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Xenu Must Have Pull at the Station

2/3/2008 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's parents oiled their hinges and went shopping at Joan's on Third yesterday -- where at least seven cops joined their regular security to escort the Scientolostars an incredible fifteen feet to their blacked-out SUV.

Do not look directly into their eyes!


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My god. This whole thing is crap. No one, except maybe certain government officials need that much protection. Meth heads, and burglars run the streets, terrorizing everyday people, scaring them into staying in their homes, and yet these CELEBRITIES get the best security TAX PAYERS can afford. It's crap. Why not take that extra time they obviously have so much of and go search for the rapist terrorizing women? Because TomKat needs escorted to their car. For crap sake, it's rediculous. And thanks to whoever posted that link to the Time and CNN article about Scientology. Wow. That is a scary "religion", if you could call it that. I'm Christian myself, and I know I don't need "auditing" (which costs the person $1500 a pop) to clean my soul, and cleanse my body. The whole thing is a total cult. This really angers me and I don't even live in California. I live in Washington. Bill Gates, who lives an hour from me, in Seattle, doesn't even take those measures, and he is worth a hell of a lot more then these lowlife actors. And he does alot more for our community. This just goes to show you that if you got money, you can get whatever is needed. For you.

2453 days ago


Why did you remove my post about Douglas Frantz's article printed in the March 9, 1997 New York Times entitled
"The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status". My post was just a responce to a previous post that wondered why Scientology had tax-exempt status.

2453 days ago


#15--Anon 1342---the only thing you are, honey, is nuts. And February 10th will be a normal day, well---for normal people.

2453 days ago

Anon 1342    

actually there are worldwide protests planned for the church of scientology. there was one yesterday that went very well in orlando. do your research. a movement is forming. Tom knows it. Scientology knows it. if you have any doubt go to youtube and search for anonymous. better yet go to and learn for yourself some of the horrors of this cult and then join us on the 10th

we are legion

2453 days ago


BOYCOT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop taking pictures of them, stop printing anything about them and for heaven's sake DONT pay to go to any of their movies! How dare they waste our tax dollars so they can go robo-shopping. To the comment about feeling "sorry" for Katie - please! She sold her soul to live in the lap of luxury. She was a nothing two-bit TV "actress" and not a very good one at that -- now she's jetting around the world living the life she wanted. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. The only one I feel sorry for is their child who has NO CHANCE of being normal. These people make my skin crawl!

2453 days ago


Hey, if that's what it takes for citizens taking care of their PRIVATE BUSINESS to remain safe and private like shopping which I do not find even tabloid news worthy, then that's what it takes.
My guess is as long as tabloids/media bottom feeders KEEP ABUSING FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, STALKING and INTRUDING on celebrities private lives we're going to see less and less of their mundane lives - I like it. If I were they, I'd do the same damn thing. Enough is enough.

2453 days ago


I think everyone is sick of seeing this maniac and his bug-eyed robot. This two people are SICK AND SCARY. Anyone that one associate with either of them is totally desperate.

Look at this and see what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes believe in:

2453 days ago


Tom Cruise has brainwashed EVERYONE over the past two decades about who he really is. He duped everyone into thinking he was Mr.All-American Boy Next Door. He got everyone's money and he is laughing all the way to the bank. Now he can spend all of the money we gave him by watching his movies to a dangerous cult that murders people.

2453 days ago


Did anyone know Kristy Alley was a scientologists ?? Damn I just read that...

2453 days ago


Scientology is 100% BOGUS!!!

They feed on the weak minded, lonely, and criminal elements of society. And in between some really good people get caught up into it too.

Tom Cruise was swept of his feet by Scientology. They treated him like a KING, seriously. They did anything for him and went to the greatest lengths to make him happy.

Well, Tom is now in wayyyy toooo deeeep. Despite being successful as an actor, he is not the smartest man to walk the Earth, but with that said, he is starting to feel the pull of his relationship with Scientology on his life.

In time, he will either bolt from Scientology (unlikely but possible) or sink into oblivion. His career is OVER!

Too many people are now sickened by his allegiance to a cult that LITERALLY RUINS LIVES!!! YES RUINS!!!

Tom needs help just like Britney, believe it or not. I hope somewhere, somehow, a REAL friend of his, gets through to him.

Tom has a good heart, it's just WAY misdirected and now the time has come to pay the piper.

Tom - Please make the right decision for you, your wife and daughter, your family, and what remains of your sinking career - And leave Scientology.

2453 days ago


Tom Cruise is Jim Jones reincarnated.

2453 days ago


The more frequent the stars are having to use police as escorts for their safety, the faster the County and City will finally make a decision and revamp the laws. After all it does tie up Officers that really need to be on the road. Right now the entertainment field is excempt from the laws pertaining to reports, photographers and the illusive paps. Once the law changes you will see a major difference, after all the police would start running a criminal history against all photographers and the paps, also require them to be registered, and must be employed by a news agency.. This will come to pass, someone on the top of the food chain will suddently figure it out and the light bulb will flash and the laws will be changed.
No more freelance..

2453 days ago


we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget
expect us

2453 days ago

Allred Tree    

Send these freak Cruises the bill! The taxpayers of this city are sick of them. They are DESPISED AND HATED WITH A PASSION. Katie Cruise is a PHONY BITCH.

All these celebrities sticking their faces out to keep in the limelight need to pay for any extra security - just like anyone else would have to. Let them get stamped and trampled on for all I care and I hope Julia Roberts is reading this. I mean you too you hideous homewrecker.

All these wealthy freak idiots want is publicity. They all have or could afford to have personal assistants to do these mundane chores for them. All they want is this attention.

And none of them have made decent movies in years so don't waste your money. I wouldn't even buy most of their crap on DVD or waste my time watching for free on TV!

2453 days ago


Toms career is so over, He doesnt believe in GOD or Jesus of Allah, he believes we are the off-spring of ALIENS from outer space. He is a Cult Member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2453 days ago
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