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Brady's Ex -- Payback's a Bitch!

2/4/2008 1:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bridget Moynahan had her game face on at a pre-Super Bowl Party in Santa Monica, but we're guessing the smile got a lot bigger about four hours later!

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Wow. You people really are hateful! Do any of you actually KNOW Bridget Moynahan? Or Giselle Bundchen? Sounds like a lot of you are bitter lonely people who simply are green with envy at her looks and fame! And how do any of you KNOW Tom Brady? I mean really..... they are adults - even Bridget. The poor she-got-knocked-up-and-he-left-her story just doesn't fly in this day and age.

2390 days ago


I cannot believe the mysogyny I've been reading here. Not from men...but from women. Wow, you ladies really ought to be ashamed of yourselves! You're judgeing this woman...who you don't even know? Hey....Brady was with this woman for a few years. Doesn't that count for anything? He basically dumped his pregnant girlfriend for someone more famous to feed his ego. Also...it takes two to make a baby last I heard. If he was afraid of a woman getting pregnant on purpose....take precautions.
Other than that....I'm glad the Giants won!

2390 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

OK morons if you ac tually watched interviews with both of them. They BOTH admit it was an accident. The baby came at the end of their relationship. Either way that Giselle bitch is ugly and is rude. The way Brady bragged about a Pat win proves he and the Giselle Giant deserve each other.

2390 days ago


Uh, April....Tom didn't know Bridge was pregnant until after they had broken up and he had started dating Giselle. Let's all get our facts straight. And imagine my shock that you are a Giants fan. Wait til your little Eli falls from grace!!

2390 days ago


Gisele is a beast.

2390 days ago


I could care less who dumped who for what and when. I only care that some women are STUPID enough to proclaim that it's the woman's fault...when it takes two to procreate.

2390 days ago



Bridget makes her own money... no, it's not at the same rate / scale as two-timing Tommy-boy, but - she can support herself and their son JUST FINE without Tommy's money.

So, what makes her a gold-digger?

That's a woman, IMHO who calculates who will be the father of her (next) baby. She entices a man to fall into bed with her, and usually he is quite willing. When she becomes pregnant, he screams GOLDDIGGER! and runs. She bears the kid(s) of one of her "marks," then heads to court. It is easy to trap a man: they can only think with one head at a time... and the little guy usually takes the lead!! Men, you know how the game is played - why does every generation, one after another, keep falling for the trap? Instinct and lack of impulse control. The End.

So, according to men, they are the Victims of women that entrap them. It takes their liability away. NICE.

Bridget is no gold-digger. It takes two to make a baby. It takes a MAN to be a father... and Tommy-boy has no talent in THAT department!

2390 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

once her looks are gone so is brady
once his status is gone so is giselle

what a f*cktard - his son will always be his son but it appears this guy is a total douche through and through

2390 days ago


Bridget is just gorgeous. Her baby Brady must be stunning. I think she's lucky to have dodged a bullet by him going off with the barbie doll. She doesn't need to be tied down to someone who wants her child and not her. I hope she finds the love of her life and is happy.

2390 days ago


coastal eli may fall from grace eventually bit tommy boy fell hard from grace (at least 5 times yesterday) and softly on his behind much, much more no more talking about falling from grace unless it's brady you are talking about! go giants! go eli!!!

2390 days ago


Hahahahaha! I hate the Patriots and think Tom Brady is an a$$, so I was very happy the Giants won. Hahahahaha!

2390 days ago



you have no idea what you are talking about, She has enough money of her own, For God's sake she has done 11 movies in the last 7 years.
Noise,Coyote Ugly,Serendipity,The Recruit, I-Robot,Lord of War,,,, just to name some of them,

kknowledge is Power, try reading up and having all the fact's before you make silly remark's

2390 days ago

mickey lou    

Is TMZ going to blame the Pat's loss on Gisselle?
They blamed Jessica for Dallas loosing.
Tm has gone Hollywood!
Forget Hollywood & your ugly girlfriend & get back down to earth!

2390 days ago


Bridget did not "trick Tom into getting pregnant." It takes two - he could have worn a condom if he was worried!

He's a very good QB and not bad on the eyes, but I agree with the post about him being a douchebag. He supports his son because of a court order. He apparently does not spend time with the kid. A real man makes a baby and is a FATHER afterwards, something that Brady does not seem to care about. So, I guess he was just a sperm donor.

2390 days ago


# 65, I think you should think before you post. Were you there??? Do you believe EVERTHING you read? None of us really knows the facts. It doesn't really matter anyway. All I'm saying is that it takes two. It just bothers me that there are soooo many nasty women here...who always blame the woman and defend bad male bahavior.

2390 days ago
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