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Britney and Adnan Visit Her Lawyer

2/6/2008 10:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsFresh from a quick jaunt to the Beverly Hills Hotel, Britney and Adnan drove to the L.A. offices of lawyer Adam Streisand.

When TMZ called Streisand's office, we were directed to the marketing department. Huh?

Streisand went to court earlier this week to have Jamie and Andrew Wallet removed as her conservators, but was shut down when he couldn't prove he had been retained by Britney.


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If Sam really drugged Britney, then he deserves to go to jail. Also he's making Britney not know what she's doing. All mothers should be able to give their kids love. I hope Kevin's lawyer is not involved with this. Britney's mother, Lynne should ask Britney is Sam drugged her to have sex with her because Sam drives too many nice cars. No matter what happens, she's still the parent. Britney should take care of herself so that she can get her kids back from Kevin. She should also work and not be influenced by bad people. bad people don't like to see other people happy. Britney should have a body guard and not walk around by herself. She should stay away from the paparazzi. I don't know if her boyfriend is a good person or not, so she should stay away from him too.

2416 days ago


British Britney is so much more entertaining than the old Britney

2416 days ago


Before becoming a celebrity photographer, Ghalib worked as a manager at a strip club. Classy, huh? This info came from

2416 days ago


I said this before I hope she didn't sign anything over to Adnan/lawyer Does anyone think they did/would convince her to do so ??

2416 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

You're in some serious denial Brit. Do not take your father off as conservator and allow your vulture lawyers and leach friends to continue picking your pockets.

It is a crying shame that you can not see that your parents truly care about you and are performing in your best interest. Instead you continue to allow enablers and codependtents to run pull you down further.

You have a snow balls chance in hell of ever getting your kids back, never mind visitation in the current state you're in. Get professional treatment long term Brit. And, do it now for your children's sake!

Millions of people have mental illness in this country and are in the Brit's shoes. But, unlike the average schmuck they do not have the money and resources to get good long term treatment; many are denied treatment by their insurance companies. What a crying shame that Brit can not see what an advantage she has over others suffering from mental illness.

2416 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

It looks like Adnan has been acting/pretending to have Brit's best interest at heart. Just like shifty Sam Lutfi, it appears Adnan wants to take advantage of Brit's inability to make rash sound actions for herself. And, instead of guilding Brit to getting treatment and staying out of the harsh glare of the paparazzi, the free loading SOB is helping her make all the wrong decisions.

Adnan is just another paparazzi pimp; duping Brit and whoring her out to make a fast buck for himself!

2416 days ago


shouldn't this lawyer be telling her "yes, I would love to hav you as a client....but you currently can't hire me cause of your mental state (conservatorship)?" Any work he does, will not be paid for cause technically she can't sign any contracts at this time.

2416 days ago


If Brittany ever wants the slightest chance of getting any kind of visitation with her kids again she should not be parading around Los Angeles right after getting out of the hospital. All she is after is more publicity. Good greif, dosen't her children mean anything to her?? I hope her father can continue as her guardian and I pray that k-fed is doing all he can to keep those prescious little ones safe and well.At least you don't see him parading around in public. Another concern I have is public safety. After seeing those paps surround her car in traffic and the proported car chases someone innocent is going to get killed because of her need to be exposed. Brittany, please go home and stay there, and get better., you are so foutunate to have what you do have and the medical help that is available to you so please do your part!!!!

2416 days ago


The family needs to take this higher; When the hospital releases someone like Spears in her condition, to only revert back to her ways, and to people like Adnan and Lufti who do not have her best interests at heart, and knowing she is extremely vulnerable, I say shame on the hosptials. If anything happens to Spears, I would take out a lawsuit so big, those in charge of the hosptial and medical associations head would spin. They are truly to blame here.

2416 days ago


The spears' should take out a lawsuit on the hospital for releasing their daughter prematurely. She is in no condition to be roaming around on her own. She is extremely vulnerable and at very high risk. It's just sick what is happening. Someone needs to intervene. Shame on those running this hospital. If anything does happen to Spears; her family should take a lawsuit so large against the hospital, that they will never operate again. You cannot send someone out ont the streets in Spears condition. If they aren't equipped to deal with issues and patients such as Spears, then they shouldn't be in business calling them selves a reputable hospital. This is just a joke. The laws need to change. FAST.

2416 days ago


BORING BORING BORING. Tell us about someone else. Anyone else. Anything else. Ignore her and she might go away. pleeease.

2416 days ago


I think that Britney's intention with Adnan is to go with him to his country of birth, Pakistan, and to then take up the mantle of the late Benazir Bhutto in order to be the new leader of the PPP.

2416 days ago


DMV,DMV, DMV.....I feel badly for all of you living in the LA area. That girl, and the circus that she attracts, are a TOTAL danger to the public. I think I will drive like she does....People are just in my way all the time.... And to think its all on video, but yet SHE IS STILL DRIVING????? Forget TMZ where the hell is DMV????

2416 days ago


From what I have read today, the hospital didn't have a say in her getting released. Apparently the court felt that she was ready to be released, even thought her family and doctors was against it. Makes you wonder ...hummmmm

2416 days ago

Bipolar Express    

I know how it feels to be a family member in this situation. My husband took some kind of drug about 6 years ago and ended up in the psych facility for drug induced schizephrenia. I feel so sorry for her family right now especially being under the scrutiny of the paparazzi. I couldn't imagine. I also feel so horrible for her young children who unfortunately are the victims of mental illness in their family hopefully they will not have the same problems in their future since this can be passed on through genetics. My husband is fine now, but he had great support from me and his family so hopefully she will have that same support. It will be a long hard road for her and her children I can promise you that.

2416 days ago
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