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Dogfight in Court Tomorrow Over Brit

2/3/2008 8:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned tomorrow is shaping up to be an all-out war in the Britney Spears conservatorship case. Sources say lawyers for Britney will try to convince the Commissioner that Britney "feels hatred" toward her dad, doesn't trust him and wants him removed as co-conservator.

Here's the way it's gone down this weekend. Yesterday, a lawyer for Trope and Trope (Brit's divorce/custody attorneys) went to UCLA to visit Britney. After being there a short time, one of the staff doctors asked the attorney to leave, because the co-conservators objected to the visit.

Sources say tomorrow, Trope and Trope will appear at the court hearing. Along with attorney Adam Streisand, who specializes in estate law, and ask that both co-conservators be removed. They will argue that the appointment of Jamie in particular is inappropriate given Britney's bitter feelings toward him and that Britney wants him out.

On Friday, the Commish appointed Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet as co-conservators. Trope lawyers and Streisand will ask that both conservators be replaced.

Sources say the Trope firm will not object to a conservatorship for Britney, but they'll ask that a different conservator be appointed. We're told the Trope lawyers and Streisand have not finalized who they want to replace the current conservators.


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She's not in her right mind to make that decision!!!!!!!! Yes, I agree her attorneys are now going to milk her dry.. It doesn't matter if you hate the person because it doesn't mean they are the worst person for the job.. Any body else will take advantage of the opportunity to get some of her cash.. Her father is not like that and never wanted any of her earnings.. They need to seriously GAG HER!!

2419 days ago


totally agree with your post. KFed has always been part of her problem and never will be part of the solution.
Sure she's rich and he made sure he impregnated her, not once but twice. Set for life. He is a loser. I don't care if he's the father of those boys, he's still a loser and he is why Britney lost her mind, along with Kaplan who made sure it would
happen. After the last deposition, that's when Britney never slept until this intervention. Bastards.

2419 days ago

TMZ is pathetic    

79. We have a Supreme Court case very similar to this and this case is so predictable. KFED is going to get found out and he clearly was the one that started this and is a violent domestic perpetrator.


2419 days ago


What is with all the visitors?! I never heard of a divorce laywer going to the psych ward, injecting themselves into a famly matter over who the court deems is the conservator! Up till the time they extended her stay to 14 days she was still allowed to refuse medication. They spoke to her while she was not stabilized

2419 days ago

Jerry why don't you go jack off bitch. Take another hit off your crackpipe you idiot.

2419 days ago


As it should be:
Finances = blocked for 14 days.
Health = decision with the parents.
Visits = Britney decide.

2419 days ago


if the courts decide on those money hungry lawyers to decide on what's best for Spears, who no doubt have alterior motives; an agenda and who want a piece of the action and can't get it while Brit's in the hopital, while Spears father is in charge; then this world has totally gone to the dogs.

These greedy viscious nutbars, who are looking for their cut, want to convince the Commissioner that Britney "feels hatred" toward her dad, doesn't trust him and wants him removed as co-conservator. Too bad, he's the only one that's had the integrity, courage and commitment to stand up against all of the craziness going on. No, he won't be popular with Ms. Spoiled wrotten Spears, or the lawfirm that's not getting any money, nor the paparrazi guy that was after her for money and fame, nor with the Lufti creature. Thank goodness he had the courage to take the action he did.

And you know what; a few other starts parents should take the same action with some of their kids. Way too much permissiveness with kids, too much freedom, too many rights, and kids and the situaitons end up out of control. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson and a turning point for future cases, for people who need help and both the legal community, and health care are afraid to take action. Maybe finally, with her fathers courage and actions, things change for the better for society. This kid is as crazy as a loon; it's not about being a popularity contest; Spears liked Adnan and Lufti just fine; and they led her astray. Wouldn't touch those two with a ten foot pole. Na, these lawyers have no business doing what they're doing and if I were the Spears, I'd go after them - they deserve a real big lawsuit slapped against them.

2419 days ago



I think a few people need to go to HUMAN RIGHTS 101.
Imagine if just because people thought you were unable to take care of yourself they could go to court, take control of your life, and you could not challenge that... Dont imagine Britney here. Imagine if that happened to you! Imagine if YOU really didnt want a certain person to make those decisions, and you had no way to challenge it!!!

The reasons she is in there are all supositions, not fact, BUT we do know that (as much as many people would like it) Britney is not classified as being loopy. And even though she is at UCLA involuntarily:
These are baisc HUMAN RIGHTS (civil liberties....).

The bad news is that IF the judge accepts T&T's argument (that Jamie may not the best guy due to Britney's apparent hate for him) then a "neutral" conservator would be appointed. The bad aspect being only that Britney would go through him (not her father) if she needed things.

(We know this hate exists how: because so many sites like this say their sources say so? wasnt he the one who she had spend time with her when she was at Cedars?)

Only if she were classed as being not having the legalcapacity (mentally unsound or similar), could someone take away most of her rights to decide things on her behalf.

At this moment she is undergoing evaluations to diagnose what she may have and therefore only family or an independant lawyer could be appointed to make decisions for her benefit!

2419 days ago

Not Naive...    

Brit Brit is going to be pissed off at anyone who tries to help her at this point. She has been left to her own devices for so long, that she doesn't really understand right from wrong. Yeah, maybe she has some resentment toward her family but guess why? Well, they are trying to help her by "normalizing" her world. She doesn't know what normal is....she probably never has known normal in her life.

I don't think her parents want to screw her over at all. I think they have a huge uphill battle, and for that, my thoughts and prayers are with them. It's really quite sad to me that so many people have had their hand in Brit's cookie jar. I honestly don't think she will learn how to trust anyone for a long long time.

Adnan, Sam, Karla, Alli... I hope this is hitting you hard. How do any of you sleep at night?

2419 days ago

TMZ is pathetic    

Call K Fed whatever you want, but since when is he "a violent perpetrator"? Seriously, when was he violent???

2419 days ago


csidegal, thank you for a compassionate comment. right on!

What amazes me is people feel free to run off at the mouth here without knowing ANYTHING...

YOU DON'T KNOW Brit's diagnosis or the nature of her condition beyond sheer speculation...
YOU DON'T KNOW the intentions or trustworthiness of Brit's parents or Sam Lutfi
YOU DON'T KNOW what has gone on between doctors and lawyers and the family and friends and Britney
YOU DON'T KNOW whether Brit is in the hospital voluntarily or against her will and fighting it

THE ONLY THING YOU KNOW is that Brit is hurting and there are people trying to help and people making it worse, but YOU DON'T KNOW FOR SURE WHO THEY ARE.

2419 days ago


good points. Let's just wait and see if her rights will be taken away from her. She's in the system now. I don't think she has much of a chance whatsoever.

2419 days ago


These lawyers are disgusting. Hey Brit, your father has your best interests in mind; he's a decent human being. You need him more than you know. The lawyers; they're the trouble, along with that loser Papparzi guy Adnan, and Lufti. You may not like your father because he doesn't support what you've become, because he stands up for what is right. But, time you learned to grow up kid. You're so accustomed to having your own way, about time this happened. Bravo Mr. Spears.

2419 days ago


Britney just needs to take her Bipolar meds and she'll be ok! My dad is biplolar and it usually takes something tragic in their lives to set them on a downward spiral. With Britney it could have been her divorce, losing her aunt..anything. She'll be ok.

2419 days ago


I feel that at least her Dad will look out for her best interests unlike her 'so called' friends.

2419 days ago
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