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Britney and Adnan Visit Her Lawyer

2/6/2008 10:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsFresh from a quick jaunt to the Beverly Hills Hotel, Britney and Adnan drove to the L.A. offices of lawyer Adam Streisand.

When TMZ called Streisand's office, we were directed to the marketing department. Huh?

Streisand went to court earlier this week to have Jamie and Andrew Wallet removed as her conservators, but was shut down when he couldn't prove he had been retained by Britney.


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Not a hater    

#58 ... boy do I agree ... bitch can get going on to stop her parents from helping her but she can't manage to do anything to get her kids back. Stupid stupid stupid..........

2452 days ago

too sad    

Yesterday seemed so hopefull. I could see the come back and wow it would have been the story of all times. Then today. Not the comeback I was looking for. Britney go home before you do anymore damage. I think you have done enough for the day.

2452 days ago


Is that fair to citizens of LA that have valid drivers licenses to be put in unsafe positions on roads due to the paps unsafe and reckless driving. Are Judges going to wait until someone is killed to do something about photogs?

2452 days ago


The conservatorship is in place until the judge says it isn’t. She can ask for an emergency court session tomorrow, but tonight it’s in force!

Everybody thinks they're a lawyer.

2452 days ago


The conservatorship is in place until 2/14. The judge is the only one that can change that, at that hearing. The fact that this nut job is back on the loose doesn't change that!

Inf act, one story I read said that they wanted the conservatorship in place when she got out so she'd get out to a "controlled environment".

I will not be surprised a bit if the BritWreck is back in some facility before 2/14. This is like standing on a corner KNOWING that a car wreck will hapen there in the next 45 minutes!

2452 days ago


Look she is going nuts in this chatroom

2452 days ago


Why is tMZ calling a law office anyhoo? It is clear that they thought you are marketing or advertising a story if you didn't have an appointment?

2452 days ago


OK.....I found he Vegas odds on Psycho Brit......some of these are pretty funny!

BetUS Sportsbook posted the following odds regarding Britney Spears:

She will get back together with Justin Timberlake: 10/1

She will come out as a Lesbian: 2/1

She will get dropped by her label: 3/1

She will become a Hare Krishna: 50/1

She will join a Christian cult: 20/1

She will get married in Vegas (again): 5/1

Become estranged (not speaking) from her Mother, Sister & Family: 4/1

She will permanently move out of country: 40/1

She will request Asylum on Hollywood Squares: 100/1

She will shave her Children's heads: 50/1

She will be arrested for a DUI: 2/1

She will be declared an unfit mother: 7/1

She will marry Michael Jackson: 150/1

She will produce a record that will sell over 5 million copies: 20/1

She will star in a blockbuster movie: 150/1

She will attempt a sex change: 25/1

She will start a career as a hairdresser: 20/1

"Britney is the entertainment industry's disaster-of-the-moment," said spokesperson, Reed Richards. "First the alcohol, then the crotch shots and now the head shave and tattoos, not bad for a mother of two."

2452 days ago


She apparently has not hit bottom yet. She has two sweet little boys and what is she doing? She needs help, she needs her parents. Not Adnan, he is only using her. Why is he going to the lawers with her? He's a looser, a mooch and insecure too and loves the attention he is getting. She has no true to the heart friends. Everyone in her circle uses her. The train has not crashed yet...but I am sure it will.

I wonder where her parents are this afternoon? She really should sit back and see how lucky she is to have parents there that want to help their little girl. I know she is tearing them up inside.

2452 days ago


She be in court tomorrow on an emergency hearing if her attorney can get one. I hope the judge refuses to call one. I also hope the judge says that she has not proven to be sane to him, after her escapades today. And that he keeps the order status quo until she proves that she is seeing her drs. and staying on her meds. And if she keeps doing this stuff he should not let her be in charge of herself. The hospital said that they released her because she was not harmful to herself. they never said she is sane.

2452 days ago


She still cannot hire an attorney without her dads what gives!

2452 days ago



2452 days ago


She's going to try and have her father removed as Conservator. Hopefully any Judge with a half a brain will see through that and not change a thing. Adnan is working for Osama.

2452 days ago


RUMOUR: Britney due back in again today: OK mag: "While there is much speculation that she will be returning to the hospital tonight, the police would neither confirm nor deny this rumor".
Maybe she was onyl aloud out to see advocate? Would they let her out for that?

Still think this will help her custody case if they have permanently released her. If a doc clears her, then she may get therapeutic visitation......

2452 days ago


jeeese she has lost it , look at this site.....

2452 days ago
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