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Sam Has NOT Been Served

2/7/2008 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam LutfiTMZ has confirmed that Sam Lutfi has not been served with the restraining order sought by Brit's parents-- yet.

If he comes in contact with Britney, it technically wouldn't violate the restraining order issued against him -- since he hasn't officially been given notice.

It's a technicality, yes, but Sam could argue he doesn't know about the TRO since he hasn't even seen it.

Of course, he'd also have to prove he doesn't use the Internet ... or read the newspapers ... or watch TV or ...


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WOW next im gonna be in the damn psych ward over Britney Spears! Im goin crazy myself tryin to keep up with these damn interesting teeth hurt from being nervous and grinding em..haaa! ya im a freak..and uhm i can't get off the computer! Help!!!! my bf thinks im a nuts cause im constantly following her story...GIMME GIMME MORE! I do want her to get help thou! And them paps they need to go away!!! I would be having panic attacks with them after me like that!

2448 days ago

elle MAE    

do you guys think britney been taken advantage of so much she looks for anyone turn to? Just maybe in the past even her parents have taken advantage of her and she really has no one.

2448 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

Domestic terrorist Osama lufti is a wussy. Imagine, this controlling psycho stalker is now hiding in his home, afraid to come out due to knowing that he's going to get served the second he steps outside. What a total & complete wimp...

2448 days ago


Harvey is an attorney correct? He should know a RO is not binding until it is served, regardless of internet access to TMZ. What a frickin ego.

2448 days ago


Dang. Ok, I got this off of the City of Monteray Park, CA's website:

Serving a Restraining Order

If the restraining order was not served to the restrained person in court, it may be served by anyone other than yourself who is 18 years old and older. If the restrained person has not been served the restraining order and he/she attempts contact with you in person, immediately contact the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction to have them respond to handle the issue at hand and to serve the restraining order on the individual.

After the restrained person is served with a copy of the restraining order, a copy of the PROOF OF SERVICE form will then need to be filed with the Monterey Park Police Department along with a certified copy of the original restraining order.

2448 days ago


This really is sad. I can't believe the hospital didn't keep her in longer. At least then they could have kept Osama and the other paps away from her long enough to get her stabilized.

2448 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Ah...Osama's celly and home address were all over X17 a couple days ago...I'm sure he got a few thousand text messages to let him know about the restraining order.

2448 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

Ah...Osama's celly and home address were all over X17 a couple days ago...I'm sure he got a few thousand text messages to let him know about the restraining order.

2448 days ago


ok, tell the bastard theirs money in the envelope, so he'll open it.

2448 days ago

Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

He is such a loser, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will contact Brit Brit. I think the order should stand seeing as everyone in the free world knows he has a restraining order against him, served or not this guy is a jackass. I wish someone would sprinkle "vitamins" on his food and then take his life away. Karma is a BITCH, I hope he gets what he deserves!!!!!!!!

LUFTI is an ASS CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

2448 days ago


They need to haul him to jail. Maybe then HE can be somebodys b*tch! You douchebag Lufti

2448 days ago

bsb fan    

wait, I thought he was in a car and that he was being served, but never got out of the car to receive the papers

i'm so confused.

2448 days ago


This creep even looks dangerous. He must to be really bad to have three earlier restraining orders on him.

A predator will do anything to get to their next victim & he definitely sees Britney as one worth the fight however it may be.

2448 days ago


Why doesn't whomever serves restraining orders hang out with TMZ for a day since their photographers obviously now how to find Sammy Boy?!?!?!? and serve his ASS!

2448 days ago


maybe they could ask one of the paps to deliver the order some dressed aa a pap

2448 days ago
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