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Paris Hilton: I'm So NOT a Lesbian!

2/3/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fantasies of young men everywhere were crushed last night when Paris Hilton told TMZ cameras that the rumors about her making out with Elisha Cuthbert weren't true. Can you hear the sound of bursting bubbles?

Then Paris clarified that she doesn't have a new thing for the ladies. Lesbians everywhere will be bummed ... or thrilled.


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Now that Britney is gone for the next 14 days do we get a daily dose of Paris? Please don't - one wacho idiot in Hollywood was enough. It looks like Paris wants Britney's spotlight.

2451 days ago


I like Paris, she is one of my favorite celebrity's.
I would much rather read about her then some other celebs like
"Brittney," im so sick of Brittney.
Brittney needs to get put in a mental house, and the paps need to get
put in jail for being stalkers.

If she's bi, lesbian or whatever who cares...
She can be what she wants so deal with it. Also if you "people" hate her so much then don't waste your time to read about her.
Quit posting you're lame a** comments on here.
We obviously know you're a hater, and don't care to hear you're opinions.
All you people do is point out things , call them names or etc behind the computer and try to make your self feel better about your self. GET A LIFE!
And as for the comments saying she hasn't done anything.
She has she has done many, alot of charity work and donates money from her clothing line and etc etc.

"Herpy-pAris Hilton"
People like you need to be in a mental house along with Britteny you psycho idiot!

2451 days ago

April Fouels    


2451 days ago


Just another girl that needs a doctor. I mean, is it me or is hollywood making you enjoy your everyday, simple life. Paris is whatever anyone wants to call her because she puts herself out there like that. She is a switch hitter because there were pictures circulating on her kissing a woman. It were pics that were found in her phone when someone hacked into her blackberry. They also found pics of her and her sis in compromising, sexual positions in the back of a limo. She has hung out with every trainwreck in hollywood and once she ruins them in her "paris" type way she leaves that trainwreck and go cause another one. Point blank, she is too damn old to be out there acting like a first time college student away from home. Who's goiong to want to marry her? Every man in the whole wide world has been in that, I mean her. LOL. Close your legs paris and open your eyes. Life is short and you spend yours screwing men and women. Finish a promised project that you made to everyone and yourself.

2451 days ago


47. Dear Paris,

You are the center of the universe.
You are the high point of 13.7 billion years of evolution.
You are so sweet and cuddly and beautiful.
I adore you.

800 Pound Gorilla

Posted at 8:30PM on Feb 3rd 2008 by 800 Pound Gorilla
Check it out; a brain-dead, idiotic butch lesbian stuck in a man's body! Which must mean 800 LB GORILLA IS GAY!

2451 days ago


ParisGurl it looks like you are a psycho idiot. While most of us just write a sentence or two, you write a mini novel of rambling nothings.

2451 days ago


"YOU get a life"
You're probably some low life idiot.

2451 days ago


I luv ya Paris!
I want to warn all Democrats and our OBAMA supporters…The Republican Right is out to get us again…They have found one of OBAMA"s college room mates (now a Republican) and as soon as OBAMA wins the Democatic nomination- they are going to pull "another Lewinski" on the American public…apperently OBAMA's old roomie will admit to the PRESS that he witnessed OBAMA snorting & even dealing Cocaine to more than a few of his close friends in their shared dorm room!!!…The Republican's hope to sway the independent vote and the undecidedes with this shocker… They are betting that the fallout will put John Mc Cain over the top and will win him election for President.
I think this may be a false rumour but Obama did admit his Cocaine Use and I think we have to take this admission by Obama very seriously…if it is true I don't think the Republican's are going to leave this Drug issue alone!!!

2451 days ago


In all honesty, before I knew who she was I really thought she was a tranvestite..her feet and hands were huge and I remember telling my kids.."that's a no brainer, definately a drag queen." obviously I know now she is just a "rich slut" and I would bet some good coin this woman does and has done other women......but in reality, I don't really care about her or her life, she is a d lister who just won't go away. I don't see any bible or overseas missions to help the poor..what's with that?

2451 days ago


Please, Paris stories are not good replacement for Britney.

Men and lesbians alike despise the hotel bed bug.

2451 days ago


Paris is not a bisexual. She's a trysexual. She tried to have sex with my dog. I'm pretty sure she would try to have sex with my baseball bat if I didn't hide it from her.

2451 days ago


big sigh of relief from women everywhere I'm sure

2451 days ago


What's really retarded is that this recent media blitz is calculated by that ditzy blonde pinhead to generate free publicity for her awful movie coming out this week.

I wouldn't attend a showing of that movie if you paid me my weight in Cheezypoofs so you know it sucks.

2451 days ago


You get a life--

You beat me to the punch...
Took an awful long time for ParisGurl to say absolutely nothing...

2451 days ago

Mr. Recalibration    

The fantasies of young men? When are you guys going to put soem glasses on to finally admit this chick is UGLY! Apparently she is the fantasy of only the TMZ staff. The Elisha girl is far better looking then the skank but still a 6 or 7.

2451 days ago
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