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M.E. Calls Ledger Death "Accident"

2/6/2008 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The medical examiner has ruled that Heath Ledger's death is an "accident," resulting from the "abuse of prescription medications."


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Now that the truth is out we should all just remember how great an actor Heath was and pray for his Matilda and Michelle, Rest in peace, Heath.

2429 days ago


As I read some of these posts, it makes me angry. None of you know what was on his mind. Have some sensitivity. I can't believe he took his own life, not the way he talked about his daughter. But it doesn't matter, he's gone. It amazes me the people who play armchair know-it-alls , who spew out hurtful things.

I hope his family can finally put their son to rest! IN PEACE! I pray that this doesn't turn out to be a circus. Anything said without thought and malice at this point is stupid and mean.

Heath, wherever you are, I hope you are at peace and smiling down at your beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately, I know the "Enquirer" "TMZ" and the like will turn this sad sorry on his head with all kinds of inuendo's. It's such a cliche'

2429 days ago

L.A. Native    

So sad....oxycodone, similar effects morphine & heroin; hydrocodone, vicodin; diazepam, valium; temazepam, restoril; alprazolamn, xanax; and the doxylamine could have been from NyQuil.

2429 days ago


When will these people get it. Between Anna Nicole, her son and now Heath. One last time... hopefully Britney is listening... you cannot mix drugs and be safe. Geez, such a waste.

2429 days ago


Strange that when they first reported his death, there was no mention of painkillers in his room actually prescribed to him. They mentioned things like Xanax and sleeping pills. those painkillers were probably not a prescription and his drug of choice. This is truly sad.

2429 days ago


sorry but heath ledger was a "accident" waiting to happen,

it also does not say if some were trace amount's,mix valuim with any of those meds and you could be in trouble,he must of wanted to sleep real bad,but painkiller's?oh well

2429 days ago

Lydia Layne    

How can anyone say it's not suicide? Anyone with half a brain taking that combination of pills has to know it might kill them. You don't take that many pills, and that combination by "accident."

2429 days ago


Why blame the doctors? Where is personal responsibllity? He was an adult man, not a child, and he KNEW
better than to pop every pill he had in an attempt to sleep! I understand he had some pills from when he was
on location in europe, his doctors would not know about them unless he TOLD them he had them, and I am sure
they warned him not to mix/match them if he did tell them, if he didn't, it is not his doctors fault, they can only give
us what we are HONEST about! If anyone has any doubts about mixing or matching presctiption drugs, then call your
doctor or a pharmacy, they can tell you what you can/can't do! Even if you are Heath Ledger. It is just arrogance that
people have that think they know better than anyone else and can pop a dozen pills at a time. If he had such sleeping problems, he had other things going on mentally, not just lack of sleep and should have probably been in therapy.

2429 days ago


Damn he was a pill popper Later dude

2429 days ago



The reason they call it "accidental" is when the different medications are each at or near "theraputic" levels.. suicide would be massive does of one or more of the individual medications in the body...

2429 days ago


How can some of you be so rude. You do not know how much of each medication was in his system. Most medicines stay in your blood stream for days or weeks. Heath obviously was having trouble sleeping, and that is why he was perscribed the meds. He didn't abuse them to get high, he wanted to be able to sleep for goodness sakes. His love for his daughter is sooooo obvious, why would he want to be taken away from her. It was an accident, something that could happen to anyone who is perscribed meds. You are acting like he was pumped filled of coke and other DRUGS. Rest in Peace Heath, we will miss you!

2429 days ago


To those of you who are being mean and talking trash.....shame on you. I am an educated person who suffers from Chronic insomnia. Over the last couple of years my doctor has prescribed many different medications, some alone and some combined with others. Every time telling me how safe they were. Alprazolam [ Xanax] and Temazepam were prescribed at same time and when they didn’t work after a couple of weeks the doctor had me up the dose until I was taking 5 time the normal prescribed dose for both. He was my doctor so I trusted him and did what he said. I was just desperate to sleep. Maybe that’s what happened to Heath. When you have insomnia you will do anything to sleep. R.I.P HEATH

2429 days ago

kim suck    


2429 days ago



You obviuosly have no idea about anything. He was having trouble sleeping. He obviously loved his little girl. Grow up and get your facts in order.

2429 days ago


I am sickened by this senseless loss, and even moreso now that we have evidence that it is due to the overmedication of this society. America needs to wake up and realize that these pharmaceutical companies are selling us addictions and death. Someone on behalf of Heath's family needs to lobby Congress to mandate a centralized database tha must be accessed by doctors and pharmacists and that lists a patient's current prescriptions from ALL treatment providers. If there is potential for toxicity, they would be unable to make or fill a prescription. Currently, doctors have an incentive to prescribe medications from companies that wine and dine them. Let's create a disincentive by making it really easy to hold them responsible. Of course there will be those who continue to abuse by getting these pills illegally, butlet's take the burden off of the patient to read and decipher the fine, but potentially life-saving, print regarding drug interactions. It's a shame that this young talent, father, brother and son has to serve as the sacrificial lamb, so to speak, on this issue, but I'd like to see something positive come out of it.

2429 days ago
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