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Brady's Ex -- Payback's a Bitch!

2/4/2008 1:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bridget Moynahan had her game face on at a pre-Super Bowl Party in Santa Monica, but we're guessing the smile got a lot bigger about four hours later!

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Last year, when Bridget announced she was pregnant while Brady was in Europe, he got all upset and said "she made him look like a jerk." Well, Tom during the SB you really did look like a jerk because you got sacked so many times in front of the whole world. All the sportscasters commented you look dazed and confused because you had gotten beaten up so badly. I'm surprised you didn't blame Bridget for your own incompetence. The whole year I have been saying what a loser you are. And I have to admit, you never fail to disappoint me !!!!


2459 days ago


celebrities are so full of crap. When their relationships are going great, and they're all lovey dovey. Oh their partner is the greatest thing since slicebread and more importantly they're "private". But when things go sour, all of a sudden they and their friends have verbal diarrhea. They want to share their pain with us and want us to feel like one of them. yea right! BS! They want to use YOU as revenge tool against their ex's. They want you to hate for them to stroke their egos.
People in this country, not a exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer, fall for this BS everytime. Wake up people!

Bridget is no exception. Using her baby from womb to birth as a tabloid revenge prop to get the country to hate his father does not exactly inspire paternal bonding now does it? What's more important? the kid's relationship with his father or her desperate need for revenge. I bet you if she'd gotten the ring she so desperately wanted, she would have been singing a different tune. This is the same woman who announced to the world she and Brady broke up "amicably" Really Bridget! So why all the bitterness when he moved on ? Why did you sell him out to the tabloids then? I don't care if you hate your ex cause I can't stand mine; But to pimp a child like that is just sick. I don't feel sorry for her at all. She's an adult. she's older than Brady so knew what she was doing. They're all A-holes.

btw The Pats lost cause their offensive line was MIA.

2458 days ago


She's classically beautiful and will be beautiful for the rest of her life, not a dried up old piece of sun-dried jerky like some of these "models". Her baby is beautiful too. They're lucky to have each other. Tom, Tom who?????

2458 days ago

human after all    

Very interesting. Thanks for that information ...

2431 days ago


Bridget is playing the martyr. Do you think she would have bothered with Tom Brady if he was a hunky plumber or convenience store worker. Not!

She purposely got pregnant to keep herself connected to Tom and for the money. Notice that her career isn't so hot.

I am sure Brady will pay the child support for the child and who knows may grow to love this child. Sounds like he and Gisele are in it for the long haul.

He broke up with Bridget and realized later she was pregnant. Today you don't have to marry the woman and if he didn't love her they both would have been unhappy. Unlike yesteryear people forced themselves to stay in unhappy relationships, today you don't have to.

2429 days ago


You people are totally out of line....first off are you all a #1 quarterback for the BEST football team in this country? #2 Do you go out with the number ONE model in this country and #3 The Giants just got lucky in winning the super bowl....PLEASE< PLEASE PLEASE you are all a bunch of "wantabes" Bridget Moynihan is a at best "C" actress at best. And yes, in interviews her main objective was to have a "baby". Well guess what...she has it!!! And another thing Tom Brady DOES support his child. Just because it's not made PUBLIC....you all need to get a life!!!! Who are all of you to talk about other people's lives...does everyone know about all of your little secrets???? You're all a bunch of ignorant back woods rednecks...

2429 days ago


BooHoo Bridget Moynihan...she got what she wanted. So shut the **** up!!!

2429 days ago


Well, I hope Bridget will get over it and come dig some of my gold.
Shucks. All of it.
John Edward maurice chevalier.
dont sound too bad ta me.
but I hate it when we get one with two heads, boy/girl, on the same stem.
John Edward Maurice, e Bridget Moi, Chevalette-ier.
And you never know what to say when the papar start shootin'--ner, ner, wee, wee...
Ouf!! WEEWEE!! Dang little bobblehead(s).

2429 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

The Brady wannabees are Jealous, fat,ugly balding men who can't get a date...OR a life. Brady Is HOT HOT HOT.

2428 days ago

Vaughn Decker    

I can't put my comment in for the accors, and put my comment about saving the children of the future. Why wont you help me help the children that need our help.

2428 days ago
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