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Britney Free -- How It Went Down

2/6/2008 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned UCLA doctors determined Britney did not pose the legal danger to herself or to others, such that they could continue to hold her against her will.

As a result, she was released today and we're told she's already back home.

The conservatorship is still in place. Sources connected with the case say they anticipated that UCLA would probably release her before the 14-day extension because she became cooperative and relatively stable.

We're told the goal with Brit's mom and dad was to establish the conservatorship while she was hospitalized so she would return home to a controlled environment rather than the chaos that consumed her life.


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Next step is to drag her ass back to Louisiana and get her out of the spotlight. Since her parents are divorced, I am hopeful they will look passed their differences and do what is best for their daughter in this case. They threw away her childhood for their own personal gain and it nearly detroyed her. Let's hope that have put enough money in the bank where their intentions are now actually her best interests. Somehow though I suspect that this is far from the end of this very sad tale....


2419 days ago

Ms. X    

If that Sam Osama Lutfi guy is allowed back in her life, this whole drama will start again. Stay with our girl Mommy and Daddy Spears.

2419 days ago


I hope she gets well, and that her relationship with her family can be restored. This story needs a happy ending, for the childrens' sake. And Brittany deserves to have a good life, like we all do. Best wishes!

2419 days ago


Not a great idea but the hospital can't hold her. I wonder how long it is before Britney is running wild again at all hours of the night. OTOH, she can't hide behind merely passing drug tests during the family court hearings. She has big mental issues, needs them treated, and the court knows this. Good luck on that Britney when you don't stay an entire week in treatment.

2419 days ago


hopefully sam will stay away from her

2419 days ago


Janet, you're an IDIOT!!!

Right on Carolyn!!

She needs a strong support network (parent, true friends), and as much distance from harm's way (LUFTI, the true maniac and free-loader).
She still should not be around here kids, at least not unsupervised, until he completely detoxifies.

2419 days ago


That is a shame. Guess no-one really cares to give this girl the help she needs. She is not "cured", what? because she was kissing everyone's butt in the hospital that means she isn't a threat to herself, her children. This poor young lady needs serious intervention and NOW! The next story about her will be that she has landed herself in the same place as Heath Ledger. Hollyweird, they never learn.

2419 days ago

a fan    

oh no.

sam stf away ...

oh please be okay britney.

2419 days ago


A petition for the criminal investigation of Osama aka Sam Lutfi has made it’s way into my email inbox after posting several stories regarding Sam Lutfi’s shady past.

Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office:

Los Angeles Police Department:

24-Hour Anonymous Tip Line

Narcotics Hotline
800-662-BUST (2878)
Write, call - Osama Lutfi deserves to be investigated for ALL of his crimes.

If anyone here knows better contact info or different people to contact, please post it.

Please sign this petition to have a criminal investigation opened against Osama Lutfi.

It will be sent to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Feel free to post this link on other blogs. This man is a menace and has committed crimes that he deserves to be investigated for.

Strength is in numbers, so please sign and pass on

2419 days ago


Thank God she's out! 99% of her problems stem from toooo many paps swarming around her - making her life into a fish bowl! I just hope she can have a little peace and quiet. Like I've always said, she is no different then many young women in their 20's trying to grow up, learning how to get along in the big bad world. Of course, her problems are compounded due to the two children. If she had never had those kids, life would have treated her a lot better. Child custody is always the most difficult sticking point after a nasty divorce proceeding. (I know that, 'cause I was a legal secretary for many years, working for attys. who specialized in disso. cases).

Paps - just pleeze leave her alone so she can get her life back together.

2419 days ago


I agree with Carolyn. The media hopefully will back off this poor girl an give her breathing space. As a mother I can't imagine the worry her parents go through on a daily basis.

2419 days ago


So that's why her dad/attorney had that man at Brit's place with all the wiring ??

2419 days ago


This is horrendously sad. Nooooo keep her locked up so she can get help! There is no way someone who is bipolar can be stabilized in a couple of days. It takes longer than that for the meds to kick in. Mark my words, she refuses help and she will end up dead.
For Gods sakes Brit..let your parents help you!

2419 days ago


36. I hope she takes her meds otherwise we'll see her right back in the psych ward.

Posted at 5:04PM on Feb 6th 2008 by ShadowGod

No kidding...or even dead. I am absolutely shocked!

2419 days ago


Actual bipolars don't get magically better in just a few days.

People who are actually gravely disabled don't get better in just a few days.

They let her out because she's not mentally ill and never was. Being a stupid, annoying hillbilly whore is NOT a mental illness.

2419 days ago
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