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Ma and Pa Spears Visit Brit's Kids

2/3/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Spears parents made their rounds yesterday, first spending time with Britney at UCLA Medical Center, then last night they drove to K-Fed's house to visit the grandbabies. Mama Spears clearly didn't want any attention as she crouched in the passenger seat to avoid photogs.

This is the most normal the Spears clan has looked in a while -- now that papa is in the driver's seat -- literally!


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I hate seeing Britney so disrespectful to her parents.

They brought you into this world Britney and they can take you out.

Watch yourself.

2422 days ago

Who Farted    

Mr. Spears is doing a good thing. He is helping out, and being caring.
Time to stop focusing on people's looks and being cruel to them through your words and start working on 'yourselves', because you people are horrific and quite obviously have no lives, intelligence and have such hate in your hearts.

2422 days ago


Not to worry. Britney does not have a cell phone in the psych ward. No pens, no pencils.
Other then the hallway pay phone, Crayola crayons is her only way of communicating.

2422 days ago


Lillz-Are you 11, or 13?

2422 days ago


It's time to leave this family alone and be happy the parents of Britney Spears love and cherish her life enough to ensure this initial stage of treatment and the protection of her assets on behalf of she and the children! What the paparazzi continue to do is ruthless and unforgiving after having been a contributing factor in her downhill spiral during the past year and losing her precious children. The paps better find another job as their meal ticket is about to end. Once she is in balance, they will not have her to play games with anymore as she'll be awake to their ill-fated intentions and will forbid any interactive preying upon her and the childrens' lives.

Most paps are "stranger danger"....

2422 days ago


You have got to be kidding me? Lock your daughter and then insult her by taking her kids? Get Lynne and Jamie far away. KFED is having a ball.

2422 days ago


Linda Tatum- 'Ya really had me until 'ya got to Kevin. Did you ever have a baby, then yer husband is out with strippers, while you are feelin' all painful from the C-Section and not as skinny as before?? Well, didja?? She loved him to pieces, and he treated her like donkey doo. Probably just immature.

2422 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Linda Tatum,

I enjoyed and agreed with your comments. Don't let the likes of Sam Lufti tell you what you can and cannot post.

2422 days ago

W T F ?    

Brtitney CANNOT see her children. It's a court order. All you ding-dongs need to get over the fact that it's not going to happen. No one can just throw the kids in the car, take them up to see Brit and WA-LA! She's cured! NOOOOOOO.... so stop saying she needs to see them. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

2422 days ago


It's the father and an attorney assigned by the court - everybody keeps saying just the father - its father and court appointed attorney. What did the father do that was so bad. OK he was an alcoholic perhaps at one time but that's a disease too.
Why crucify him?

2422 days ago


I wish the media and paparazzi would leave this family alone.

2422 days ago


For those of you posting hateful comments regarding these parents, please consder seeking your own form of professional counseling or psychological help as there is nobody who is going to have a child or young adult child's greater interest at heart than one's (decent) parents and family. Heal your own self and relationships....

2422 days ago


Linda Tatum, People are posting as other regulars on here with their own sick agenda. Don't be offended, they are only trying to hurt the ones they are impostering. I found your post very true and expecially agree with the family supporting her. It is long overdue. I also agree Kevin is trying to do the best he can for her and the kids. He may or may not have gone into that marriage for the right reason. He is protecting the boys, which is a relief. Obviously her family trust him, and thats good enough for me. Please don't be offended. I very much enjoyed your kindness and compassion. God Bless.

2422 days ago

W T F ?    

46. Agree with Mary, the courts should have appointed a non-related member of the court to oversee her estate and other affairs.

Posted at 12:31PM on Feb 3rd 2008 by mamabear*********************************************************************************

THERE IS A NON RELATED MEMBER OF THE COURT!!! It's the attorney - Wallett is his last name, I think. Jamie can't do anything without Mr. Wallett's approval and vise versa. The attorney is considered a court member.

2422 days ago


Can't we just leave the parents alone. As a parent - we can't control how our adult children live or do! Boy do we want too!! When they are little we want what they do, but that is not always the best. We make mistakes! If you could go back and change things you would but now is the time to move forward - take control and kick butt. Leave them alone - take control - you guys stop talking about how they look. You could not do any better. Sam didn't!!! I think she will turn around - teens are teens - parents are parents -- I pray for the best. That is all any of us can pray for!! If the parents stay away you say bad things - if they help you say bad things - they can't win. Just shut up!!!

2422 days ago
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