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Brit's Family to Wasser: Come Back!!

2/7/2008 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned disso queen Laura Wasser paid a secret visit at the UCLA psych ward last Tuesday, and the family wants Laura back as Brit's custody attorney.

Wasser, who repped Brit in the divorce, quit the case -- we're told because Britney wouldn't listen to her. But sources say Jamie and Lynne want her back.

TMZ knows Jamie wants to 86 Trope and Trope as Brit's reps, in part because they have been chummy with Sam Lutfi. People at UCLA say Britney "lit up" when she saw Wasser. But there's a hitch -- we're told the deal will be sealed ONLY if Britney doesn't fight the conservatorship. As of Tuesday, she was fine letting Jamie call the shots, but it looks like that's changed.

If Brit accepts the conservatorship and Jamie is at the reins, Laura Wasser could be back in the Britney business.


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What an idiot...I presume you are talking about yourself when you use the word idiot??? Dad is living the high life in Brit's mansion and didn't want her out so he could continue to live there. If he wants a mansion, he should work for it, he's exploited his kids enough. And, conservators get paid for their work, didn't you know that??? Like a recovering alcoholic and sex addict what makes ice cream is qualified to look after her financial affairs?? I think we can add "delusions:" to the list of mental illnesses hillbilly pa is afflicted with.

2415 days ago


There was a post here that said the PI/bodyguard already quit , Where is that info ?

2415 days ago


Dad is probably hoping he can have sex with Wasser and that's why he went to see her. Sex addicts don't change.

2415 days ago

Britney Supporter    

Where is she? I'm bored!

2415 days ago


#67, tennis: no one knows exactly what causes "bipolar disorder," but it's partially genetic. it runs in families along with other mood disorders, but there's no clear pattern of heredity, so the theory is that something else, in your environment for example, makes it symptomatic. that's why one sibling has it and not others. problem is no one really knows yet what the additional factors are besides genetics.

2415 days ago

Team Parents    

#73 = Sam Osama

2415 days ago

The Dumbass Hunter    

This is all part of the master plan to rebuild her image for a new comeback ... see the plan here:

2415 days ago


Still a Britney Fan...I completely agree...there was an article recently about how ma spears is probably responsible for Brit's flashing...apparently she always demanded that Brit be put in the skimpiest of costumes and her body exploited to the max when she was a kid. When mom tells you to wear see through clothes when you are 17, it's not surprising that you'd grow up to think flashing was a good thing. Poor Brit can never get better while those toxic parents keep trying to mooch off her and get attention for themselves. Maybe Dr. Phil can help the parents??? LOL.

2415 days ago


76. There was a post here that said the PI/bodyguard already quit , Where is that info ?

Posted at 2:57PM on Feb 7th 2008 by S

________________________ ....Quit right on the spot......

2415 days ago


Thanks for your reply #78. You should go to medical school. It's funny, that 50 years ago, nobody knew anything about it probably and no I am not old.

2415 days ago


Team Spears , if you all can reason with Petulant/Sick? Britney ,then this is Good News , hope Wasser can hold on tight like Jamie and Lynne seem to be doing

Britney youd better snap out of it real quick before you snap your own neck or someone near your crazy reckless driving!!

Jamie and conservators should consider NO DRIVING FOR BRITNEY FOR ONE YEAR while she gets her head screwd on straight ! ( not head screwed with previously) only a paid driver. Driving priviledges restored after one year regardless of treatments completed.

Hope the courts help and support this family over shady lawers ( that seem to be in collusion with Sam, K-fed, Paps ; SEE BRIT run SEE BRIT acting crazy etc..???!!!)

Good luck, And Britneys nededs a HUGE TIME-OUT !!

2415 days ago


#64: I've worked on inpatient psych units for many years, seen this time and again. the involuntary patient improves to the point that they aren't absolutely incoherent and they petition the court for release tho they are far from ready. when a judge sees them at that point, patient is saying the right things and doesn't seem to present an imminent danger, they must be released,even if it's a bad idea. civil rights and such.

it's usually the start of a revolving door course for the patient.

2415 days ago


stephanie at 2:43...I think the difference is Adnan is giving them a cut of the money, whereas Sam cared about her enough that he wouldn't give the parents a cent. And maybe Brit was talking about Adnan when accusing her mom of sleeping with her boyfriend??? Nothing Lynne does would surprise me. But the fact they are happy to have him around, knowing what he has been up to with their daughter is highly suspicious.

2415 days ago


46. To Susan:

Kevin Federline is screwed no mater what he does. If he speaks up and says something about this situation, then he's riding Britney's coattails for all it's worth. If he says nothing, he's cold and insensitive. He's probably aware enough to realize that he can't win no matter what he does due to juvenille preconceived notions and so he wisely chooses the path of silence.

Posted at 2:28PM on Feb 7th 2008 by It Doesn't Take a Genius...

Oh I really agree with you. Federline is completely screwed not matter what he does. But I do beleive there are times one must over look everything. Federline needs to have his childrens best interest at heart. Going to Britney and bringing the boys along with would be very beneficial. I am just so tired of divorces beeing dog fights. They don't have to be. A truely caring and responsible dad would be at the mother's side while she is sick, whether divorced or not, and especially if there are children involved.

2415 days ago

Standing by the edge    

'Ma & Pa Spears only want the money' is Sam Lutfi.

2415 days ago
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