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Britney's Lawyers Want Out!

2/8/2008 9:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned that Britney Spears' divorce lawyers, Trope and Trope, have filed papers requesting to be removed as her counsel. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for March 10.

Could this be the first step in the process to bring back Spears family fave Laura Wasser? Stay tuned.


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25. jen
I'm Britney addict too. I suppose we all here at her posts are addicted in some way of her.
Paps are smart and poison.

2448 days ago


She doesn't need to be locked up forever, but her chances of getting any real help are better if she is in a situation where she can't get herself into trouble every day and night. She creates most of her own problems. It's sad, but true.

2448 days ago

Leah K    

That's a bit off topic but it's pretty lame. A cigarette butt? hmmm.

2448 days ago


Just when you thought you would get thu a day "spearles" oh well the night is young yet. They need to get her back in the hospital asap....who gives a crap abut the money if she were soconcerned about her babies she would be home.

2448 days ago


It's about D time, GO daddy spears. Looks like Sam may be gone for good. What do you think??

2448 days ago

I Smell A Rat    

7:52, No, Normal Life - Brit cannot be with her boys even if her mom is babysitting them. That would be a very BIG DEAL legally speaking. No visitation means just that, for now. Brit needs to continue treatment and get better, which is what the commissioner in her child custody case has been waiting for her to do all along. If she can stick to a treatment plan over a period of time, she can gradually earn some visitation privileges back - likely starting with supervision in a therapeutic setting. The court's goal is to act in the best interests of the children, which unfortunately sometimes must include measures such as no visitation at all when a parent is not emotionally or mentally stable. The court cannot consider the effect of this measure upon the parent, except to hope that it will compel that parent to seek and continue with the treatment they require to maintain a healthy presence in their children's lives.

That being said, mental illness is treatable and does not, in itself, disqualify a parent from having custodial rights. It is whether or not they stick to their treatment that determines that. It's a very tough road, and like parenting is a life-long commitment. I wish Britney and her family luck.

2448 days ago


Note to TMZ: Please correct the spelling of "council" in your story to COUNSEL. Harvey is an esteemed lawyer, and won't like seeing it misspelled.

2448 days ago


Congratulations to The Spears Family for stepping out in courageous strength to begin helping their daughter restructure her life with ethical professionals.

2448 days ago


#40 is your name SAM, stick it please

2448 days ago


a think again, the family had this atty show up at the hospital, she's supposedly said she won't be on unless Brit is under the care of hospital...........just another way for the family to keep the kid drugged up while they have their way with her money..
Access Hollyw. says that Lynne Spears will be babysitter for Kdeadbeat while he is trying to score gear for his Mark Jacobs appearance.........I bet mommy dearest ran that right to Brits juggler, as she's not allowed to see the kids.............................
When they're done with her she will be a puppet again for them and drugged on stage doing christian music to keep these degenerates rolling in the dough..............

2448 days ago


The person calling her obese is just being catty. Fine, don't like her. I don't. But she is not obese. She is out of shape - even skinny people can be out of shape but not obese.

I think once her lawyers realized they will have to deal with people who aren't mentally or chemically impaired they realize they would have to actually work for their dollars.

Those children should still stay with Kevin no matter what.

2448 days ago


a little obsese? what is your problem sound sooooo stupid are you a blond because you sound so dumb.. she isnt obese and you cannot be a little obese that is a contradiction in terms.. this woman has mental problems problems that will kill her if her family do not take complete control of her now!! all you can think of is britney spears 1999. you are an idiot and not worth a further minute of my attention.go and eat some fish heads, they say that it promotes intelligence.. but not in your case..

2448 days ago

Leah K    

Britney needs a vacation from herself I think, she's still ok just needs some love. What's up with the cigarette butt for sale on ebay? That's like her selling her hair? LOL!

2448 days ago


OMG someone is selling Britney's cigarette butts on ebay! I think that's sick!

2448 days ago


hey!! get a life, GET A BLOODY LIFE!! what is it with all this XENAPHOBIC CRAP???. so, you have an INFERIORITY COMPLEXT ABOUT ACCENTS SO BLOODY WHAT?. GET- A -LIFE

2448 days ago
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