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They'll Probably Be Back in Court Tomorrow

2/7/2008 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is a free woman and her parents are clearly frustrated, especially after today's circus in the streets of Bev Hills.
Britney and Jamie Spears
Based on what we know, it's a good bet Jamie Spears will be back in court -- we're guessin' tomorrow -- asking the Commish to put some teeth in the conservatorship order. That order gives the conservator power to restrict the visitors Brit receives. No doubt Ma and Pa were frustrated that Brit let a paparazzo ride with her in her car today. And we're hearing they were none too happy about the people she saw at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It wouldn't be at all unusual for the conservator to ask for an order requiring the cops to enforce the instructions Jamie lays down. In other words, he could call the Bev Hills Police and ask them to remove the pap from the car.

Likewise, the conservatorship gives Jamie the right to approve contracts. It's a good bet he would not have approved Britney buying stuff or getting a room at the hotel. Think about the cops going to the hotel and telling the manager they can't let Brit buy stuff or get rooms without Jamie's consent and if they defied Jamie they could be held in contempt.

We'll be in court tomorrow ... just in case -- so stay tuned.


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You're all crazy.

2418 days ago


She is not a child; she is a 26-year-old adult with two children . . .

2418 days ago


Hey does anyone think Mike Ness from Social Distortion is HOT!!

2418 days ago


Haaaalooooo... Is anyone out there? Are my posts EVER going to show up on the board?


2418 days ago


living in los angeles and to see a news station carrying the coverage
like it was the infamous oj run up the 405 is insane...a news
thank goodness people are beginning to realize that her parents are
not the bad guys, but actually are trying to get this ridiculous
scenario shut down...
i have been on the streets when this circus of papparazzi has bolted
out of cars running from all directions to snap these
downright scary to watch...
the only way this is going to stop is when law enforcement takes the
necessary steps to cite each and every pap when they violate the
laws....the paps are endangering every citizen on the street or in a
if you recall, this type of behavior occurred when arnold and maria
were taking their kids to school, the paps were cited and convicted
and sent to jail for their dangerous behavior....
every police department in the county of los angeles (mainly los
angeles, beverly hills, santa monica and culver city) should take
every available opportunity to cite, arrest and prosecute to the full
extent of the law each and every violation....
when they finally injure or kill someone then it will be too
get busy lapd, bhpd, smpd & ccpd to do whatever is necessary to
bring this daily circus to an end...

2418 days ago


This just shows you how screwd up our mental health system is. Instead of getting better it has become worse. The "newer" laws don't protect the patient. Oh yes, they protect the patient's rights-- a bunch of pc rules that make the "patient rights people" think all is well for the patient. How the heck can her parents get her help if she is sent packing from the psych ward? So who is she going to harm next? Herself, a pedestrian or the occupants of another car ? Maybe, she'll even kill a pap.

2418 days ago


Grow up u Stupid brat!!!!!

You dont deserve your kids go do us all a favour and kill yourself pls

2418 days ago


The courts will fail Jamie and Lynne, but at least they are trying to help their daughter. Unfortunately, Britney has to take a step in the right direction and if history is any indicator, she very well may not. I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I heard she was released from the hospital. It's all in God's hands now. Sending good thoughts!

2418 days ago


pppfffbbbbbbbt brrrpppttt

pppft pffft


2418 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

Britney's days are numbered. At this rate she won't survive until March. I can't wait to here the good news that she's dead. She's just another skank whore with too little intelligence and too much money.

2418 days ago


I agree... UCLA probably didn't want to deal with her.. its sad. I really thought she was in the right place to get better.. :(

2418 days ago


ptooo ptooo

bup bweeep

2418 days ago


The LAPD spent $15,000 escorting her to the loony bin the last time.

We can't get a crossing guard for our crosswalk by our school becasue the city says it costs too much.

But the city has money to escort an ungrateful wretch who doesn't want help and certainly isn't going to pay for it herself to the padded rooms.


2418 days ago


her neighbors had peace and quiet for a few days, poor them, i'd be movingi

2418 days ago



wipe wipe

2418 days ago
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