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Sam Has NOT Been Served

2/7/2008 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam LutfiTMZ has confirmed that Sam Lutfi has not been served with the restraining order sought by Brit's parents-- yet.

If he comes in contact with Britney, it technically wouldn't violate the restraining order issued against him -- since he hasn't officially been given notice.

It's a technicality, yes, but Sam could argue he doesn't know about the TRO since he hasn't even seen it.

Of course, he'd also have to prove he doesn't use the Internet ... or read the newspapers ... or watch TV or ...


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That doesn't seem right. I thought that if you couldn't find someone to serve them with court papers, you could post a "public bulletin" and show it to the court as proof of trying to serve someone and that would be valid.

2396 days ago


#21 "Dirty damn Arab" -

that made me laugh!

2396 days ago


I don't see how he could claim he doesn't know about it. Not with a straight face. If he's talked about it on TV he obviously knows.

My guess is that Sam hasn't resurfaced not only because of the order but also because Britney doesn't have control over her money. If she gets control back and the conservatorship is axed he'll reappear and fight the order.

2396 days ago

Silly Lilly    

You guys complaining about it... dont be ignorant to law. The reason you must be served and validly notified stretch into thousands of pages. TV, Newspapers, I dont care WHO says WHAT.... unless it is signed by a judge, you receive it and it is a confirmed receipt by a professional processor or intermediary.... you do as you please. It is a vital part of our legal system dont start being all selective of who it applies to. he is a creep but the law is there to protect your butt trust me.

2396 days ago


Yeah, wasn't it US magazine he talked to? He knows about it and you KNOW he read it here on TMZ. He might as well get his copy.

2396 days ago


this dude is such a piece of crap

2396 days ago


Sam Lufti is a shade of Howard K. Stern. Preying on the vulnerable & drugging them to control them. Face it, I'm not a Britney fan, but it's obvious to see what this guy is doing to her. I hope her parents are doing what is best for their daughter, in spite of everything, she is still their daughter, and no one, I mean, no one other than her relatives, should handles her affairs.

Good luck, Brit. You're going to need it. And after all is done, I hope you still have a penny left in your name.

2396 days ago


I do believe that he would have to know about the resraining order, since he told OK magazine that what Lynne Spears had claimed was not true. The guy is a loser and hopefully they throw the book at him. While they get rid of Sam, heck get rid of that Chad guy too! I don't care that his dad could be a minister or whatever, he doesn't look like he is on the up and up either.

2396 days ago


2396 days ago


your 15 minutes are up................................
Go away

2396 days ago


The face of a predator

2396 days ago


no way, they would have gone the "nail and mail" route since he was avoiding being served. i'm sure he's been served legally by them posting it on his door and mailing it.

2396 days ago


how come TMZ can find him??? But no one else?

2396 days ago


Can anyone read what his t-shirt says?

2396 days ago


He really is a POS

2396 days ago
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