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New Subpoena in Brit Case

2/4/2008 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael SandsThe man hired by Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Daddy's lawyer) to field media calls has been subpoenaed in the Britney Spears case.

The subpoena subject -- PR guru Michael Sands. Everyone, including Sands' personal lawyer, Randolph W. Wright, is mum on the nature of the subpoena, however, one source says it is "substantial."

Britney's lawyers, Trope and Trope, drafted the subpoena. Expect a dogfight over whether the info Sands has is protected by the attorney-client privilege.


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Iknowallaboutthesicko -

I've read some of your posts and you're piqued my interest. What do you know about Sam?

2419 days ago

Fact that you are here early morning till next day at dawn tells me you are morbidly obese. You get no exercise and your brain is fat mush.

You are an idiot.

2419 days ago


Kelli, would you like to be me roomy?

We could have tea and strumpets together

2419 days ago

Blah blah blah    

This is going to get so intresting. I'll bet there will more garbage come out than anyone could ever imagine. She has probably been ripped off sooo much in the last year than anyone could dream of.

2419 days ago


I wonder if they are trying to prove that Michael Sands orchestrated an anti-Britney assault on the web?

2419 days ago

Ayla of no people    


Not only are you an IDIOT you are a BIGOT of the worst kind.

First of all 99.9% of the Fruit pickers in California are mexican and not white. They are not named Federline. 99.9 % of fruit pickers in the east are from the islands.

I hope you don't eat any of that fruit that people You Hate So Much pick for your consumption. At least they are honestly trying to make a living and aren't a bane on society as you are.

You should be ashamed to show your moniker around here anymore.


2419 days ago


RoughDaddy, your a big man hiding behind all your anonymous names. Have fun, I could care less. See ya!

2419 days ago


Ohh could have a point.....

2419 days ago


Hey Iknowallaboutthesicko....where does that idiot sam hang????? I would love to cyber kick his butt!

2419 days ago

IhateJon NOW Trope and Trope is going to start fighting back on behalf of Britney??? They should file a motion asking that K-Fed be drug tested as well to use the prior order from the court's language because he is a "habitual substance abuser"!! He's a POT HEAD!!! That is an ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE and he SHOULD NOT be around his children if he TESTS POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA! If Britney can't be around her kids if she tests positive for illegal drugs, then NEITHER SHOULD K-FED!!!

2419 days ago


#37..what the hell are strumpets??? if you mean crumpets, british britt really does need to go back to school.

2419 days ago


ahahahahahaha..these stupid message boards have become more entertaining than prime time tv. y'all crack me up

2419 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

From the state bar of CA site:

Mark Vincent Kaplan - Bar #58836

Kaplan & Simon
2049 Century Park E #2660
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone Number (310) 277-9009
Fax Number (310) 552-1970

2419 days ago


I agree, I reckon KFed is the biggest pot head around...he always looks wasted. Test the idiot, this battle has been too one sided for too long

2419 days ago


I've wondered before about who was handling Britney's money while she's been on a manic riff for months. And how come Forbes said she had 100 million plus...and now this Stresand joker says $40 million? Has money "disappeared"?

I don't like K-Fed's attorney. Charging $500,000 just for the past few month's work? That's insane! That needs to be checked.

This PR guy--either he has dirt on K-Fed's attorney. Or's seemed for a long time that someone in Britney's inner circle was leaking info to the press. It looked like her cousin. Could it actually be her dad? Making a few bucks?? And this guy knows about it?

Long and short--It seems like her assets have to be frozen (if possible) and a complete audit done. Also find out why Britney is so against her dad being conservator. If need be, get outside convservators with impeccable credentials.

It's bad enough being on a year long manic riff in front of the whole wide world. At least the courts might step in now and protect her from further exploitation.

2419 days ago
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