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Big Stars + Little Cars = Clown Time

2/4/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So a brunette (Brooke Shields), a blonde (Kim Raver) and an ex-sitcom star (Matthew Perry) walk out of an Upper East Side karaoke bar ...

Confusion (and clown car-ishness) ensued, as the "Cashmere Mafia" "Lipstick Jungle" cast sang their lungs out at Iggy's -- then had to play musical car seats to get downtown.

Unbelievably, Perry was convinced to give up his cab seat to "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" co-star, Timothy Busfield. Matt got the last laugh -- check out who he went home with!


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Davo Davo    


2456 days ago

Davo Davo    

Cool !!!

2456 days ago

Davo Davo    

Now what??

2456 days ago


where's the video?

2456 days ago


Let's see the video
ALSO,I want to warn all Democrats and our OBAMA supporters…The Republican Right is out to get us again…They have found one of OBAMA"s college room mates (now a Republican) and as soon as OBAMA wins the Democatic nomination- they are going to pull "another Lewinski" on the American public…apperently OBAMA's old roomie will admit to the PRESS that he witnessed OBAMA snorting & even dealing Cocaine to several of his close friends in their shared dorm room!!!…The Republican's hope to sway the independent vote and the undecidedes with this shocker… They are betting that the fallout will put John Mc Cain over the top and will win him election for President.
I think this may be a false rumour but Obama did admit his Cocaine Use and I think we have to take this admission by Obama very seriously…It may come back to bite him...if this roomate story is true I don't think the Republican's are going to leave this Drug issue alone!!!

2456 days ago


Did Matthew get off those drugs?

2456 days ago


Your vids are messed up. Where's the proper video?

2456 days ago

Frank Olivo    

What do you mean the Republicans will pull another Lewinsky? The only one pulling a Lewinsky was Clinton...or maybe it was the other way around. Politics are dirty, man.....if you are going to play in the big gotta make sure you can face the skeletons in your closet!

You can just replace what Bill said, "I did not have sex with that woman" with "I did not snort that line of cocaine!" I am not for or against Obama....but even he admitted to drug use....let the games begin!!

2456 days ago

Mandy Moore Armpit Pics    


2456 days ago


Don't think the Obama trick will work if it's true.

Bush did coke, and I'm sure at some point in his life, sold it to some one. That's what people with drugs do, you got extra, somebody wants some, you sell it to them, no big deal.
If it's good enough for the GOP, it's should be good enough for the Dems!

2456 days ago

daisy hound    

WHY do i have to watch some stupid heidi montag video instead of the clip you promised!??!!? Insult to serious injury ....

2456 days ago

daisy hound    

why am i forced to watch a silly heidi montag video instead of the clip you promised? It's insult to serious injury....

2456 days ago


Fix your damn video! I don't even know who Heidi Montag is, nor do I care. I wanted to watch the video with the "clown car"!!!!!!!!

2456 days ago

bored to tears    

It's a right wing conspiracy! They want us to watch that other craptastic video instead of the "clown car". Damn those republicans!!!!

2456 days ago

human after all    

Very interesting. Thanks for that information

2427 days ago

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