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Melissa Joan Hart -- Partying for Two

2/7/2008 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Joan Hart and her ginormous belly were out partying at Key Club in Hollywood last night. As she left, she complained that her feet were killing her. Well, duh!

Like a good wife, Missy was there supporting the album release of her husband's band, Course of Nature ... but it's not easy lending support when you're ready to pop and being supported by a pair of high heeled boots.


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2450 days ago

cat b    

wow poor thing she looks like she is ready to deliver any be a hoot if she and pal solie moonfry have their babies the same day...and a tip she should wear more sensible shoes or better yet none at all what a fashion statement

2450 days ago



2450 days ago



2450 days ago

a fan    

shes not fat ya idiot- shes very friggen pregnant! Shes all belly- her face and arms arent fat so dont be so damn mean- and even if she did gain weight all over- so what- shes pregnant- as long as she gives birth to a healthy baby- thats all that matters. Shell lose the weight- like she did after the birth of her first baby, and even if she didnt- so what? Cripes- not all pregnant women look like Nicole Richie pregnant. Skinny people do not= decent human beings. Not all pretty on the outside people are worth a damn on the inside.

2450 days ago


Wow, if that is the best she could do and if she is going to look like that, she should have stayed home. Pregnancy is really making her look old.

2450 days ago


dont hate on melissa, she is beautiful!!! zap all the h8rs aways!

2450 days ago


I just don't understand the high heels being that pregnant.. her and J Lo - no wonder you're feel hurt.

2450 days ago

David Seneca    

Melissa! I kinda forgot about her....but now I realize I missed her :)

2450 days ago

She looks like hell    

Why do these stupid idiots serve their own pointless vanity rather than caring about their own health of the safety of their baby? Everyone with common sense knows you aren't supposed to wear heels during pregnancy because the center of gravity is off in pregnant women. So, if they fall and go into early labor or miscarry, then what will they say? Duh, should've worn flats? No sympathy, hurt you stupid moron.

2450 days ago


Actually people a low heal is better than high heals (duh) and also better than flats, and it doesn't matter what kind of shoes you wear your feet are going to hurt anyway. I didn't watch the video so I have no clue as to the size of the heal but give the girl a break. I am right there with her! It is a very exciting point in a persons life, but at this stage in the game you feel totally uncomfortable (shoes or no shoes) don't feel sexy (again shoes or no shoes) and you just want to feel like your own self again. Living for yourself and a little one is no easy task and even the most simple things become near impossible to do and not to mention completely wear you out.

2450 days ago


Oh my gosh. You will not go into labor or miscarry if you fall when you are pregnant. Watch soap operas much? I fell flat on my belly while trying to walk to my car on a solid sheet of ice (with the threat of termination by my boss if I didn't come in) and I went to the ER, just to be safe. Doctor told me that all that amniotic fluid protects the baby from bumps and bangs. He was born right around my due date, was absolutely perfect, and still is 9 years later.

2450 days ago


Kooky-Eyes McGee, Im sorry but I think she is one fugly chick...her hubby is cute, but she is oooogly!

2450 days ago


Thanks for that info

2422 days ago


She's hot and always will be!

2421 days ago

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