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Baldwin to Brit -- Praise Jebus!

2/6/2008 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Bible-thumping, skateboard-wielding Stephen Baldwin has some advice for Britney Spears -- "Give your heart to Jesus!"

TMZ caught the "Bio-Dome" star at LAX yesterday, where he told Spears to surrender to the power of the lord.


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You people will all have to answer for YOURSELF on judgemnt day- I doubt u all will be mocking God like this THEN!

2389 days ago


Mr. Baldwin may be "preaching to the choir"...Britney and her mother are often photographed wearing huge, diamond encrusted crucifixes with their sleazoid outfits.

2389 days ago


Drew is hot.

2389 days ago


Stephen Baldwin is such a phony. I worked in a strip club in Florida and watched on several occasions as both Stephen and his brother Alec hooked up with strippers and took them back to their hotel rooms.

2389 days ago


Amen! Surrender works. I can testify to that as I was once an unbeliever and I had to learn the hard way that I'm not God. He will heal if you believe and let Him work. Sometimes, you have to be so low that the only way out is to ask for help and I was willing to do anything possible to get it, even if that meant I had to ask God for help. By His grace I found a way out and I am grateful I didn't have to die before my time and my life is great ony by His power. Please, don't scoff at things you don't understand. You never know when you might need help,too.

2389 days ago


Devin - hypocrisy is the christian way! One cannot be a christian without being a hypocrite b/c of all the thinking of well endowed men that is inspired by the bible.

"And there she lusted after her paramours whose genitals were like those of horses and whose seminal emissions were like those of asses" That's in Ezekiel, I think 23rd chap and verse 20.
by asses, they don't mean Jesus's yet. Though the reference would be believable since Jebus is a homo.

2389 days ago


Have you ever noticed that the ones that sreem tolerence the loudest are always the least tolerant. At least Steve Baldwin is trying to lead a positive life. I think TMZ should pull this for Ash Wednesday, would they make anti jewish comments on Passover. Why can't we all just get along.
Peace to all

2389 days ago


Ha! All these very disappointed Christians - on! What a riot. News flash- Jesus wouldn't exactly be a fan of TMZ in the first place, would he?

And as for Baldwin -- he isn't talking Jesus because he's brave. He's talking Jesus because he has no career, and decided to go slumming for the holy bucks. Just like most Christian bands, who generally start out as normal bands, and then veer Christian when they realize they aren't cutting it in the secular market.

Please folks, Jesus asked for a personal relationship -- don't let yours be filtered thru Baldwin or Haggard or Falwell or any of those nuts. JC would have thrown them out of the temple.

Talk directly- and listen to the light within. Here's a clue: Jesus was a liberal.

2389 days ago


You christians who are offended by some of the posts are the FIRST people to denegrate anyone who doesn't believe exactly the way you do. By the way, your bible tells you NOT to judge, so stop it once and for all. The ones who scream the loudest are usually the least christian of all. Never did a good thing for another person in your lwhole life. Could all you religious folks stops belly aching about it and LIVE what you claim to believe.
This is not an anti god thing, this is an anti "We're better than you and god loves me, not you" thing.

2389 days ago


perhaps he should give his own brother Daniel that is on the Celebrity rehab show the same advice...

2389 days ago


Jebus? i am highly offended... .. i do have self control and i vow to stay away from this site in the future..... what a bunch of hipocrites you people are...... i dont need to feed my mind and soul this crap anyways... and for the record you people should take responsibility to whats happened to britney and the state of mind she is in.. what a bunch of vultures you are.....i am glad you printed this... now i know to stay away from this crap you people dish out... if the rest of you want to keep feeding yourself this... one day you will wake up and realize how miserable and depressed you feel and what contributes to it.... i am more free now.... Praise Jesus!

2389 days ago


Thank God he had the guts to speak from his heart and share the truth. Britney and everyone at TMZ needs Jesus! You all crossed the line.

2389 days ago


Where are the Kabalians? I thought Britney found her "path" thru this cult/church?

2389 days ago

Aussie Mom    

I cannot stand to listen to this Baldwin speak... he is weird and always has been weird....

2389 days ago


Those of you who try to shove your religious beliefs down other people's throats are the first ones to sit in judgment on others. It is people like you who turn so many others away from churches with your sanctimony and your pharasaic behavior. If one of you does something wrong and gets found out, you are the first to quote the Bible verse about he who is without sin cast the first stone. But you hurl your stones at everyone else for everything from major sins to simple things that aren't really sins at all but that offend your "delicate sensibilities." If you would practice what you preach, you might not change the whole world, but you would not turn so many people away from churches and by doing so contribute to their downfall.

2389 days ago
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