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Britney's Love-Hate Relationship with Dad

2/3/2008 8:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has expressed hatred toward her father -- that, we know. Yet sources say today she asked that both of her parents be at her bedside. And that could create problems for the Trope firm when they go to court tomorrow and ask for Jamie to be 86'd as conservator.

Britney is bipolar and has wild mood swings. She can love someone and hate them in the same hour. So just because she told Trope lawyers this weekend that she hates her dad -- it may not be enough to convince the Commish.

But here's what Trope may have going for them. Britney has expressed deep animus toward her dad for a long time and to many people. We know the Trope firm is attempting to put together an arsenal of witnesses who will try and convince the Commissioner that the hatred and distrust toward her dad is consistent over time.


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Britney "hates" her father because he has done what so few have done... said "no" to the stupid little brat. In the end, he wouldn't let himself be bought by his daughter.

2455 days ago


What possible harm could it cause her to have completely neutral conservators? Her hatred of her father can be harmful to her treatment since she hates and does not trust him.

2455 days ago


She is a very sick young woman and I think her parents will protect and help her. They have been there every time she seems to have an "episode". It's possible that Britney's law firm is worried that her Dad could say she was not fit to sign their contracts. He isn't going to act out of anything other than love. I have kids and if my child was displaying as much insane behavior as Brit, I would fight to my death to protect them.

The Spears' need privacy and respect during this very difficult time.

2455 days ago


Maybe this will open the communication with her and her parents--it's probably a very good thing--I hope her parents share their vist they had with her kids and start the healing process between them--i'm guessing there has been a road block in the past with Sam regarding her parents because if their in he knows he's out!!!

2455 days ago


ONE OF THE SYMPTOMS OF BIPOLAR DISORDER IS DESTROYED RELATIONSHIPS. Britney has not only destroyed her relationship with her parents, but with previous attorneys and her own management. Heck, NO ONE, not even her label were available to accept her NRJ award in France. That was terrible. She truly loves her parents, but her mood towards them constantly changes because of her disorder. The court will make a BIG MISTAKE if they remove her dad, Jamie and the attorney as the conservators.

Her current Attorneys wanted out a couple of weeks ago, interesting they want to be conservators now.

2455 days ago


aye yi yiiiii

2455 days ago


Brit is not capable of making decisions, thats why they have conservators. The only two people in this world the court should trust should be her parents, they do have her best interest at heart. Brit has been surrounded by people who want nothing more than her money and what they can manipulate out of her. The attorneys law firm has no business going to the hospital to communicate with a young person who is very mentally disturbed, How can they claim they are representing her when she is currently been deemed legally encapable of making decision about her life. The person the court recognizes is her father, and I do believe the Judge knows the realities here. This is Crap in capital letters.

2455 days ago


the conservatorship grants all power to whomever is chosen. She no longer legally has any rights. if someone outside the family is placed in the position, under HIPAA her family will be completely out of the loop AGAIN. Basically if a doctor decides that her TYPE of disorder requires treatment that could have longterm affects (electroshock) would you want a stranger making that decision? This isn't just about her money.

2455 days ago


Britney always hated her dad because he was the one who told her, and Lynne NO to all this show business crap. Jamie is probably the only one in Britney's inner circle that has his head together. HE NEEDS TO STAY AS CONSERVATOR WHETHER BRITNEY LIKES IT OR NOT. BOO HOO. Last time she was in the hospital, she wanted her dad with her.

2455 days ago

She looks like hell    

YOU PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. It takes WEEKS to diagnose mental illness in someone. You are the same people who said they were going to give her lithium, seroquel AND risperdal all at the same time. You are making stuff up. Stop your lying!!!!!! Stop copying things down that people tell you about bipolar on the street corner or copy from the DSM-IV. You are all so irresponsible. I'll bet this post won't get through either. You are trying to censor me. (now watch, they'll let this one through since I said that!)

2455 days ago


Every immature, rebellious teenager (and Brit stopped developing mentally when she was 13-14) hates their father when he puts his foot down. Every mentally ill person thinks they know best, she is delusional and sick.
Well no one put their foot down when she was young EVER and now her Dad HAS to stop the madness and take control or else she will surely die.

see....Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hendrix, Anna Nicole, River Phoenix, Jim Belushi, the list goes on and on.
Her Dad does not want her name to be another cautionary tale, sad story.

2455 days ago


#9 Posted at 7:53PM on Feb 3rd 2008: Not only does Britney have Bipolar disorder, she has Severe Bipolar disorder.

2455 days ago


That's a bunch of big words for you TMZ writer! AMIMUS, ARSENAL - good use of the A words in your dictionary!

2455 days ago

She looks like hell    

#11, why because TMZ said so? LOL Because "sources close to Britney" report that she has it? Because talking heads who have never met her said so? MY GOD people you are all SO gullible. She's really played a LOT of people and done it QUITE well.

2455 days ago


I'm sorry, but Britney should have absolutely no say in this matter; that's what the conservatorship is for. This makes her as helpless, in the eyes of the law, as a minor child. That's exactly the way this should be handled: by a responsible judge and responsible medical professionals. It's simply sad all the way around. I pray for that entire family.

2455 days ago
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