack and 2 signs saying visitors and residents and the ppl who live there drive right by the guard shack and fast!

2420 days ago
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