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Delta Burke in Psychiatric Ward

2/6/2008 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Designing Women" star Delta Burke checked herself into a psychiatric hospital last week for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and "hoarding."
Click here to listen
Burke, 51, has done an interview with TMZ TV, in which she describes how hoarding (being a pack rat) has ruined her life, but she believes she may now be able to conquer it.

Rehabbed -- click to launchCheck out the preview. Watch TMZ TV tonight for the interview. Check local listings.

Katherine Heigl Robbed by Morons

One of Katherine Heigl and hubby Josh Kelley's cars was broken into -- but the idiot burglar left some pretty pricey valuables behind.
Katherine Heigl: Click to watch
The two returned to their Hollywood Hills home last night and found their SUV window smashed in, but to their amazement, Kelley's two guitars were sitting in the back seat -- the only thing the crooks took was a GPS device. We hope the thief sees this story -- STUPID!

Molly Ringwald: 'Memba Her?!

In the '80s, Molly Ringwald was the Queen of the Brat Pack for starring in teen classics like "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast Club," and "Pretty in Pink." Guess what she looks like now!
Molly Ringwald

Click here to see what Luke Perry looks like now. It's a shocker!


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impossible to please people    

I'm a hoarder, too, and you can't imagine how disruptive it is to one's life. Unfortunately, the medications don't work for me, and I don't have enough money for a maid. so I live in a disaster area. This is especially difficult now, because I'm moving in two months. I wish Delta the very best (and BTW, I'm bi-polar, with a tendency toward the depressive side), and I truly understand what she's going through. Best of luck, Delta!!

2414 days ago


If Barack Obama wins the Presidency, this country is going straight to hell. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey are down right stuoid for voting for this man. Must be nice to have done illegal drugs like he admits, and turn around and run for and maybe get President of the United States, And we need a man like him with a muslim background like we need to be attacked again, Muslims have a belief that if you insult their God, you should be killed or punished. It is an idiot who would want a man with this type of a background to run our country.

2414 days ago


I couldn't agree more. He is now denying he is an Islam. He now says he is a Christian and goes to a christian church. In an earlier internew (at the beginning of the presidential campaigning), he said he became interested in the Islamic religion while in college and converted. One liar in the White House is enough. He has no idea how to run a country.

2414 days ago


In response to lisa. Our current president used coke and is a recovering alcoholic who got sober due to his wife's influence.
Also, Obama is not muslim. He is an active member of his Christian church. Perhaps you might take time to educate yourself on these matters before shooting off your ignorant trap.

2414 days ago


Great comment Lisa! Oh by the way, the KKK rally is on for this weekend. Look forward to seeing you there!!

2414 days ago


Wow. That comment was the most ignorant and racist comment I've seen all day. If you're ignorant you shouldn't be alllowed to make comments on these blogs. The reason that you wouldn't vote for him shouldn't be solely based on whether he's muslim because not all muslims are radical extremists. You also have Christian radicals too. That is ignorant. Also, Bush has admitted to experimenting and it is rumored that he is an alcoholic. So what's your point?-When he experimented with drugs, he was practically still a kid. Teenagers and college students (who aren't black or muslim) experiment with drugs and alcohol; so to judge him solely on that is stupid.

As for your comment, let's be glad that you aren't running the country. Someone as ignorant as you, shouldn't be our president either. Get a life and learn to respect other's cultures and religions. Not every Muslim is a terrorist or extremist.-Maybe you'll learn that. I, myself am not Muslim and I know that.

2414 days ago


To Lisa - encase you have not noticed, the country is already there. For the record your radical comments and misspelled words show just how uneducated you really are, which explains why you are for a Clinton.

2414 days ago


The picture above is supposed to be Barack Obama's mom? I though it was Flavor Flav! LOL

2414 days ago


I'm pissed off that the public would vote for an ashole like Obama, A person that won't salute the United States flag, and is dam proud of it! You are just spitting on all those soldiers that gave there lives up for the freedom you take for granit. May all you rot in hell for the back stabbing of all our fallin soldiers.

2414 days ago


well you want obama. that means you think less of hillary than a coke head muslum !! just more proof that the democrats are the downfall of this country. our only hope is the republicans or a liberatarian.

2414 days ago


like to see what is hiding in your closet, we all have a past like 70 percent of the american population has at least tried drugs or alchol at least once in their life, at least he is honest about it, whats your story. Looks like our country is doing pretty badly as it is, our president has us in a war that may go on for months and months to come, our sons and daughters are dying for what? does anyone really know what the war is about at this point. As best as i can remember our current president "tried" drugs as well and what did clilnton do, have sex in the oval office, how crazy is that

2414 days ago


SHAME ON YOU FOR THE RACIST AND CONTRIVED PICTURE OF BARAK OBAMA'S GRANDMOTHER WITH A CHICKEN!! We all know you asked her to hold that chicken. This is why so many white people have voted for him. Even they want to disassociate themselves from the low-thinking and low-actions that have permeated this racist culture and created such an ugliness that ALL OF US WANT TO GET AWAY FROM, OTHER WHITES INCLUDED!!!

2414 days ago


Flavor Flav!, thought it was your momma

2414 days ago


Rahvas, of course he's saying he's not a muslim now, he's running for President. DUH!

2414 days ago

Harry James    

I didnt to vote yesterday. I am a registered dem and i refused tovote for ither canidate. While I am leaning towards Obama, if i vote for him my whole family will turn over in their coffins. HRC is an idiot who will be worse then her AH husband.

2414 days ago
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