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No Changes So Far in Brit Case

2/4/2008 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThe custody hearing is over, and the status quo prevails.

There was supposed to be a hearing today on the motion by Brit to get "visitation in a therapeutic setting." That motion was put off, because the therapeutic setting Britney's in right now is a psych ward.

There also has been no change in Britney's legal representation. As we first reported, the conservators are at war with Brit's divorce lawyers. We don't know what they argued in court this morning, but Trope and Trope is still repping Brit in the custody war.

This afternoon, it's Brit's divorce lawyers who are on the attack. They'll ask that the conservators -- notably Jamie Spears -- be 86'd.


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2451 days ago

to bad it wasn't sooner!    

There are no winners in all of this except the lawyers. All of this just needs to stop and give Brit a chance to get better if she wants to. But lawyers talking to her right now is not good in letting her get the help she needs. Just let her dad handle things and everything else just be put on hold till she can make some real choice's for herself.

2451 days ago


Wow TMZ, you don't know what they argued about in court??? Maybe Adnan hasn't filled TMZ in yet.
The Brit-Brit saga contiues....."puke"

2451 days ago


All Brit has to do is take a shower, and grow the hell up.

2451 days ago

Oh Well    

I take it that is an old picture of Britney? If it is a recent picture, is she wearing a wedding and engagement ring?

2451 days ago


Everyone is just pissed because their free ride is over...thanks to Jamie and Lynne Spears. They are the only two people that actually care about her, and it's about time they did something.

2451 days ago


11. me--Are you that senseless not to know God is spelled with a capital G?

Posted at 12:52PM on Feb 4th 2008 by TJ

Maybe I Am atheist or just don't give a flying flip besides what do you really care. freak

2451 days ago


At this point the only ones coming out ahead are all the lawyers sucking her money dry.

2451 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    



2451 days ago


I agree with whoever waid that those attorneys need to be fired. After they publicly siad they were dropping her, they have shown that they do not have her best interests at the forefront. The court should appoint an impartial attorney to monitor the father. And a really good accountant--maybe even a forensic accountant. That would keep the father in line.

2451 days ago


Let the man be conservator because he did such a good job raising his 2 girls? The family never cared about their education
as long as the money kept coming. The consevator should a friend of the court, independent of the family.
This could help Brit heal because it would show that her family was interested in her and not her money by refusing to have anything to do with her money. As long as he has the money in his control and he decides who will see her and WHO WILL NOT will not help Brit. If Brit knows that the family has no control that's it's the court and the dr than it might help her to trust the family.

2451 days ago


Who is paying all these attorneys? Britney? They are going to leave her broken & broke. How sad.

2451 days ago


Why is everyone so harsh to Britney. The woman has some genuine problems that she is finally getting help for. Give her a chance. Remember the "turn the other cheek," direction.

Also, why do you even care? What impact does this have on you? Is your life somehow less fulfiling because of Britney's issues? Give it a break.

2451 days ago


#19 me why would an athest thank God? You are the freak!

2451 days ago


People forget, the babies are the ones suffering. We may not all like what she's doing or how she's acting but her babies know that's their mama and now she's gone. They don't understand why or how. They just feel the emptiness. She's still their mama. Yes, she needs help but she needs her boys and they need her. I just hope K Fed is still letting them know she may be away and she's sick but she loves them and that she's still their mama.

2451 days ago
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