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Paula Abdul's Pre-Game Lip-Synch

2/3/2008 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you just missed Paula Abdul's Super Bowl pre-show performance, where she mouths sings "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow," rest easy, TMZ has got your back.

The sugary pop presentation was pretty much a predictable mess -- including a Britney circa 1999 routine, cheesy background dancers and absolutely no actual singing. The best part wasn't even Paula -- it was spotting Randy Jackson in the background -- playing bass! Hello, Tito!

Where in the hell was Simon during this pre-taped madness?!


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Paula didn't even really sing the tracks on her albums in the 80's so how could you expect her to sing now??? They actually hired a real session singer to sing the lead vocal tracts and paula merely sang along with them and was mixed way down to hide her lack of singing talent. I actually missed the performance but used to dance and choreograph really well...she could never sing...but she danced her butt off. She choreographed for Michael and Janet can't take her dancing talent away from her . You know...Madonna is the one who started the trend of non-singing female pop tarts. She is the Queen of sucky no talent singers...anyone see visonquest on cable lately? She sang in a night club scene and it was soooooooo out of tune and everyone who can't sing lipsyncs and most artists today, unfortunately have the look but absolutely no talent so they hide behind teh bells and whistles in the studio....that's why Paula did not actually do this really didn't expect any more from her vocally, did you ??? PULEEEEEEASE!

2456 days ago


She was never a singer....SIMON could tell you that! Superbowl and just KNEW Idol had to be there...Paula, Randy,
Jordan the halftime show tho!

2456 days ago


Jordon Sparks is no great singer, either...she's a shreiking yodeling mess with a chipmunk vibrato...she's the next idol to be dropped from their reccrd label....just wait....I doubt she or Alicia Keyes were lip syncing..okay maybe Jordan but Alicia Keyes does not HAVE to lipsync..she's actually really, really talented and blows most artists of today out of the water!

2456 days ago


She looks good for 50 years old but she moves like it.

2456 days ago


Oh my gosh! She cant even lipsync properly. She was even worse then twitney at her last so called performance. If they are going to not really sing dont you think it would be a good idea for them to at least practice lipsyncing in the mirror or something BEFORE they do it infront of ppl. She was WAYYYYYYYY off. As Simon would say "That was totally pathetic".

2456 days ago


and she has a nerve to judge these people on American Idol??

now thats a joke. thats why i dont watch that show.

2456 days ago


She still looks good. She and Randy make a good pair.

2456 days ago


Not only that, a lot of lip syncing happens at the Super Bowl. Everybody including Janet Jackson & Timberlake (not counting Prince!) lip syncs.

2456 days ago


These hateful comments are typical of people who post on TMZ. You had made up your mind that she wasn't going to be good before you ever saw it. I thought it was great for someone who hadn't performed in over 10 years. She worked her ass off to be entertaining and if you know anything about performers who dance you know that they lip-synch. It isn't hard to just stand there like Sara Evans and Alica Keys with a microphone in your hand but when you have to move and coordinate dance moves and background dancers, it is so much harder. Give her a break would you? I thoroughly enjoyed it.

2456 days ago


Besides britney, she is another one that needs a doctor on speed dial. Paula is a wreck, too. I seen that crap and it looked like she could care less about the performance and more about having fun and acting a hot mess on t.v. Watch out t.m.z I think you have another train wreck to watch pretty damn soon.

2456 days ago


Stupid song

2456 days ago


My son and I LAUGHED..My SON ACTUALLY SAID...This is a BRIT Moment....They should be singing together he said...
It was AWLFUL...Truly AWLFUL....As SIMON would say a HOT MESS...

2456 days ago


Can't believe I'm saying this but to be fair to Paula, it wasn't that bad. Would have like to see her perform it live rather than taped. But she she did good. Nice to see the AI judges get out and do something for a change. For those saying she sounds like Britney, she doesn't. Go to youtube and search for Paula's older music videos, she still sounds the same and most of her videos were when Britney was just a little girl.

2456 days ago

TMZ reader    

Love the song! It's doing very well on ITUNES. Paula looks so GREAT here! She's so pretty and sexy! Such an inspiration! Can't wait for her comeback CD. TMZ is nasty to diss her! Geez! She's a pop icon!!! Just look at all of her hits: "Straight Up", "Cold Hearted", "Forever Your Girl", "The Way That You Love Me", "Knocked Out", "Opposites Attract", "Rush Rush", "The Promise of a New Day", "Blowing Kisses in the Wind", "Vibeology", "My Love is For Real" (her very best song & video), & "Crazy Cool".

2456 days ago


I am sad to report that Randy Jackson lost my respect because he is working with her on this garbage. Paula hasn't had my respect since she did the video with the cartoon cat.

2456 days ago
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