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Angelina's Iraqi Cafeteria Cravings

2/7/2008 1:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While doing her Goodwill Ambassador thing in Iraq, Angelina Jolie was caught chowing down at a Baghdad canteen -- hiding what could be a baby bump under a long black trenchcoat. A mother's work is never done!

Jolie is in Iraq to highlight the needs of Iraqi refugees -- no word yet if she'll be adopting one.


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Skankgelina Is A PubWhore    

I want to believe. I REALLY do. But I cannot look at this swamp donkey and not think "Phony pub whore". It's too bad, really, because nobody should feel the need to be a pub whore. But some how Skankgelina has pulled it off. With those fake blown-up lips to those ghastly broomstick legs, she always finds the need to be in front of the camera. Why, I know not, but she does. Angelina Ho-Lee should just keep it at home, and stop spreading her mug all over the place. You are an ACTRESS, Skankgelina. An actress. Nothing more, nothing less. Just an actress. One who will fade into oblivion once her 15 minutes is up.

2414 days ago


You know she's going to go hurl that up. She almost looks repulsed to even have to put food in her mouth.

2414 days ago


She's a unmarried actress with a litter of kids that loves attention. If you really believe she is going to save the
world no wonder America is in trouble. I would even rather read about Britney and that is going some. Poor
old Brad is home taking care of the kids and cooking.

2413 days ago


You could ski off that big A forehead of hers, After Brad has all the kids he wants he may leave her. It's said she was worried Brad would leave if she did not have more kids. Kids don'd make all the problems ago away Angie.

2413 days ago


I love her!

2413 days ago


At least for THIS photo op.
Love TMZ for not getting on the Fakealina Whore Bandwagon!

2413 days ago


this is to the person that feels saint jolie is doing such a great thing and we should try it I can almost bank that you are not an american. number two, no american that america has made a multi millionaire has to go so far to find children that need parents and love. we have orphanagize, we just don't call them that. we also have homeless american hell we have homeless kids. she makes her money here and goes to africa, combodia, vietnan to help. that is not someone that is doing good from her heart. it is called for show because if she was so kind she couldn't over look her own people in her own country in trouble. so take your holier than thou comment and shove it where the sun does not shine. clean your own back yard before you go cleaning back yards all over the country except your own. that is what your idol is about. most americans can see through her but people who are not americans think she is a saint. I say, move over there Jolie and you can go with her. we have more than enough kids in need here dammit. you don't see american blacks running to spend their money out of our country, a lot of them spend their money in the ghettos where they should help not africa or our potential or ex enemies like Jolie is doing. gimme a break, eating in Iraq. Tell me that isn't for show.

2413 days ago


listen, an intelligent mind, is your ego as pretencious as your name. we dont' have to go only to the tabloids and blogs to see that this woman should take care of her own country that has made her millions and people if she wants to help I will say it again, no american has to go so far to find children and people who need help. They are right on her back yard. but she can ignore this and spend millions on people that can't stand us anyway??? maybe she should go live with them. and as for, love2read, keep reading honey because you sure sound like you don't read. if you think jolie is doing such a good job ignoring her countries homeles and orphans and helping people in countries that hate us, to me that sounds like a trader and a news whore. why would she go soooooooooooooooooooo far to help when right under her nose americans are dying, homeless and children that are orphans. if you don't see anything wrong with this picture than you are probably from one of the countries she is prancing around in. Most americans can see right through this. Now, maybe if she would of help here than over there it wouldnt' look so bad but nooooooooo the attention seeker lets everyone know what she has done and what she plans to do out there. why do we need to know all this????????????? because that is what she wants. do you really think this woman would of done all of this in other countries if the media didn't know about it????? well, you probably do.

2413 days ago


hey 81, you sound like a muslim. i can almost bet you are not american. and if you hate the way we think and feel why are you here??? we did not invite you.

2413 days ago


Now there's your dictionary definition of Publicity Whore. Notice how she turns up being a "do-gooder" when her popularity is falling? Suddenly she is supposedly pregnant, hey it worked last time to gain public favor didn't it? Granted she and Brad only have one biological child so it's not like they're contributing to overpopulation like other people but they do have four other children who require their parent's attention. Maybe they should have thought of that before taking extreme measures to get pregnant again. This woman will do anything for a thrill or to gain attention. For a while it was visiting third world countries and collecting some orphans, she got tired of that, made a couple of movies, now she's wandering around Iraq copping photo ops. She is the last person who should be raising kids or shooting her mouth off about world affairs.

2412 days ago


i think she's an ugly skank who should do something for her OWN country first, instead of trying to save starving eithiopian brats. that snob needs to realize there are ppl here suffering, too. look at all the ppl who lost there homes in katrina and the fires, and more recently the tornados.

2412 days ago

Raising Awareness???    

Tell me, please, what anyone has learned at all from yet another little vanity trip. At this point, it looks like Angelina Jolie's only objective is to keep up appearances and maintain her "street cred." She has no reason to visit these countries other than getting away from Brad and the kids, who are stifling her, and keeping up her "global humanitarian" image, which is "real" in photographs only. Her goodwill ambassadorship ran out years ago. I, for one, seriously object to MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS going toward her U.S. military security there. Doesn't our general Petraeus have anything better to do than to waste time with a vapid, publicity-hungry, dumb Hollywood actor? Someone please just make Angelina Jolie GO AWAY. She's not accomplishing anything, other than continuing to construct her own "legacy."

2409 days ago


She is such a PIG. Why would she be in Iraq while pregnant if she cared about her unborn children? If she wants to be such a good Mother, then why is she never home with her children? Those kids have no real/normal home life. Nanny's taking care of tem and then Angelina showcasing them for publicity. She is so into herself. And Brad is such a whimp these days. How pathetic to only want to be with a woman to have children? They are both nut cases and I have lost all respect for both of them. Her so called do gooder Ms. Good Will Ambassador is only doing whatever gets her attention and keeps her in the public eye. She would not even be thought about meerly by her acting abilities which are poor. Does no one remember all the crazy things she does? Will all those kids have necklaces with blood in them like she used to wear? Will her children think sex is something to be done with any one or anything? The list goes on and on, she is just a sick-o, seeking attention any way she can get it.

2406 days ago

sue smith    

Angelina is an attention ho under the "ain't I a great humanitarian!" guise. It's her drug, she gets off on it, much like Britney Spears does.

2405 days ago


Does anyone believe that this witch is sincere? Everything is about "look at me I am better than you Jennifer"... and people see right through it. Go to hell AJ.

2403 days ago
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