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Ma and Pa Spears Visit Brit's Kids

2/3/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Spears parents made their rounds yesterday, first spending time with Britney at UCLA Medical Center, then last night they drove to K-Fed's house to visit the grandbabies. Mama Spears clearly didn't want any attention as she crouched in the passenger seat to avoid photogs.

This is the most normal the Spears clan has looked in a while -- now that papa is in the driver's seat -- literally!


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montana mike    

what parents haven't messed up, and most likely more than once. what it comes down to, is that they are here for her now, and i don't think it's about the money, but parents finally doing what they should be doing-taking care of their family. some people may not like them, but with all the other choices in her life-these are the people who really love her.

2417 days ago

tuna marie    

if you think his ears are huge, you should get a gander at lynn's ears. i'm surprised she is able to walk with those things on her head.

2417 days ago


That's why he has a lawyer working with him. He's not going to be making any really tough decisions about her estate. He'll just make sure Sam and the other freeloaders stop freeloading. Of both her parents, he's shown that he's not interested in her money.

2417 days ago


He's got ears like Yoda.....

2417 days ago


14. wow! look at the big-ass ears on her dad!
now we know where britney got her dumbo-ears!

Posted at 11:43AM on Feb 3rd 2008 by Cuesta_Rey
haha, lol, that was funny. looks like he is preparing for take-off

2417 days ago


So the drunk father is now going to be the one trusted to take care of the monstrosity he and his pimp wife created. If Britney was in trouble before she is REALLY in trouble now. Maybe this latest disasterous decision by the Court will motivate her to settle down so she can take over own affairs again. These so called parents will loot her assets just as surely as any of her hangers-on. It is absolutely deplorable that these vile incompetent parents should be given charge of their ruined daughter.

2417 days ago

Hope you get well...    

Her Parents are trying hard to put sanity back into Brits life. I'm glad Dad is in control. Better than a bunch of strangers. They need to take the kids from there, and bring them over to the Hospital to see their Mom. It may be great motivation for Brit to stay in for longer, and the Kids are the prize.

2417 days ago


To sillyme.. I agree with you. He's a stand up guy and not interested in his daughters money. He'll do the right thing.

2417 days ago


Why don't you all shut the F**K UP! Action is being taken and still people piss all over them. Take a break from TMZ, go out live your life.

2417 days ago


But you know if it was Sam, he would be SQUEELING to the photogs. This is just more proof that her family is only looking out for her best interest.

2417 days ago




















2417 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

At this point anything is better than nothing. Pa does NOT have control of the money etc. as their is another court appointed one also on the power control list. I just HOPE and PRAY they get all the papacrazies off the streets - check every one of them for papers and deport the whole gang! Get Brit's cars back that they somehow stole from her. Clothes, furniture - the list goes on and on. IF she gave this to them - she wasn't thinking straight and any contract she signed is null and void! Sorry Mercedes - the cars are going back to you. $150.000. "missing" from her account? Thanks Adnan and Sam! Nice while it lasted. Isn't that some type of fraud? Send threm back where ever they came from or in JAIL! Either is fine with me! Glad Ma and Pa are seeing the kids. Good start.

2417 days ago


I dont care if her parents are the biggest a holes on the planet and the worst parents ever. Im sure they love her. She is really ill and Im sure they are worried sick about her. I can say that being a parent myself. I can't stand how everyone comments like they know everything about these people or what any of them are going through. The sad thing is there are millions of other people going through the same thing britney is (mental illness) and a lot of them are homeless and will never get help.

2417 days ago

I read where Britney's estimated fortune was 60 million. What happened to the other 40 million she had less then 2 years ago? At this rate, I expect she will be broke in less then 4 years. WHAT.

But Britney you would probably be so much better off not being a multi-millionaire. Maybe then you will appreciate your father and how he walked away from your pimping out because he didn't want to be a part of it. No wonder the man drank. But he's clean and sober now and has been for some time so I say 'good for him'.


2417 days ago


For a year, you bloggers screamed, "why don't her parents help her?". Now they have helped her the only way they could,via the LEGAL system and you put them down. You say they should have secured the house sooner. They were worried about BRITNEY and are trying to save her LIFE. Their HEARTS were not on the house the night she was taken to UCLA. If a laptop is missing, oSAMa is trying to hide what he is doing to Britney's money. I hope the FBI is searching for what has been entered on that laptop. oSama has become very quiet lately. Did Troupe and Troupe tell him to shut up? Fat mouth Dr. Phil sure lied on The View last week. He claimed he was just trying to set up conversation. We all saw him give his expert opinion of her condition on TV. Elderly Barbara let him get away with that LIE. Elderly Barbara quoted oSama TWICE on The View too. Barbara needs to retire.

2417 days ago
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