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Diddy Dogs 'Em Around Fur-Haters

2/5/2008 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy really took his life into his own hands last night when he unwittingly walked into a party attended by the fur-hating Humane Society, wearing -- you guessed it -- a coat with a fur collar.

And not just any fur collar -- so we're told by a Humane Society bigwig who was at Butter for the Charlotte Ronson after-party (the HSUS sponsored her runway show). It's baby karakul, which is sometimes harvested from fetal lambs, says Kristin Leppert, director of the Anti-Fur campaign -- though she admits that Diddy had no idea that it was the HSUS was anywhere near Butter.

We called Diddy's reps to see if his collar was in fact karakul, but haven't heard back. The Humane folks tell us that Diddy has been "very cooperative" in the past -- like when they pointed out the use of raccoon dog fur in his Sean John clothing line. And TMZ has learned that Diddy and HSUS are talking in advance of Diddy's Fashion Week show on Friday.


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I smell a good ol fashioned witch hunt    

What is it with these hip hop and east coast musicians and fur? Just because they have the money to spend on fur, doesn't mean they should. I am sick of fur laden "artists". thanks for making them look like morons, TMZ, because they are.

2394 days ago


Hey Sean! Help Brittany out with a song and some new moves when she gets better. Musical entertainers unite!! But keep her away from that vodka.

2394 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

Why does he over dress? What is he over compensating for? Plus, he needs to take those stupid "SUN" glasses off when he's indoors; what a walking joke and Buffoon! And, that mislabeling on his stupid cologne "Unforgivable" when he probably meant "Unforgettable." I love that retort from Mariah Carey on the "mislabeling" of his cologne, touche!

2394 days ago


That is discusting... FETAL LAMBS!!!!! Come on now Diddy, I thought you were better than that. I don't think I could ever trust someone who doesn't love animals, and thinks its ok to WEAR FETAL LAMB FUR!!!!! Your a good looking guy, you don't need fur to make you look better. Please stop buying furs because there is no good reason for an animal to DIE AND BE RIPPED OUT OF ITS MOTHERS STOMACH, just so you have something nice to wear. I thought you were better than that, and you just proved us all wrong.

2394 days ago


Who cares what the humane society and their gullible followers think? F 'em!

2394 days ago


Why do all the hip hop people wear fur?!?!?! Mary J, Diddy, J Lo and the rest of them should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!! They deserve the red paint treatment!!!!! I'd go to jail for that one!!!!!! I wouldn't buy any of their clothing or CD's unless they stop using and wearing fur!!!!!!

2393 days ago

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2386 days ago


Bravo oyeah!
People who wear fur are stupid and completely ignorant as to what these creatures endure and
if they do know, they are cruel and no amount of fur can cover up their black souls.

2336 days ago

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