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Britney Out, Already Surrounded

2/6/2008 7:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has been out of UCLA Medical Center for less than four hours -- and Britney paparazzi swarm has already begun -- including a FOX chopper catching the madness LIVE.


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The girl obviously missed the attention. Her demented mind thrives on it and she lives for the chaos!
If she really wanted help she would have stayed in a facility and gotten well much like Owen Wilson did. Instead, less than a week after having another breakdown, she is out and about in her Benz mugging for the camera. She is CRAZY and I no longer have any sympathy for her.

2394 days ago


Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. She is on her way to see the boys. I can only hope she is not driving around aimlessly to no where. This is insane.

2394 days ago


Here we go again - everybody check this out -- bet dad is going to be kicking himself in the a$$...

After her unexpected release from the UCLA psych ward on Wednesday, Britney hopped in her car and went on a wild chase with the paparazzi.

The singer was accompanied by a newly hired bodyguard, but that didn't last long.

Sources reveal to that something must have happened with Brit and the security dude because Spears kicked him out of her car.

Then, somewhere along the way, a paparazzo got into Britney's car and started driving her around. No, it wasn't Adnan.

Sometime after 3:15 P.M. Pacific, Spears made her way to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she is currently holed up, sources tell us.

Who is she meeting up with???? Osama?????

As we all know, the Spears family took a restraining order out against Lutfi. It is ILLEGAL for him to make contact with Britney!

2394 days ago

Phony Tony    

Life feed right now on CNN Prime News, channel 45 cable.

2394 days ago


She should still be in the looney ward. She can't be "cured" that fast.
I agree with another poster who says she should move out of Hollywood and
back to Louisiana or some hick town and not show her face for a loonnnnng time.
It's like she wants the attention. If she didn't why would she keep going out to gas stations?

2394 days ago


You guys are just sick!!! Why are you doing this to this poor woman? Let her get better you bastards!

2394 days ago


wasn't there a law just passed a few days ago to prevent the paps from getting that close to a celeb? It seems like they are really disrupting the traffic. I would be pissed if I couldn't get home from work because freakin' Britney Spears just happened to be driving on the same highway I was and the paps were stopping traffic.

2394 days ago


they're saying the man with her is that photog guy philepe. I mean already Brit,you can't stay away from them for one sec?

2394 days ago


What the hell? And people wonder why in the hell she is as messed up as she is. Just another group making money off of her like Sam and her "boyfriend".

2394 days ago


FlyontheWall I agree with you. Just where are the cops!!!!

2394 days ago


I am with you You people are dispicable vermon 45 cars falling her come on don't you have a life give this poor girl time to heal and fined her self and get the help she needs . She can't even go get a pop if she wants want . An Kfad step up man and help her get he oun space . You two mite not be married any morebut as someone that is Div I stipll care for my sons dad and don't want anything bad to happen to him and would step in . She needs someone to go to court and get it where thay have to leave her alone and to back off and give her room. Then that would show your a man and not someone just after her money like everyone things you are.

2394 days ago


Well according to now ...

Trailed by cars, the 26-year-old pulled into driveway of the Beverly Hills Hotel. is hearing that Britney's dad, Jamie, has called the LAPD and asked them to pick up his daughter. Stay tuned

I left out all the other hub-bub - it was just stating seemed like OJ car chase all over...

2394 days ago

Mad as Hell    

People!!!! Stop feeling sorry for her! She thrives on attention and knows exactly how to get it. It's part of her so-called 'disorder'.

Question: Have any of you idiots asked yourself why she's been driving around for the past four hours?

Answer: She's waiting for all the paps/photographers to get on over to her place. Not enough notice prior to her release from UCLA, so she needed to give 'em all some time to get there ...

2394 days ago


It is time for us, including you, TMZ, to act responsibly and stop stalking people. This woman should have an order of protection that anyone with a camera should be kept clear of her. This is like being a spectator at a bullfight watching the matadors taunt the bull. Oh, and that's what it is. Bull.

2394 days ago

me bitchin    

I hope she runs one of those greazzy bastards. Go brit go!! Take out as many papa as you can!!

2394 days ago
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