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Paula Abdul's Pre-Game Lip-Synch

2/3/2008 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you just missed Paula Abdul's Super Bowl pre-show performance, where she mouths sings "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow," rest easy, TMZ has got your back.

The sugary pop presentation was pretty much a predictable mess -- including a Britney circa 1999 routine, cheesy background dancers and absolutely no actual singing. The best part wasn't even Paula -- it was spotting Randy Jackson in the background -- playing bass! Hello, Tito!

Where in the hell was Simon during this pre-taped madness?!


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I have always loved Paula and still do! I think she did a terrific job! You go girl don't listen to these fools on here who obviously have no life so they feel they need to judge others! PAULA ROCKS!!!!!

2398 days ago


I thought she was completely hot and when you dance like that you can hardly sing live dumb asses.

2398 days ago


This was AWESOME!!! Im loving the new sound!! GO PAULA!!! YOU ROCK! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM IN THE SUMMER!!! YAY!!!

2398 days ago

Me in DC    

It wasn't a live performance! How could it be a live performance when she was then on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest and not out of breath at all?! I thought she did good for her age!

2398 days ago


So what? Jordan and Alicia keys also lip synched? where is their scathing insults? Paula Rocks

2398 days ago


That was awful. She didn't even pretend to sing!! People got all over Brit for her horrible job at the VMA's but this was 10 times worse. At least Britney somewhat danced and actually moved her lips.

Why is she famous again?

2398 days ago


Wow...that was awful.
She's awful altogether- how does she have a career?

2398 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I’d like to hear Paula sing live so we can judge her true singing ability. I think the criticism of Paula and Randy is fair. I find it very hypocritical of Paula and Randy to stage this kind of performance considering their jobs on American Idol are to find truly talented singers. They make people sing a cappella in order to even get a shot on their show. In my opinion it undermines their credibility as judges. It’s all about making money.

2398 days ago


TO ALL THE HATERS ON THIS FORUM: It says so much about someone when in order to feel good about yourself you have to put somebody else down. I thought Americans were positive people who applauded people who show willpower and engage in "the pursuit of happiness", but I guess I was wrong. Judging from a lot of the hateful statements on this forum, the majority are petty people with nothing better to do than dissing people that are more successful than themselves. What happened to applauding people that overcome pain and bounce back and keep striving with a positive attitude? GO PAULA - you're forever our girl!!!

2398 days ago

mona lisannt    

for some1 with a back injury - dating back to 1992 - she sure looks like she okay to me....

2398 days ago


i hate to break it to all the haters out there for paula, but jordin and alica key's where both lip syncing to there songs watch there performances you can see at some point there mouth doesn't match the words,

so they all do it. and she hasn't performed in over 15yrs so i give her credit and balls cause i could never do that.
and i liked the performance the women is still in shape

2398 days ago


GO PAULA!!! You're forever our girl!!! TO ALL THE HATERS: What a sad bunch of people who need to put someone else down in order to feel good about yourself.

2398 days ago

she smiled    


2398 days ago


This is someone who is also bi-polar!

2398 days ago


I'm well aware her "plane crash" was over 15 years ago. She's always crying about her pain, but the pictures show she is doing very well-thanks to Vicodin!

2398 days ago
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