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Theft at Britney's House?

2/2/2008 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a crime report has been filed with the LAPD, alleging someone pilfered "valuable possessions" from Britney Spears' house after she was hospitalized at UCLA.

We're told the conservators filed the report, claiming the alleged theft occurred sometime between the time Britney was admitted to UCLA psych ward and the time the conservatorship papers were signed.

Sam Lutfi has not been named as a suspect, however, he had access to the house, and we know Brit's father, Jamie Spears, a co-conservator, strongly believes Sam has been up to no good.

Lutfi had no immediate comment. first broke the story that possessions were allegedly missing.


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Celestial star    

i hope that someone is taking good care of any pets she has. As she gets better she might like her dog brought to her. Animals are very comforting to the mentally ill. They love the person unconditionally and dont judge, Dont we wsih people were more like that. To err is human to forgive is divne. tmz i adore sufer esque Max hodges he makes me giddy, his utube shows are hilarious. Get better brit i wish adnon and her were having a fairytale romance and all was good, but time will tell, money can bring alot of troubles. Love one another ie celestial star, victoria, BC Canada ie ferret mama Love a ferret! i have 5!

2457 days ago


Oh, come on!!!! If anything is missing from her house, her hillbilly parents took it!!!!! Why doesnt anybody see that? Sam would not steal from her, he had only done good things for her. CANT SOMEBODY STOP THIS ABUSE BEING DEALT TO BRITNEY RIGHT NOW????? Her parents are the worst and the sooner they go away and stop trying to take what Britney has worked for, the better. Leave her alone and let her get her stuff together and go get her children. Sam will be a key factor in that. Keep Adnan and the hillbillys at bay and Britney will be just fine.

Oh, and I would wear sunglasses too with all those flashes going off. Good job gentlemen, in holding her hand when needed.

2457 days ago


Where is Britney's "cousin" Ali? Maybe she told Brit's parents what was missing from Brit's house.

2457 days ago


You sleep with dogs you get fleas. Go back home to the swamps and leave our sanity alone.

2457 days ago


hmmmmmm..... who else had access....

suprise suprise

2457 days ago


well maybe he brought her the drugs from the house.He put them in the burgers and shakes he brought her in the hospital. he hid the rest of her stash for when he can get back in.

2457 days ago


Does Sam own the vehicle he's been driving...the Escalade? Because if he doesn't and it's not there then that might be considered theft. Also both her parents have been in the house recently and would probably notice if electronics and such were missing.

2457 days ago

I hate k fed    

did we forget that Jamie Spears was divorced by Lynn for his cocaine addiction and running with unseemly women? Yes, and on Britneys dime. I think no one ever loved Britney. What a shame that the vultures circle and pick her bones. This whole thing is sick beyond description. I hope that now, Kevin and his sick vicious lawyer are happy. They have done everything humanly possible to ruin this young woman, over her love for her children. Lets all lose custody over a drivers license to a money grubbing unemployed ex. I'd be crazier than her and would have taken the law into my own hands over this. Would you want to be Britney?

2457 days ago


Sam the slime control freek without a comment? Go figure.

2457 days ago

just me    

Folks badmouthing Sam and praising Britney's parents forget that it was Sam who orchestrated Brit's hospitalization. It was Sam who was working with Britney's psychiatrist to get her committed, it was Sam who worked with the police to pre-arrange the escort to the hospital, and it was Britney's mom who "became extremely upset" because Sam did that. Britney trusted Sam and she did not resist, and the commitment went smooth and Britney was quiet until her parents weaseled in to help... to help themselves to an opportunity to seize control of Brit's assets!

Excerpts from TMZ reports posted Jan 31st 2008 4:34AM and Jan 31st 2008 6:36AM:

...when Lynne found out Britney was being committed, she blamed it on Sam and was extremely agitated. When Brit heard that, she screamed to her mother, "Shut the hell up."

...Sam Lutfi informed Brit he had been working with her psychiatrist and the cops, and she would be going back to the hospital. At that point, we're told, Lynne Spears became extremely upset and accused Lutfi of trying to control her daughter. Brit then told everyone to "shut up," saying "I'll do what I need to do."

Sam worked to help get Britney into the hospital. Brit's parents worked to help themselves to her assets.

2457 days ago


....just me [82]

That's all well and good and yes TMZ did report that,

BUT BUT BUT.... that was all information given to the media by SAM - the lie teller.

2457 days ago


If Sam had anything to do with Britney being in the hospital, it wasn't to make sure she'd get well, it was to steal from her because it's likely he didn't think her parents would step in for a conservatorship. Heck, he probably didn't even know such a thing existed. Looks like his boat was blown out of the water!

2457 days ago

Social Worker    

Her DOGS Dang!!!! Who is taking care of them?

And DAMN anyone who sold a dog to her.

I have 3 dogs and they require Daily care if not HOURLY!

Screw the bitch, someone take those dogs and give them a good home.

2457 days ago


I hope thay had the sex tapes under lock and key.

2457 days ago


What an a hole. Of course he was going to empty the house of anything he can sell. Look for the stuff on ebay!! What a looser.

2457 days ago
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