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Paris Ditches Dress -- and Diamonds!

2/5/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton makes a habit of never wearing the same outfit twice -- but last night she couldn't even wear the same dress for two hours!

TMZ caught Paris going to a premiere party for "Hottie & the Nottie" last night, looking like Movie Star Barbie in a pink dress and enough ice to freeze Carrot Top's face -- oops, too late. Multiple costume changes here -- maybe a career change is next.


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Bobby Ozone...

I don't know about the debate question, but the brick wall is you. I won't even get into your crazy, opaque BS about " trying to destroy." Here is what the ciritcs are saying:

1) “Paris shamelessly plays herself throughout this vanity parade passing itself off as a movie.”
2) “Paris looks nice, but when she opens her mouth, you want to put a gun in yours.”
3) “Rent it if you must, but you’d be better off leaving this turkey be.”
4) “Crass, shrill, disingenuous, tawdry, mean-spirited, vulgar, idiotic, boring, slapdash, half-assed, and very, very unfunny.”
5) “There’s no point in paying to see a movie starring Paris Hilton — she of the platinum blonde extensions and the nonexistent acting range…”
6) “Paris Hilton plays the same brainless set of curves that her media-saturated persona implies…”
7) “I would like to tell you this gross-out-on-camera is every bit as bad as its title implies, but that would not be entirely true. It is much, much worse.”
8) “Paris Hilton is no Hottie; but the movie is definitely a Nottie – in more ways than one.”

2416 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I gotta watch The Hottie And The Nottie.
You are my favorite actress.
You are so talented and beautiful.

Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack.

Donald Duck

2416 days ago

Big Bear    

FIBiker and 800 Pound Gorilla-Gay lovers???? You be the judge!!!

2416 days ago


You are all mean, fat and ugly. I will be in the front row of the movie theater when the Hottie and the Nottie comes to my town. I've been dreaming of Paris every night for months now. I can hardly wait to see it...just gives me goose bumps all over!!! I just know I and the 800 pound gorilla will be thoroughly entertained.

2415 days ago


BOYCOTT THE HILTONS!! Don't stay in any of their hotels...anywhere in the world. The only thing that the Hiltons understand is money...the best way I can protest Paris and her slutty behaviour is not stayiing at a Hilton Hotel when I travel...I suggest that others do the same. Hit that damn Paris pocketbook hard...what a shamless no talent hussy!!

2415 days ago


Speaking of her intellect and integrity, I watched this on Larry King
on Thursday Feb 7th. It was a clip of part of an interview with Paris.
In it Larry asks Paris if she's ever voted. The camara is right on
her and she tentatively says "yes" to the question. He then asks her
when she voted and she said "last year". Larry says, so you were 25
when you first voted? She said "yes". He then asks her what
election it was that she voted in and she hesitates and looks even
more uncomfortable! He asks, " Was it for governor or president?"
She says "President!"

So, do the math. Paris was born in 1981. The last presidential
election was in 2004, and she would have been 23 not 25.

Larry King knew exactally what he was doing, and maybe this portion
of the interview was edited out. It certaintly looked like the
interview with him last July after she was released from prison as
she was wearing the same outfit and looked exactlly the same. I just
don't remember that part of the discussion when it was first aired.

In any case, this is what Paris Hilton seems to be all about..."smoke
& mirrors" to titalate the braindead 800 pound gorillas and George
William Gockels of the world. It's obvious she does have the
braindead following. Hey, as they say, "A girl's gotta eat". So all
she can do is milk it for as long as she can get away with it. The
few that find her attractive will lose interest when her "looks"
begin to fade. But for now, remember, "There is a sucker born every

2414 days ago
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