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Pedro and the Cockfight -- The Horrifying Video

2/7/2008 8:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the video of three-time Cy Young award winner Pedro Martinez at a cockfight with Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal in the Dominican Republic. Did Michael Vick not teach us all a lesson?

The video shows Mets star Martinez and Marichal serving as "soltadores" -- the people who release the animals into the death ring. As the fight goes on -- which we have chosen not to show -- Martinez and Marichal can be seen in the audience, smiling and laughing.

Cockfighting is legal and popular in the Dominican Republic.

It's unclear whose rooster won, but really -- does it matter?

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What's the big deal, dude was in his home country. So the point of the story is? At least its not a child which is what America should be more concerned about. People hurting our children!

2457 days ago

Billy Hoops    

Big deal. He probably grew up with these fights all around him. You gonna try to change the culture of a whole country. It's legal there for a reason. Why doesn't the liberal media give us a story on how much money Pedro gives to charity???

2457 days ago


I hope that both morons, Marichal and Martinez, get cut up in a club fight. It would also be nice if Martinez has severe damage to his throwing rotator cuff.

2457 days ago


Just because something is legal doesn't make it morally right. Grow up, people, and find some other pasttime than getting your kicks butchering animals.

2457 days ago


Americans all thinl they can tell other countries how to live. when you all become vegans then maybe other countries wont see you as the HYPOCRITES that you are. LOOK IN YOUR OWN BACKYARDS YOU GOT MILLIONS OF HUMANS dying of HUNGER, or a child that walks the streets because they have no where to go..but your going the bitch moan n groan over a ROOSTER.. try cleaning your own backyards befoe r you critize another...JUST A THOUGHT

2457 days ago


Why are people tripping? Hello we eat chicken (roosters, whatever!!) So basically we are all crazy!! whatever!!! now if your wearing fur that is a no no!! we don't polar bears you know!!! I still like Pedro Martinez not his team but him good player and his Latino!!!

2457 days ago


Who honestly cares! These are roosters! Is it any more humane how chicken are slaughtered for our dinner table I highly doubt it. There are countries that eat dog and other things of the sort. It is thier culture who are we to say what is right or wrong. Oh and did I mention THEY ARE ROOSTERS! People are dieing evey day from hunger abuse and other horrible things and PETA is more worried about a couple of roosters fighting. Gimme a break, get your priorities straight!

2457 days ago


153. yeah, when the average backwoods tobacco chewing American redneck blows the brains out of a vicious deer just to count the points on the antlers or hang the head on a wall (along with bears, cougars, moose, pheasant, or rabbits, ducks, etc.), it's called "sport". Hell, they even broadcast it on outdoor channels on cable. And save the crap about "overpopulation" or "hunting for food". Maybe the chickens in South America are "overpopulated" and not ever animal that is slaughtered is eaten. Some just make a good trophy room wall decoration. And who the hell could eat a rabbit or small "game" bird with lead in it? And what about all you hypocrites screaming about cruelty while wearing animal skins (shoes included). You know they DO have synthetic materials if you're oh-so-concerned. If not, shut your hypocritical pie hole. Yes, Americans (including Vick) are just as barbaric as any of these so-called third-world countries.

Posted at 10:21PM on Feb 7th 2008 by Hypocrisy

Finally someone who has some kind of sense. I couldn't have said it better myself...

2457 days ago


OK people get over it yes roster are getting kill . over there that there sport just like mexico has bull fighting they kill the bulls . i dont here any one complaining about that if it was illegal he wouldnt of been part of it. go after everyone who hunts. everyone that is against this are sitting down and eating a hambuger or chicken they had to be killed. ever see a chicken or cow killed it is not pretty but everyone eat them

2457 days ago

Wake up call for Jackie    

What this man did is LEGAL in his country. He's representing the people of his culture. We may disagree but he's following their laws.

PETA is far from an innocent in the animal killing arena. Check out www.petakills.com

2457 days ago


Anyone who hurts another human or animal is wacked and anything you evil people do to another human or animal should be done to you. No one on this planet has the right to hurt any other person/animal. Lets put this ass in a ring with wolves and us cheer on the wolves. Lets hang Michael Vick from a tree and electrocrude his privates. Lets strap Susan Smith in the backseat of a car, drowned her ass, bring her out and revive her and repeat repeat repeat.

2457 days ago


Don't be ridiculous!!! In OUR country it is perfectly legal....he did not do anything wrong since it was not here in the USA where it is illegal.
When I see this kind of headlines I am more and more convince that this is the reason why this country is so disliked around the world....always trying to impose their ideas on other cultures. It is been a tradition for centuries and just becasue you don't agree with it does not make it wrong. Learn to respect!!!!

2457 days ago

What on earth?    

What part of "this is legal in the Dominican Republic" are you people not understanding.
You putting these men down because they are doing something that is part of their culture .
This is not much different then bull fighting. They are doing it in their own country too, so what's
the problem. Yes, I agree it is cruelty, but when a child grows up participating in this event, they do not
see anything wrong with it, just the same way racist do not see anything wrong in hating because that how they grew up

2457 days ago


I sent a message and it disappeared, Hell with AOL and whoever deleted my comments.

2457 days ago

PrInceSs NaTi    

This isn't a big deal it's part of our culture in dominican republic people have been doing this 4 ever! just becase he's famous doesnt mean h isnt a person and we eat chicken anyway people really need to mind thier buisness its prt of our culture, even of its illegal now doesnt mean anythinghlf thewrld doesnt olw thier own laws.

2457 days ago
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